No pain, no gain: Insanity Workout at Reebok Sports Club

Kieran Beckles reviews Reebok Sports Club's Insanity Workout class, which can burn up to 1,000 calories

Kieran Beckles
By Kieran Beckles
Insanity instructor Tanya Camilleri Photo: Reebok Sports Club

Many people have come across the Insanity Workout in recent years, whether it be through television advertisements or online, but it perhaps isn’t as universally well-known as you may think.

When I casually mentioned that I couldn’t turn up to a football match after just completing a class last week, a friend highlighted that Insanity isn’t an exercise class that is on everyone’s radar.

Not everyone is familiar with Insanity classes, clearly Photo: The Sport Review

While thankfully I’m of sound stable mind (I think), admittedly, you do have to be a bit mad to put your body through one of the most demanding gym classes out there.

But the prospect of burning over 1,000 calories was enough to tempt me into attending an Insanity class at Reebok Sports Club earlier this month.

To run through the basics of Insanity, it is a 45-minute workout which involves a series of testing body-weight exercises, which help to burn excess fat and allow you to trim up – just in time for summer!

You start with a warm-up round, which for newcomers may be a shock to the system as it is anything but a leisurely jog, while the bulk of the class is broken up into three intense blocks.

If you aren’t already reaching for your towel and water bottle at this stage – or perhaps even dashing to the nearest toilet, there are a final eight minutes of core exercises to navigate before a much-needed warm-down.

Now, I must confess that I have previously attended Insanity classes at another London gym so I had some idea of what to expect when I went along to the workout at Reebok Sports Club.

But I felt that I got much more from the class than I had previously as the the body-weight exercises were more varied and the club’s Insanity instructor Tanya brought a unique energy to the class.

Tanya, who is Reebok Sports Club’s group exercise manager, challenged all participants as she floated around the room to push us all to our limits, whilst making sure that we all managed a (tired) smile.

Don’t get me wrong, it is tough going! But if you’re going to give Insanity a go, you want to squeeze every drop of effort from your body to feel the benefit in the long run.

My first class was over three weeks ago and I can safely say that I have noticed a difference in my fitness and weight, which is the main goal leading into the summer months.

For anyone who is looking for something a little different than your meander around the weights section or the monotony of the treadmill, you’d be insane not to give this class a go!

For those interested in trying the Insanity Workout at Reebok Sports Club, find out more here


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