Top 5 best workout supplements for reducing cellulite and burning fat in 2017

We've picked out the leading supplements for reducing cellulite and burning fat in 2017

Leanbean is our top supplement to help burn fat and reduce cellulite Photo: Leanbean

If you’re reading this article, the chances are you’re on a quest to get fit and banish those problem areas of fat forever.

Here, we focus on some of the driving factors behind fat burning and getting lean and review some of the best supplements on the market that can help deliver that final push to success.

What is cellulite?

Believe it or not cellulite is just regular old fat that collects in small deposits to create dimples, usually on the back of your legs. Cellulite is a uniquely female problem and this is because women naturally have less collagen in their skin than men meaning that fat pushes through and creates visibly lumpy areas.

How to get rid of cellulite and burn fat?

Now you may have read that Cellulite is different to other types of fat, that it is impossible to get rid of, that it’s just part of life. None of this is true, in fact the way you tackle fatty areas of cellulite is just the same as you would with say basic belly fat. The key is to eat healthy and to do exercises that help to improve muscle tone in those problem spots. Be under no illusions though, results take time, especially if you’ve already spent a lifetime on the wrong path.

For those of you who are determined to get trim quick there are also a number of natural supplements that are new to the market and designed to help speed up this journey. Please do bear in mind however that these products are designed to help optimize your hard work and are not a substitute for going to the gym or eating healthy meals.

Fat burning – The difference between men and women

When it comes to body composition there are some key differences between Men and Women mostly down to our hormones. Women naturally have higher levels of body fat than Men and can be susceptible to unnaturally high levels of Estrogen something that can make burning fat even more difficult. ‘Estrogen dominance’ as it is known is often made worse by consistently bad food choices as well as chemicals in household products we come into contact with. By improving your lifestyle and adding in the right vitamins and antioxidants research has shown you can reverse the negative effects of ‘Estrogen dominance’.

Here are a few of the best ingredients known to help promote hormonal health and successful fat burning:

Green Tea Extract
Vitamin B6/B12

Ingredients that preventing ’emotional eating’

Now, if you’ve read some of our other articles you might be familiar with the fact that Women are much more susceptible to cravings than men. Sorry girls but this fact is now scientifically proven as various brain studies have demonstrated that women find it a lot more difficult to resist snacking than Men. Fortunately, we’ve taken a look at some of the latest studies and found the following ingredients to be by far the best supported when it comes to suppressing appetite.

Cayenne Pepper
Glucomannan (Konjac Fibre)

Best 5 workout supplements for reducing cellulite and burning fat

Taking all this into account we’ve looked at some of most trusted supplements around when it comes to fat burning, and reviewed them according to their ingredient profiles as well as customer feedback.

1) Leanbean

leanbean weight loss pill

Leanbean is one of the most popular fat burners on the market at the moment and with good reason. Leanbean’s ingredient profile was developed specifically for female athletes looking to cut fat and enhance performance.

Leanbean has only recently become available but has been very well received by users with countless positive reviews online.

Whilst many supplements out there are very masculine and treat girls as an afterthought, we like the fact that Leanbean has been formulated and dosed in line with the specific physical needs of women.


Leanbean includes Turmeric and Green Tea as well Vitamin B6/B12, all of which have been shown to help stimulate fat burning by promoting healthy levels of Estrogen.

Leanbean also includes some of the most effective appetite and craving suppressors currently available, these include solid doses of Cayenne Pepper and Konjac Fibre. Leanbean also has an added pre-workout effect as it includes energy boosters like Green Tea Extract.

Any drawbacks?

Shouldn’t be taken before bedtime due to caffeine content.
Leanbean is one of the more premium priced supplements however discounts are available on bulk orders. Only available from

The bottom line

One of the most innovative products on the market Leanbean has shaken up weight loss industry for the better. If you’re looking to slay cellulite and burn fat quickly, then Leanbean will definitely help you on your way.

For more information and to buy:

2) Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout

Instant Knockout is another well established, professionally formulated fat burner that was designed for top athletes.

This supplement was created by specialist supplement firm Roar Ambition, regular readers of ours will know that we’re big fans of this company and their products.

Instant Knockout was created as a legal alternative to the many shady products out there. All it’s ingredients are 100% clean and natural and have a clear role in helping you shed the fat.


Instant Knockout helps you burn fat by including multiple metabolism boosting ingredients including the likes of Green Coffee, Caffeine Anhydrous and Green Tea Extract.

Like Leanbean, Instant Knockout also includes a solid amount of Konjac fibre to help you keep cravings at bay and stick to your diet plan.

Any drawbacks?

This is also premium priced product and it’s only available from the official website meaning you won’t be able to shop around on Amazon or eBay.

The bottom line

All in all a great fat burner that has a well-researched ingredient list as well as a stack of positive reviews online.

For more information and to buy now:

3) Protein World – Fat Metaboliser

Fat Metaboliser Capsules - Protein World

We love Protein World’s products and in particular their fat metaboliser supplement which is recognised as one of the best available for people looking to cut fat.

This product includes some of the most effective fat burning ingredients and is a good choice if you’re looking for a supplement to support your goals.


This weight loss aid uses ‘caffeine anhydrous’ in order to boost your metabolism and help you get lean. It also includes caffeine from other natural compounds like ‘Guarana’ and ‘Green Tea Extract’.

Other notable ingredients that support healthy weight loss include Vitamin B6 and B12 as well as well as Cayenne Pepper, Cayenne Pepper has been shown to help boost metabolism as well as suppress appetite.

Any drawbacks?

This product is definitely quite bold when it comes to caffeine content so may not be suitable if you’re anxious of getting the jitters. The website does state that you might experience changes to your heart rate.

The bottom line

Another solid option for fat burning, large amounts of caffeine may be too much for some customers.

For more information and to buy now:

4) NLA Shred for her

shred for her

NLA Shred for her is another well-known fat burner aimed at Women. NLA is made by a reputable sports supplement company in the US.

The product claims to be specifically formulated and dosed for females and includes natural ingredients to help you get lean.


NLA Shred for her uses caffeine as well as Citrus Extract in order to generate a thermogenic response, raise body temperature and help you lose weight. It also includes other great fat burning ingredients like ‘Raspberry Keytones’ and ‘Green Tea Extract’

Any drawbacks?

Again this is a premium priced option. It’s also missing some key ingredients like Turmeric and Cayenne Pepper, in our opinion these are the best researched and reviewed when it comes to fat burning. It doesn’t include black pepper either which is a great ingredient for improving the absorption of other substances.

The bottom line

Another decent product when it comes to weight management. A little bit light when it comes to ingredients however. We’d recommend sticking with Leanbean or Instant Knockout if you want a more comprehensive formula.

For more information and to buy now:

5) Grenade Killer Keytones

killa keytones

Grenade Killer Keytones is next up on the list.

Grenade are market leaders in gym supplements and offer a number of weight loss and weight gaining solutions.

Grenade Killer Keytones is another all natural supplement aimed at Women who are looking to target stubborn fat.


As you’d expect this one also includes a solid amount of caffeine to fire up your metabolism.

It also features Chromium Picolonate which has been shown to tackle obesity by helping you to manage blood sugar.

It also includes B Vitamins which help to convert food into energy and improve mood as well.

Any drawbacks?

This fat burner is one of the cheaper options and as a result it doesn’t include some of the very best ingredients. Notable fat burning compounds that we’d like to see added to this list would include Turmeric, Cayenne Pepper and Black Pepper.

The bottom line

A good fat burner if you’re on a budget. It offers good amounts of Green Tea extract and caffeine so should help get your metabolism going, it is however missing a few of the most effective ingredients.

For more information and to buy now:


So, our objective for this guide was track down the most effective weight loss supplements whilst giving you a bit more information on how you can attack those areas of fat you hate the most.

First and foremost you need to remember that commitment to the gym and lifestyle change is what ultimately makes the biggest difference. However, if you’re finding that your gains have recently levelled off, then any of the quality fat burners we’ve featured can help you push through and make that next step towards your desired figure.

For the most effective results we’d give special mention to Leanbean and Instant Knockout as they include some of the most comprehensive formulas we’ve come across so far.

The Sport Review's product reviews are independent advice you can trust. Sometimes, we earn revenue if you click the links and buy the products, but we don't allow this to bias our coverage. The reviews are produced through a mix of expert opinion and real-world testing.


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