Best Football Goalkeeper Gloves 2022

We pick out the top-rated goalkeeper gloves on the market right now to help you select the best pair for you

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Best Goalkeeper Gloves
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Are you looking for the best goalkeeper gloves to help keep your opponents’ shots at bay?

In this handy guide, we’re going to bring you everything you need to consider when selecting a pair of quality goalie gloves. From the cut to the colour and grip, there are quite a few things to think about before making a purchase.

The purpose of this article is to bring you everything you need to know about selecting a pair of goalkeeper gloves. We’re going to walk you through the key things to bear in mind, and also pick out the best five options on the market right now.

So, with the introductions out of the way, let’s start taking a look at the main points to consider when selecting goalkeeper gloves for football.

Goalkeeper Gloves – Things To Consider

Here are some of the main things to think about before choosing a pair of goalie gloves.

• Cut – Goalkeeper gloves come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. One of the main differences between pairs is the ‘cut’, which is essentially how the glove is constructed from different materials.

The ‘Negative Cut’ has become one of the more popular types of cuts over the last few years. These gloves use one piece of latex attached to the backhand via gussets, with the stitching/gussets inside the glove. This cut is great for goalies looking for a tighter fit of glove.

Other cuts include the ‘Roll Finger Cut’, which is a more traditional design. This design wraps latex around the finger to give a larger contact area, and the backhand is connected to the palm without using gussets. This cut provides more latex contact with the ball but is not as tight or fitted.

Best football goalie gloves

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There are also plenty of other cuts, including ‘Hybrid Cuts’ which use a combination of different cuts. If you’re unsure which cut to go for, you can reach out to your local football store to get some tailored advice.

• Brand – You’ll want to go for a brand who have a proven track record in the football industry. Picking a company that is liked by customers and who are well reviewed can help you to make a decision when choosing your gloves. Even if you have a preferred brand before shopping, it’s best to do some research and read some reviews of their goalkeeper glove offerings before making a purchase.

• Style – For some goalkeepers, the look of their gloves will not be important. However, for others, the colour and design will be one of the key factors when making a purchase. Be sure to check what colours and styles are on offer before buying, as some models come in multiple colour options.

• Price – Lastly, you’ll want to choose a pair of gloves that fit comfortably into your budget. The best goalkeeper gloves can be as expensive as a premium pair of football boots, so it’s important to do some careful research before making a purchase. In this guide, we’ve featured a range of gloves at different price points, so there are options that should fit into everyone’s budget.

Goalkeeper gloves football

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Best Goalkeeper Gloves 2022

It’s now time to bring you our pick of the best football goalie gloves on the market right now. The gloves below are from a variety of brands and have varying price tags.

1) Nike Phantom Elite

Where to buy:

Nike Phantom Elite Goalkeeper Gloves

The first pair of gloves on our list are the Nike Phantom Elites. Featuring durable foam to help you with blocking shots and a flexible fabric, these are an excellent pair of goalkeeper gloves. They feature Nike’s All Conditions Control technology to help you keep in control no matter whether it’s wet or dry. They feature an extended wrist and an adjustable wrist strap, and have mesh gussets between the fingers for added breathability. These elite-level gloves are made from latex, neoprene, polyester and polyurethane and should be hand washed.

2) Adidas Predator Edge League

Where to buy:

Adidas Predator Edge League

Next up are the Adidas Predator Edge Leagues. These are one of Adidas’ elite level goalkeeper gloves and feature a negative cut and a full-wrap wrist strap. Made from polyester, elastane and nylon, these goalkeeper gloves feature a flexible knitted backhand and a silicone ‘Zone Skin’ coating on the fingers and backhand for added control when clearing the ball. The palm is made from durable rubber foam for extended grip and cushioning.

3) Puma Future:One Grip 1

Where to buy:

Puma Future:One Grip 1 NC Goalkeeper Gloves

The Puma Future:One Grip 1 gloves are the next pick on our list. These Negative Cut gloves offer a tight fit and are made from latex, polyester and elastane. They feature a sticky grip thanks to Puma’s Elite+ Dual Grip Latex and great punching power thanks to the silicone tape details. These are a great option for goalies looking for an elite, tighter-fitting glove.

4) Nike Goalkeeper Match (Best Budget Option)

Where to buy:

Nike Goalkeeper Match Gloves

Nike’s Goalkeeper Match gloves are an excellent option for players looking for a good quality pair of gloves at an affordable price. They feature soft padding for cushioning and have a smooth surface to provide grip in both wet and dry conditions. Made from polyester, latex, EVA and nylon, they have adjustable wrist straps and mesh panels for breathability. Costing around £20, these are a great option if you’re on a tight budget.

5) Nike Goalkeeper Vapor Grip3

Where to buy:

Nike Goalkeeper Vapor Grip3

The final pair on our list are the Nike Goalkeeper Vapor Grip3s. These gloves perform excellently in both wet and dry conditions thanks to Nike’s All Conditions Control (ACC) technology. These gloves – which are made from latex, polyester, nylon and polyurethane – also have Grip3 technology, which features foam that wraps around the thumb, forefinger and little finger for a tighter overall grip. The adjustable strap sits lower on your wrist to let your hand move freely, and these gloves also use a stretchy material and extended palm wrap to make for a snug fit. These are an excellent all-weather option.

Football Goalkeeper Gloves – Size Guide

Although all goalkeeper gloves should ideally have the same size differences, unfortunately the numbers can vary from brand to brand. For this reason, it’s important to carefully check the details of the brand of gloves you’re buying and either try them before purchasing or check the returns policy online.

Here’s how to properly measure your hand so that you get the right fit:

Using a flexible tape measure, measure the circumference of the part of your palm just below the knuckles (the widest part of your hand), excluding your thumb. Measure both of your hands and order the larger size if your hands are different sizes.

Generally speaking, goalkeeper gloves should be worn big, leaving some space between the end of your fingertips and the end of the gloves.

Below is the size guide featured on the Nike website at the time of writing, but do bear in mind that this can vary depending on which brand you go for, so be sure to check before making a purchase.

Size / Hand Width (cm):

6 – 10.1 to 10.6 cm
7 – 10.6 to 11.1 cm
8 – 11.1 to 11.6 cm
9 – 11.6 to 12.1 cm
10 – 12.1 to 12.6 cm
11 – 12.6 to 13.1 cm

Anything Else To Consider?

When it comes to goalkeeping gloves, getting the fit right is very important. As we mentioned above, it’s a good idea to pop into your local sports shop to try on a few pairs and see which brand of gloves and cut feel the most comfortable to you.

If you’re buying online, most of the major stores will offer reasonable return policies so long as you’ve not used the gloves, but it’s always best to check this when making a purchase.

Goalkeeping gloves

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Wrapping Things Up – Our Final Thoughts

So, that brings us to the end of our guide to the best football goalkeeping gloves on the market right now. We’ve walked you through they key things to bear in mind when selecting a pair of goalkeeper gloves, from the cut to the brand and style.

We’ve also picked out five of the best options available on the market right now. The Nike Phantom Elites currently top our list, but all of the gloves featured on this page are great options to help you to keep your opponents at bay.

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