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Read our review of The Muscle Collection by Protein World to find out if it's a product you should add to your regime to help with muscle gain

The Sport Review staff
By The Sport Review staff
Protein World's Muscle Collection Photo: Protein World

It’s not long until summer and it’s time to start getting in shape ahead of that summer holiday – but is Protein World’s Muscle Collection really the solution?

I have to admit that I had my doubts about whether Protein World’s Muscle Collection would help me to achieve my goals in the gym.

There are many critics of whey protein products. Indeed, there are countless experts who advocate the benefits of a diet without the use of supplements.

However, Protein World’s Muscle Collection really improved my performance in the gym – so much so, I’ve already decided to purchase a second batch to build on my progress.

For those of you wondering whether Protein World’s Muscle Collection is made using natural products, keep reading below.

What comes in Protein World’s Muscle Collection?

Photo: Protein World

So what are you getting with your hard-earned cash when you purchase Protein World’s Muscle Collection? Let me explain.

There are three elements to Protein World’s Muscle collection.

First is Protein World’s whey protein concentrate. This will help to build and repair muscle after a tough session in the gym.

Next up is Protein World’s lean muscle capsules. You get 90. These come as part of the collection and you can’t buy them separately. So that’s an added bonus.

For those who are ready to take the plunge and buy Protein World’s Muscle Collection, you get 90 ZMA capsules.

What does ZMA contain? Vitamin B-6, Magnesium and Zinc.

Find out more about Protein World’s Muscle Collection here.

The important information about Protein World’s Muscle Collection

Photo: Protein World

Well Protein World’s whey protein concentrate contains 81 grams of protein per serving, which I believe makes this product unique. This provides at least one great reason to make a sensible investment in Protein World’s Muscle Collection.

If you go to the gym regularly like me, you will know how important it is to keep your body fuelled – and that means replenishing and refueling with high quality, nutritious food.

So where does whey protein come from? Protein World’s Muscle Collection includes whey protein concentrate which is derived from cow’s milk.

Whey protein can help to repair cells, as well as build and repair your muscles after a tough session in the gym.

One of the reasons I’ve been put off using supplements in the past is the use of fillers, artificial colouring and flavouring. So I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Protein World’s whey protein avoids the use of such products. I found this particularly pleasing like many other loyal Protein World customers.

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Protein World’s whey protein is also GMO and soy free.

Protein World’s Muscle Collection is a rich source of the body’s essential amino acids, which I was very impressed to learn. Amino acids are so important when it comes to building and repairing muscle.

Now for those of you thinking that this product can’t be gluten-free or suitable for diabetics, you’d be wrong.

Protein World have also managed to accommodate those who eat a Kosher or Halal diet. It is also suitable for vegetarians.

Find out more about Protein World’s Muscle Collection here.

How much does Protein World’s Muscle Collection cost?

For those of your ready to purchase The Muscle Collection, you’ll be pleased to hear Protein World’s price is very affordable.

Protein World’s Muscle Collection costs £58. This includes whey protein concentrate, 90 lean muscle capsules and ZMA capsules.

Is this too much for you? Would you prefer to make a smaller investment?

Well there is also the option to purchase whey protein concentrate (1.1kg) for a great price at £24 if you head over to Protein World’s website.

Is that that not enough protein? Go you!

There is a bigger-sized option for those of you who can’t get enough of Protein World’s Muscle Collection. You can get 2.2kg for £48 on Protein World’s website.

Find out more about Protein World’s Muscle Collection here.

The verdict

Photo: Protein World

I have been looking to boost the growth and repair of lean muscle tissue, encouraging on-going muscle tone and fast loss. Quite the challenge – right?

While some nutrition-based companies will make bold claims about helping you to bulk up or shed some fat, I found that Protein World lived up to my expectations.
I’m sure it will live up to your expectations – too.

Of course taste is a big issue when it comes to many protein products, but I can honestly say that Protein World’s whey protein tastes great. My favourite was banana flavour.

You can also try other favourites such as chocolate, strawberry and vanilla in Protein World’s Muscle Collection. There is a flavour for everyone – including you!

Still not convinced? Here’s what Protein World customers are saying

Karl: “Used Protein World for the first time and I have to say… Great value, great tasting and high quality products as I purchased The Muscle Collection you just can’t get any better! And an added bonus it arrived a day ahead of schedule! So massive thanks to Protein World for all your hard work. Will definitely be recommending to everyone!”

Greg: “Amazing product! The powder is smooth tastes great and doesn’t give you spots! Highly recommended and will definitely be buying again!”

Lewis: “Having tried and tested many other products, this has by far been the best tasting and performing supplement I have used. Has given me great results training 5-6 days a week, even with a typical day to day diet.”

Sam: “Bought this product as a novice gym-goer and really helped me to get in a great routine with healthy eating. The protein had a great taste and was not lumpy like other products I have tried.”

You like Protein World’s Muscle Collection so what next?

You’re ready to spend their hard-earned money on Protein World’s superb product but not sure where to find it?

Well you can visit Protein World’s simple website and make a great decision to invest in The Muscle Collection right here.

Here’s what Protein World customers are saying on social media…

#lovethis #proteinworld #vanilla #yummy ‍♀️✨#allgone

A post shared by Eluarmastaja (@eluarmastaja) on

So we had been eating Costco pastries, or anything pastries in the morning… we all know you can be skinny but eating unhealthy can take a toll on you. We are switching our gear a little bit. Kelvin and I making a challenge to skip bread, definitely pastry, rice, potato which he loves LOL. This pancake is one of my favorite morning breakfast really easy to make, but sometimes it's hard to make two different pancake me using my Whey protein and then I'll make another batch for the kids making oatmeal pancake✌️. it's a lot of cleaning behind through it so from time to time here's my breakfast twice a week. Ingredients. 2 scoop banana Whey Protein Blend; 1 tsp organic Ground Chia Seed; ½ tsp vanilla extract; ½ tsp baking powder; 1 whole smash; 1 brown eggs, #goodmorning #wednesday #healthylife #happylife #breakfast #pancakes #proteinworld #wheyprotein #banana #chiaseeds #beyourbest2017 #Life is all about balance✌️ #kelvinAndJane #ourjourney

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Buy Protein World’s Muscle Collection here.

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