Best Adidas Superstar Shoes 2023

We take a look at the history of the iconic Adidas Superstar and pick out five of our favourite options right now

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Best Adidas Superstar Shoes
(Photo: Adidas)

The Adidas Superstar is one of the brand’s most iconic and classic sneakers.

Having initially started out life as a basketball shoe, the Superstar quickly gained notoriety away from the court and is now considered a fashion staple that has transcended the sport in which it first made its name.

In this article, we’re going to take a detailed look back at the history of the Adidas Superstar to examine its origins, and also pick out some of our favourite colourways and designs on sale from Adidas at the moment.

So, with the introductions out of the way, let’s start by seeing where it all began for this iconic sneaker.

Adidas Superstars

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The Adidas Superstar – History And Introduction

The Adidas Superstar was first manufactured back in 1969 as a low-top basketball shoe. Despite nowadays being a fashion and sneaker staple, this shoe was originally a performance sports shoe designed for professional basketball.

Sometimes referred to as the “shell-toe” or “shell shoes” thanks to the unique rubber shell toe-cap that has been one of the main parts of the design since day one, the Superstar is widely considered to be one of the most iconic lifestyle sneakers in recent history.

The original Superstars were introduced as the ultimate low-top basketball shoe for use by professionals at the highest level. But it wasn’t long before this particular shoe started gaining popularity away from the court too.

What set the Superstar apart from other basketball shoes at the time was the fact that they featured an upper made entirely of leather – as well as featuring a unique and iconic rubber shell toe cap.

The shoes were such a hit that according to Adidas, at one point as many as 75 per cent of professional basketball players in the US wore Superstars.

As other brands began to catch up and the Superstar lost some of its dominance on the court, the shoe began to make a natural progression away from the sport. And thanks it part to the emergence of Hip-Hop culture in the years that followed, the shoe quickly became a street icon.

Adidas Shoebox

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The modern-day Superstar features many of the same elements as the original, with a look that stays true to the first shoe to have hit the basketball court in the early 1970s.

Collaborations with various brands and individuals have followed, with Italian fashion brand Prada having launched their own in-house version of the Superstar back in 2020, after streetwear brand BAPE had released their own version back in the early 2000s.

Today, the classic Adidas Superstar remains as one of the brand’s most iconic and best-selling sneakers, a shoe which is firmly embedded in the brand’s history.

Adidas Superstar

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So, now that we’ve covered some of the history and things to know about the Adidas Superstar, it’s time to take a look at our pick of the best colourways and designs out there right now.

Before we reveal our selections, it’s worth having a browse of the Superstar section of the official Adidas website yourself, as the brand are regularly releasing new designs and updating their colourways.

Best Adidas Superstars 2023 – Our Pick

So, let’s now move on to our selection of some of the best Adidas Superstar colourways and designs. As we just mentioned above, Adidas regularly update and change their offerings, so it’s always worth having a look on the Superstar section of the official Adidas website to see what’s available, as we can’t feature everything on this page.

1) Adidas Superstar Cloud White And Black

Where to buy:

Adidas Superstar White And Black

(Photo: Adidas)

There’s simply no other place to start than the iconic white and black Adidas Superstar colourway. The classic classic, this shoe stays true to the original sneaker that took the basketball world by storm back in the 70s. Featuring the classic black three stripes and with a golden ‘Superstar’ logo on the side, these shoes are one of the sneaker world’s most iconic items. Guaranteed to slot seamlessly into any wardrobe, the Cloud White and Black Superstar really is a timeless classic.

2) Adidas Superstar Triple Cloud White

Where to buy:

Adidas Superstar Triple White

(Photo: Adidas)

The Adidas Superstar Triple White is a great option if you’re looking for the ultimate clean and trendy look. Now a fashion staple, the triple white Superstars are an excellent addition to any wardrobe and their lack of colour means that they will fit almost any outfit. Every detail of these trainers is white, including the ‘Superstar’ text written on the side by the first of the three Adidas stripes.

3) Adidas Superstar Cloud White And Vivid Red

Where to buy:

Adidas Superstar White And Red

(Photo: Adidas)

Our next choice is the Adidas Superstar Cloud White and Vivid Red colourway. These are a great option if you’re looking for a pair of Superstars with a colour pop that also stays true to the classic white design. These shoes feature an entirely red interior, white sole and laces – and they also have red ‘Superstar’ branding on the side of the shoe.

4) Adidas Superstar Cloud White And Collegiate Green

Where to buy:

Adidas Superstar White And Green

(Photo: Adidas)

Next up is another colourful choice – the Adidas Superstar Cloud White and Collegiate Green. Featuring a look reminiscent of the popular Adidas Stan Smith sneakers, these shoes bring some understated colour to your outfit, with the dark collegiate green offsetting the classic overall white design. These shoes also feature the ‘Superstar’ branding by the Three Stripes in the same colour.

5) Adidas Superstar Core Black And Cloud White

Where to buy:

Adidas Superstar Black And White

(Photo: Adidas)

We couldn’t finish this guide without selecting a pair of dark coloured Superstars. We’ve picked the Adidas Superstar Core Black And Cloud White as the final option on our list for those looking for an intense and different look for their shoes. Featuring an all-black design with a white Three Stripes and heel logo, these shoes are an inverted version of the classic white and black option. They feature golden ‘Superstar’ branding by the Three Stripes and also have a golden Adidas logo at the top of the tongue.

How To Clean Adidas Superstars

If you’re going for a classic white colourway, then keeping your Adidas Superstars looking clean will be a priority. You can check out Adidas’ detailed guide to keeping your trainers clean on the official Adidas website through this link.

Adidas suggest banging the soles together to remove excess dirt, then use a clean toothbrush to brush away any remaining dirt. They then suggest using a washcloth soaked in warm water with a mild laundry detergent to wipe away stains.

They then suggest you wash the cloth in warm water to remove the detergent and then wipe away any remaining soap suds on the shoes, before air drying your trainers at room temperature.

White laces can be difficult to keep clean. Fortunately, they can be washed in a washing machine. Adidas recommend placing them inside a pillowcase and washing them in your machine on a cold / delicate wash cycle.

Check out Adidas’ guide to keeping your shoes clean here.

Adidas Stores

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Anything Else To Bear In Mind?

If you’ve already owned a pair of Adidas Superstars, then you’ll know which size to go for if you’re shopping online.

However, if you’re buying your first pair, you may want to pop into your local Adidas store to try on a few different sizes and find the one that’s right for you.

If this isn’t possible and you’re shopping online, we recommend familiarising yourself with the refunds, returns and exchanges policy on the Adidas site (or whichever site you’re shopping from), so that you’ll know where you stand if you need to return your unused shoes for any reason.

Wrapping Things Up – Our Final Thoughts

So, that brings us to the end of our guide to the Best Adidas Superstars around right now. We’ve walked you through the history of this iconic shoe that has heavily influenced today’s sneaker industry.

We’ve also picked out five of our favourite options available right now. We’ve picked the Classic White and Black Superstar as our top choice, but all of the options above would be great additions to any wardrobe.

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