Six reasons to make Reebok REPS one of your 2016 fitness resolutions

Six reasons to make Reebok REPS at Reebok Sports Club one of your 2016 fitness resolutions

The Sport Review staff
By The Sport Review staff
Why not give Reebok REPS a try? Photo: Reebok Sports Club

1) Reps to the beat

Reebok REPS is a studio class designed to strengthen and condition the body using weighted bars, dumbbells or bodyweight. A full body workout set to a pumping beat to keep the class working together and pushing our limits.

2) Follow the leaders

One of the greatest benefits of the class is that you have an instructor guiding you through your workout and helping you to perfect your technique. Each month I switch up the class so we don’t become bored with the routine or too familiar with the moves. Muscle confusion is the way to go so don’t get stuck in a rut with your training, change up your exercises regularly and reap the rewards.

3) Metabolic conditioning

Intelligent planning from your instructor can torch anything from 200-600 calories both during and after your workout. Hitting the big muscles of the legs, back and chest can have a real impact on revving up your metabolism. Also, combining upper and lower body moves together like a squat and shoulder press (thruster) can add extra intensity to already challenging moves by placing a greater demand on the heart.

4) Work for it

There is a real community spirit in REPS, that isn’t always present in other classes. Regulars can help me to motivate and inspire newcomers with their movement quality and stamina. Before planning the following month’s routine, I ask the class if they have a particular area or body part they would like to focus on, I then use their requests to create our new routine. REPS has always been open to everyone, no matter what your level of strength or fitness and all are welcome.

5) Combo style

My favourite exercise (this changes regularly) would be a combination of moves for maximum impact. Here are a few of my favourite combos:
Side lunge with dumbbell reach to windmill, alternating curtsey to skaters and press up to side plank.

6) Sisters and misters

There is a great mix of individuals in REPS as the class is neither girly or macho. You don’t need great coordination to navigate the room or remember tricky dance moves. Just turn up, set up and go for it!


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