The 5 best fat burners in the UK in 2017

Choosing the best fat burner can make a massive difference on your way to getting ripped. Here's everything you need to know and our five favourite products right now

The Sport Review staff
By The Sport Review staff
best fat burner for men
Our pick of the top 5 fat burners in the UK in 2017 Photo: The Sport Review

Are you looking to get ripped and lose those stubborn areas of fat? It could be time to try a top fat burner supplement.

With ingredients backed up by the latest research, a good fat burner can help you to shift those last few pounds and give you the results you deserve for sticking to your diet and training hard.

There are many products available these days but we’ve trawled the internet and the latest research journals to determine the best fat burners on the market today by looking at the key ingredients and taking into account customer reviews posted online.

Here, you’ll find our definitive list of the best fat burners on the market today and what you should be looking for when choosing your product.

Why use a fat burner?

We’ve all been there: you’re training hard and your diet is on point, but you can’t seem to shift those final stubborn areas of fat.

We’ve tried lots of cutting routines but always seem to end up feeling low on energy and generally ‘burnt out’, which is why we started looking for a top fat burner to help us lose the pounds.

If you’re struggling to shed those final few pounds and get the ‘ripped’ look you’re after, a fat burner could exactly what you’ve been missing.

Make no mistake, there’s no such thing as a ‘wonder pill’ to get you the results you’ve always wanted, but adding a quality fat burner to your regimen can make a massive difference on your way to getting into peak physical shape.

A good fat burner will help you:

Burn fat quicker – It becomes easier to shed the pounds
Boost energy levels – Your workouts will be more efficient
Reduce hunger cravings – Sticking to your diet will become easier

What to look for in a fat burner

With so many products available today, trying to find the best fat burner can quickly become pretty confusing. Luckily for you, we’ve picked out the top factors you should keep an eye out for when selecting your product.

Fat burners are typically designed to boost your metabolic rate, so you burn more calories than you would do normally. They also often contain stimulants to help increase energy levels and make sure you are getting the most from your training.

Some also contain ingredients to help control hunger cravings which make sticking to your diet easier.

Some of the key ingredients to look for in a natural fat burner are:

Cayenne Pepper
Green Tea Extract
Green Coffee Extract
Black Pepper Extract

We also want to make sure that the supplements are made with 100% natural ingredients and are free from artificial sweeteners or flavourings.

All of the fat burners featured below are sold in capsule form and are designed to be taken before your morning workout or at various times throughout the day.

Best fat burners for men

We’ve picked our favourite fat burners currently on sale and listed them below, taking into account the ingredients and customer feedback. Here’s our selection of the best fat burners in the UK on sale right now.

If you’re looking for the best fat burners for women on sale right now, check out our guide by clicking here.

1) Instant Knockout

instant knockout

This is our favourite product simply because it ticks all of the important boxes when it comes to choosing a fat burner, and also has great customer reviews.

Instant Knockout is made by Roar Ambition, a specialist supplement manufacturer. The first thing that’ll catch your eye is the fist-shaped bottle and bright red pills. This product certainly stands out from the rest.

It was originally developed to help professional boxes and MMA stars burn fat in time for a fight but is now on sale to everyone. Pro MMA fighters Diego Sanchez and John Dodson are among the stars to use this product to help them shed fat before their weigh-ins.

Instant Knockout has great customer reviews and it’s not hard to see why.

instant knockout review


It contains some of the very best natural ingredients you want in a fat burner.

Green Tea Extract helps to increase your body’s natural ability to burn fat and works together with Cayenne Pepper to boost your metabolism and suppress your appetite. We also love that Instant Knockout contains Vitamin B6 (in its natural form as a substance called pyridoxine) to help your body convert food into energy and burn excess fat.

Each bottle of Instant Knockout contains 120 red capsules. The website recommends you should take one capsule four times a day.

Any negatives?

You can only buy it directly from the website, meaning you won’t find it on Amazon, eBay or other similar sites. It’s a premium-priced product so may not suit everyone’s budget.


We really like this product and think it’s the best fat burner on the market today – and customers seem to think so too. We love that the manufacturer has made it available to the public after initially designing it for pro athletes. Its selection of high-quality and all-natural ingredients make it our top fat burner.

For more information and to buy:

2) Protein World Fat Metaboliser Capsules

best fat burner uk

Next up is Protein World’s Fat Metaboliser. We’ve always been big fans of Protein World’s products and they have a strong reputation in the UK.

Their Fat Metaboliser Capsules (previously called Fat Melter Capsules) are a good choice if you’re looking to add a good fat burner to your regimen.


Like Instant Knockout, it contains Caffeine, Green Tea Extract and Vitamin B6, as well as Guarana. It also contains Choline that helps to contribute to lipid (fat) metabolism. Each capsule contains 126mg of Caffeine per capsule, so you’re certain to feel energised when on this fat burner.

Each bottle contains 90 capsules and you’re recommended to take 1-2 capsules in the morning and again in the afternoon.

Any negatives?

This is another premium priced product and may be out of some people’s budgets. The Caffeine content may also be a bit too much for some.


This is a good fat burner worth considering and is well-reviewed. We generally love Protein World’s products and this all-natural fat burner is something we recommend giving a go.

For more information and to buy:

3) Bulk Powders Cutting Edge

cutting edge fat burner

Next on our list is Cutting Edge. This is a product made by UK-based manufacturer Bulk Powders. If you’re a regular reader of our reviews, you’ll know that we’re big fans of Bulk Powders’ low prices and quality products.

Cutting Edge is marketed as a ‘premium’ fat burner and contains some great ingredients.


It contains good doses of Green Coffee Extract and Caffeine to help boost metabolism and increase energy levels. Glucomannan, a powder derived from the Konjac plant, helps to suppress your appetite and makes it easier to keep your diet in check. It also contains Black Pepper Extract to help increase the absorption of all ingredients.

Each bottle contains 180 capsules and you’re recommended to take two capsules, three times a day – and ideally on an empty stomach.

Any negatives?

Again, this is another premium-priced fat burner and may not suit everyone’s budget. Doesn’t contain Cayenne Pepper.


This is another good fat burner to consider buying. It’s made by one of the UK’s top fitness brands but if forced to choose, we’d pick Instant Knockout ahead of Cutting Edge because of its superior ingredients.

For more information and to buy:

4) Myprotein Thermopure


Our fourth fat burner pick is Thermopure, made by UK manufacturer Myprotein.

It contains some key ingredients such as Green Tea Extract and is slightly cheaper than the other products featured on this list – great if you’re on a tight budget.


Thermopure contains some of key fat burning ingredients such as Green Tea Extract, Caffeine and Vitamin B6. Each capsule also contains Raspberry Ketones, which several studies have shown to have the potential to boost fat loss by increasing the release of stored fat in the body.

Each bottle contains 90 capsules and you’re recommended to take three capsules in the morning before your workout.

Any negatives?

This is a slightly cheaper product than the others on this list and for that reason the ingredients are not quite as good. Does not contain one of our favourite ingredients: Cayenne Pepper.


This is a good product for people on a budget but if you’re looking for the best quality ingredients, we’d recommend trying Instant Knockout.

For more information and to buy:

5) Grenade Thermo Detonator

fat burners uk

Our final fat burner pick is Grenade Thermo Detonator.

Again, it contains some of the best ingredients you want from a good fat burner, including Caffeine, Green Tea Extract, Green Coffee and Cayenne.


Thermo Detonator contains good doses of Green Tea, Bitter Orange Powder, Caffeine, Cayenne Pepper, Phenylalanine and Green Coffee to help you melt the fat as quickly as possible.

Each bottle contains 100 capsules but you can get another 44 capsules (144 in total) free right now at the Monster Supplements website.

The website recommends that you take two capsules on an empty stomach in the morning with water, or before your workout. Click here to read our full guide to picking your top pre workout supplement.

Any negatives?

It’s a shame it doesn’t contain Black Pepper Extract (Piperine), to help get the best out of each of the ingredients.


This is a well-balanced fat burner made by a reputable brand. It’s one of the cheapest-priced products on our list.

For more information and to buy:

Anything else I should know?

While many of these products may seem like magic pills, they are not. Remember that you’ll need to put in the work in the gym and keep your diet in check to see the full benefits from them.

That being said, when combined with regular excercise and a good diet, fat burners can often prove to be that ‘missing link’ on your way to achieving your body goals.

Wrapping things up

So there you have it – that’s our pick of the best fat burners in the UK in 2017. Our favourite product is definitely Instant Knockout because it contains the perfect amount of the best natural ingredients, but all of the products featured above will help you on your fat-loss journey.

Remember, there is no substitute for training hard and eating right, so don’t expect a fat burner to do all of the work for you. But you can certainly benefit from adding the right one to your regimen.

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