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Perform Group is The Sport Review’s exclusive advertising partner and will be happy to discuss specific campaigns with you.

Please contact: [email protected]

The Sport Review is a UK-based website offering some of the very best independent coverage of the world’s premier sporting events.

We offer a number of different types of advertising and sport sponsorship opportunities, allowing brands and advertisers to target our main audience of 18-34 males with a keen interest in sport.

Quick stats

• The site regularly attracts over 800,000 monthly unique users and 2,000,000 monthly pageviews (Google Analytics)

• 65 per cent are returning visitors, with an average time of three minutes spent on page (Google Analytics)

• Record 300 per cent increase in readership in 2012 (Google Analytics)

• Social media: 45,000 Twitter followers and 10,000 Facebook ‘likes’

Display advertising

• We offer a range of site-wide and sport-specific display placements

• Standard formats include: Skyscraper (728×90), MPU (300×250), Billboard (970×250) and Double MPU (300×600)

• Skins and page takeovers are also available