The Best Gymshark Leggings For Running

Looking for the best pair of Gymshark leggings to support you through your training? Here's everything you need to know

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Best Gymshark Leggings for Running
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Are you looking for the best pair of Gymshark leggings for running? It seems like there’s more choice than ever when it comes to finding quality running gear these days, and Gymshark have lots of options to support your workouts.

Despite only having been founded relatively recently, Gymshark have swiftly established themselves as one of the world’s top sports and fitness apparel brands.

Their leggings are one of their most popular products, with plenty of options designed for a range of activities.

In this article, we’re going to bring you everything you need to know when it comes to selecting the best pair of Gymshark leggings for you, including the top options for running and cardio sessions. We’re also going to reveal the top leggings for running on sale at Gymshark right now.

So, with the introductions out of the way, let’s begin our guide by looking at some of the key considerations to bear in mind when shopping for leggings for running.

Running Leggings

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Gymshark Leggings For Running – Things To Consider

Finding the right pair of leggings for running can sometimes be a bit tricky, especially if you’re shopping online. Here are some of the main things to consider when searching for a pair of running leggings from Gymshark.

• Purpose – As the name of the brand suggests, Gymshark’s gear is predominantly focused on gym-related items, with a special focus on weightlifting and training. That being said, their range of products and the activities they’re designed for have expanded lately and there’s much more choice now than there used to be. Thankfully, Gymshark now make running-specific items to help support you during your training and we’ve featured these products below. That being said, be sure to check the official Gymshark website to see the latest products, as they regularly update their ranges.

• Material, Size and Pockets – Most sports leggings are made from synthetic materials such as nylon and elastane. These materials can provide optimal comfort and fit, while also being breathable and sweat-wicking. You can find out the details regarding the materials on the product description section on the Gymshark website. Be sure to also use the size guide provided if you’re shopping online. If you’re looking for running leggings, then it’s also a good idea to check whether the pair you’re looking at has pockets or not. Having somewhere secure to store your small essential items when running can be really helpful.


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• Colour and Style – Most of Gymshark’s leggings come in a range of different colours to suit all tastes. We’ve featured three options below, but do remember that these leggings also come in other colours other than the ones pictured.

• Customer Reviews – While we hope this guide will be helpful, it’s never a bad idea to do some of your own research online before making a purchase. This could include checking social media websites such as Reddit to see what customers who have bought the same or similar items are saying about them.

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Best Gymshark Leggings For Running – Our Pick

So, now that we’ve covered some of the main points to consider when picking out Gymshark leggings for running, it’s time to reveal three top picks.

Bear in mind that Gymshark’s range does change from time to time, so it’s a good idea to have a browse of the Gymshark official website yourself to see exactly what’s on offer.

1) Gymshark Running Leggings

Where to buy:

Gymshark Running Leggings

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The first option on our list are the Gymshark Running Leggings. As the name suggests, these leggings have been specifically crafted for running. They have an adjustable waistband, reflective branding and are made from a sweat-wicking fabric. What’s more, these leggings – which are made from a blend of nylon and elastane, have a zippered back pocket to store your small essential items. These leggings feature body contouring seams for a sleek look and are available in a wide range of colours to suit all styles and tastes.

2) Gymshark Sport Running Leggings

Where to buy:

Gymshark Sport Running Leggings

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The next option on our list are the Gymshark Sport Running leggings. As the name suggests, these leggings have also been specifically designed for running and are similar in design to the Gymshark Running leggings above. The main differences between the two are the materials and the fact that the Sport Running leggings have mesh panelling for added breathability and cooling. The Gymshark Sport Running leggings are made from polyester and elastane, and as well as having a zip back pocket, they have reflective logos for added visibility if you’re running in lower-light conditions.

3) Gymshark Speed Leggings

Where to buy:

Gymshark Speed Leggings

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The final option in our guide are the Gymshark Speed Leggings. These leggings have a compressive fit and are made from a blend of polyester and elastane. Designed specifically for running, they have a concealed zip pocket at the back of the waistband to keep your small items safe and secure. These high-waisted leggings have a reflective Gymshark logo on the calf for added visibility and come in a range of colours to suit all styles and tastes. They also have an adjustable elastic on the internal waistband to ensure that they fit securely and comfortably during your runs.

How We Chose The Best Gymshark Leggings For Running

As mentioned above, Gymshark are known primarily for gym gear. However, that doesn’t mean that other activities and sports are out of bounds. Indeed, in recent years, Gymshark have begun making running-specific apparel, and this is underlined by the small range of running leggings on offer.

We picked out the leggings for this article after having done some online research, including checking the official website and what customers are saying on social media websites such as Reddit.

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Anything Else To Bear In Mind?

If possible, we do recommend popping into your local Gymshark store to try on a few leggings and see what’s on offer for yourself. This will help you to find the right size and also allow you to get some tailored advice from trained staff where necessary.

If you’re going to be shopping online, then we do recommend checking the returns, refunds and exchanges policy on the Gymshark website so that you’ll know where you stand if you need to return your items for any reason.

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While we hope that this guide has been useful, it’s also always a good idea to do a bit of your own research into the products and options available, and also see what people are saying on social media.

Wrapping Things Up – Our Final Thoughts

So, that brings us to the end of our guide to the best Gymshark leggings for running. We’ve walked you through the key things to bear in mind when shopping for Gymshark leggings and have also picked out three of the best options available at the moment.

We’ve placed the aptly-named Gymshark Running Leggings at the top of the list, but all of the leggings featured on this page should be decent options.

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