Five tips for sticking to your diet

Here are five greats tips to help you stay on track and keep you on the right path to a healthy diet

The Sport Review staff
By The Sport Review staff
Are you looking to get in shape this summer?

Whether your goal is to bulk up or slim down, being on a diet can be hard to sustain for various reasons.

We are busy, we are lazy, and there are too many temptations out there.

Here are five great tips to help you stay on track and committed to your diet.

Control your environment

When you have specific dietary needs, going out with friends can be a nightmare. Restaurants can be tricky and may not be able to accommodate you, and movies inevitably come with a big cup of soda and an even bigger tub of buttery popcorn. Instead, move towards hosting more social events yourself so that you have greater control over what food is on offer. Have a movie night at home rather, where you can make healthier air popped popcorn. Or why not host your very own casino night? A trip to your local casino will usually involve lots of sugar heavy cocktails or beers, and heavy buffet food. But with Euro Palace online casino, you can easily set up a few laptops and have fun all night long with your friends. They have so many games to choose from, including the best range of slot machines. Have a look for yourself Not only do they have great themed slots (think Tomb Raider, The Dark Knight Rises, Terminator II, and Jurassic Park), they also have a variety of video slots, pub slots, and reel slots. And their new player welcome bonuses are great; and also something your local casino would not give you!

Meal plan and preparation

We start off with the best intentions about reforming our eating habits but often fall short purely due to a lack of planning. And then work or personal stress hits; you are so busy in the chaos of life and there you are ordering takeout pizza for dinner. A good plan is to sit down every Sunday and plan your meals a week in advanced. This will also help with your grocery shopping as you will have a definite list of ingredients that you need, and will end up wasting less food. Once you have bought all your ingredients, spend a few hours on meal preparation. It may seem like a pain to do it all at once, but it will ensure that you have healthy meals prepared and do not have to stress about planning your meals every day.

Motivate yourself

Motivation is so important, but it is specifically important to have internal motivation. If your reasons for being on the diet are external; like pleasing a partner, you are doomed to not follow through because the internal motivation from yourself is lacking. Write a list of all the reasons why this diet is important to you, and take it out every time you need a reminder as to why you must continue.

Write it down

Often we find out diets being derailed because we are not seeing the results that we want. Some of the time this is because we are unaware of what our actual intake is. You may think that you are eating fewer carbohydrates, or more protein than you really are. A good idea is to get an online food tracker like My Fitness Pal where you can record your meals and snacks and see whether you are meeting your calorie, and macro nutrients goals.

Set short term goals

Sometimes our long term goals can seem so overwhelming that they paralyze us. Thinking about losing 20 pounds of fat, or gaining 20 pounds of muscle can be a daunting task. Break your main goal into lots of smaller goals that seem more achievable. Work towards these smaller goals, and before you know it, you will fast be on your way to realizing your eventual goal.


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