Best Men’s Workout Clothes 2023

We pick out five of the best brands when it comes to men's workout clothes, from Gymshark and Nike to Lululemon and Under Armour

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Best Men's Workout Clothes
(Photo: Gymshark and Under Armour)

Working out in the gym isn’t all about looks – but there’s nothing wrong with upgrading your gear from time to time to stay stylish while training.

The health and fitness industry has exploded in recent years and there’s now more choice than ever when it comes to workout apparel and activewear.

It can sometimes be a bit tricky to keep up with the latest trends and emerging brands, so we decided to put together this handy guide featuring our selection of our favourite sportswear and apparel brands around at the moment.

In this article, we’re going to cover some of the main points to consider when shopping for workout clothes and gym gear, and also pick out five of the top brands in this department around at the moment.

So, with the introductions out of the way, let’s begin by taking a look at some of the things to consider when picking sports apparel and workout gear.

Men’s Workout Clothes Brands – Things To Consider

There are lots of different men’s workout clothes brands out there these days. And when it comes to the type of workout gear itself, there are loads of options to choose from. From shorts and tracksuits, to T-shirts and training tops, there are loads of options to keep you looking stylish and feeling good in the gym.

Men's Workout Clothes For Gym

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Here are some of the key things to bear in mind when shopping around for the best men’s workout clothes brands.

• Materials – When it comes to items such as gym shorts or tops, the materials the clothes are made of is an important factor to consider. Some people may prefer more natural materials such as cotton, while others will look to synthetic options such as polyester and nylon because they’re usually better at helping to keep you cool and dry. It’s worth doing a bit of research into the best materials for the products you’re looking for before making a decision.

• Style – We all want to look good and feel confident while training at the gym or in fitness classes. Choosing stylish workout gear should be an important consideration to think about when shopping for your clothing. Things such as the colour, fit and overall feel of the clothes will come down to personal preference, but it’s always a good idea to have a browse of the men’s workout gear section on the official brand website so that you can get a good feel what’s on offer.

• Brand History – Some sportswear brands such as Nike and Adidas have been around for years and don’t really need any introduction. However, there are some slightly newer sports and activewear brands out there that are slightly less well-known but still provide great quality gear. Gymshark and Lululemon are two newer brands that have been making waves in the fitness space, for example. It’s never a bad idea to read up on the histories of the manufacturers to see what they’re all about before making a purchase.

Man Training Gym

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• Reviews – Lastly, it’s always a great idea to set aside some time to check some verified customer reviews to see what other people are saying about brands and their products. This can be done on the official website or through other online outlets such as Amazon.

Best Men’s Workout Clothes Brands 2023 – Our Pick

So, now that we’ve covered some of the main things to bear in mind when shopping for workout gear, it’s time to bring you our selection of five of the best brands around at the moment.

All of the companies featured below feature pretty extensive men’s workout clothes ranges, so it’s a good idea to check out the official websites via the links below and take a look for yourself.

1) Gymshark

Brand website:

Gymshark Men's Workout Clothes

(Photo: Gymshark)

Gymshark is one of our favourite options for workout gear at the moment. Founded back in 2012, the brand has taken the fitness apparel world by storm and has quickly established itself as one of the top manufacturers of gym and workout gear. Their men’s workout clothes range is highly diverse, with fits and looks to suit all tastes. The products we’ve tried (workout hoodies, shorts and tops) have all been really high quality and look great. Gymshark have a selection of different ranges, all of which have slightly different styles and looks. Have a browse of the Gymshark website via the link below to check out some of their most popular men’s workout and gym clothes.

2) Lululemon

Brand website:

Lululemon Men's Workout Clothes

(Photo: Lululemon)

Next up is Lululemon. Another newer brand, Lululemon was founded back in 1998 and is a leading premium-quality sports apparel and workout gear brand. The brand’s products are slightly more expensive than some other options, but they are positioned as a premium-quality brand for those willing to pay a bit extra for some added quality. From workout tops to running shorts and hoodies, Lululemon’s men’s range is pretty extensive, and their clothing also extends away from sports and workouts to everyday casualwear. You can check out some of the brand’s best-selling men’s clothing items by clicking this link.

3) Nike

Brand website:

Nike Men's Workout Clothes

(Photo: Nike)

Next up is a brand that really needs no introduction. Nike are one of the world’s leading sportswear companies and their products range from sports equipment to running shoes and footballs. Nike, which was founded back in 1964, have a wide range of training and workout gear on offer. Lots of their gym workout clothes feature their Dri-FIT technology, which is designed to keep you cool and dry while you’re training. Nike offer a wide range of different styles and looks, so be sure to have a browse of the men’s workout clothing section by using the link shown below.

4) Under Armour

Brand website:

Under Armour Men's Workout Clothes

(Photo: Under Armour)

Under Armour was founded back in 1996 and has quickly developed into one of the world’s most well-known sportswear brands. Endorsed by the likes of Dwayne Johnson, Under Armour provide a wide range of men’s workout clothes and accessories. Whether you’re looking for a new training top, hoodie or gym bag, UA have a really great selection of men’s training apparel. Under Armour also make a range of shoes designed for training, and the brand are great when it comes to providing a wide range of selection of different colours of the same item to help you find one that suits your taste. You can check out the men’s training section of the official Under Armour website via the link below.

5) Adidas

Brand website:

Adidas Men's Workout Clothes

(Photo: Adidas)

The final brand on our workout clothes list is another household name. Adidas, founded in Germany back in 1924, are one of the world’s most well-established sportswear brands. Providing sports equipment and apparel for a range of different activities, it’s no surprise that Adidas also have an extensive range of workout clothes to help you get the most out of your training. Lots of their products also use the brand’s Aeroready technology to help keep you cool and dry while you’re training. You can check out some of Adidas’ most popular workout gear for men by following the link shown below.

Anything Else To Bear In Mind?

If you’re shopping for your workout clothes online, then it’s definitely worth taking a close look at the size guide provided on the official brand website so that you’ll know what to go for.

If possible, we do recommend popping down to your local sportswear store to try on a few items for yourself and see what takes your fancy. If you’re unable to get to a physical shop or just prefer shopping online, it’s a good idea to carefully read the returns, refunds and exchanges policy on the official website so that you’ll know where you stand if you need to return items for any reason.

Man on Treadmill

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Wrapping Things Up – Our Final Thoughts

So, that brings us to the end of our detailed guide to the best men’s workout clothes around at the moment. We’ve walked you through some of the key considerations to bear in mind when shopping for gym gear, and we’ve also selected five of our favourite sportswear brands out there at the moment.

We currently place Gymshark at the top of our list thanks to their high-quality and stylish range of workout gear, but all of the brands featured on this page are excellent options to help you raise your game when it comes to your gym and training clothing.

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