How whey protein can help you achieve your summer body goals

Which whey to the beach? Multipower nutritionist Drew Price takes a look at the role of whey protein in reaching your summer body goals

Drew Price from Multipower
By Drew Price from Multipower

Protein is the building block of lean mass – muscle, organs and bone – and getting more protein into your diet supports recovery from training.

Protein is less likely than carbs and fats to end up as fat, so eating a high protein diet feeds lean mass and starves fat mass.

Research shows that if you’re training hard then you need more protein. High protein diets are not only one of the more effective types of diet in the war on fat, but also the most satisfying, meaning that it makes dieting easier.

Proteins are made out of building blocks called amino acids, which come in 20 varieties; about 10 of which are ‘essential’ and proteins can be either high or low quality depending on whether they have these 10 essential aminos or not.

Whey protein is a type of high quality protein purified from whole milk that contains a very high level of essential amino acids, in particular the ‘branched chain amino acids’ (BCAA’s). These trigger recovery by switching on the mechanism that repairs damaged muscle proteins and lays down new muscle tissue. BCAA’s can also be used a ‘clean’ source of energy for when training in a low carb diet phase, allowing you to cut while still lifting heavy in the gym.

In addition, whey contains glutamine – another very important amino acid and the most abundant amino in the body. Whey is really a collection of proteins and some of these ‘peptides’ have specific effects on the body such as supporting the immune system and also helping the body reduce body fat.

Whey is also a very lean and concentrated protein source, meaning it’s an easy and convenient way to increase the amount of protein in the diet with minimal ‘extra’ calories from carbohydrate or fat. All this and it is easy to mix and consume, requiring no cooking or refrigeration.

Four moves to start your cut

Below are whole body movements that test the heart and lungs, fire up fat burning for hours after training and build muscle.



Hold your core tight and pump with your arms whilst sprintingPhoto: Multipower

Start with 5 x 100m all out sprints with two minutes’ rest between, then work up to sets of 8. Be sure to hold your core tight and pump with your arms whilst sprinting, and remember to warm up well before the session.

Barbell Thrusters


Choose a weight you can do 14 reps with Photo: Multipower

With the bar ‘racked’ across the front of your shoulders do a front squat and then as you come up to fully standing again fire the bar up using the momentum from the hips and perform a shoulder press. Return the bar with control to the shoulders and repeat. Choose a weight you can do 14 reps with and then do four sets of 12 with 90 seconds of rest in-between.

Ergo Rowing


Ergo Rowing is a great alternative to sprints Photo: Multipower

This is a great alternative to sprints but just as tough. Warm up with a slow 500 meters then do 3 x 400m as fast as possible leaving as much time between efforts as it took to do the preceding 400m

Kettlebell Swings

kettlebell swings

Kettlebell SwingsPhoto: Multipower
kettlebell swings

Kettlebell SwingsPhoto: Multipower

Standing holding the Kettlebell in both hands, keep your core tight and your weight on your heels. Slide your hips out backwards, being sure to bend your knees slightly and keep your back straight and then thrust your hips forward contracting the glutes. As the Kettlebell comes up drive it up with your hips until it reaches parallel with your shoulders. Then guide the Kettlebell back down and through your legs, being sure not to flop over but absorb the momentum by folding at your hips. 4 rounds of 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off, work up to 10 rounds.

Drew Price is Multipower’s nutritionist. Multipower has launched a new premium range of protein powders. For more information visit #MusclesInHD


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