Best Nike Shoes For Pickleball 2023

We bring you everything you need to know about picking out the best Nike shoes for your pickleball matches

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Best Nike Pickleball Shoes
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Pickleball has quickly become one of the world’s fastest-growing sports. It has exploded in popularity in recent years and continues to attract both new and experienced racket sport players.

One of the beauties of pickleball is that you really don’t need much equipment to be able to play. Of course, a good paddle and ball are a must, as is a good court. But not much else is needed aside from some comfortable sports clothes and shoes.

Pickleball Game

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Nike are one of the biggest sportswear brands in the world and it’s no surprise that the company’s attire is sought-after when it comes to the sport of pickleball. Nike may well launch their own range of pickleball-specific attire in the coming years, but for now, much of their existing range of apparel is already suitable for the sport, including their range of shoes designed for tennis.

In this article, we’re going to be focusing specifically on the best Nike shoes that can be used for pickleball. We’re going to bring you the key things to bear in mind when shopping for pickleball shoes and also select some of the best options out there from Nike right now.

So, with the introductions out of the way, let’s begin taking a look at some of the main things to bear in mind when shopping for pickleball shoes.

Pickleball Paddle and Ball

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Shopping For Pickleball Shoes – Things To Consider

Shopping for shoes online can be a little bit tricky. So before we get started, it’s worth pointing out that we definitely recommend popping into your local sportswear store where possible.

Visiting a physical store will allow you to try on a few different pairs of shoes and find the one that feels and fits best. Going to an actual shop will also allow you to get some personalised advice from staff when it comes to finding the right pickleball shoes for you.

As is the case with any sport that requires quick lateral movements and turns of pace, choosing the right footwear is really important.

Generally speaking, if you’re looking for pickleball shoes made by an established brand who don’t specialise specifically in the sport, then opting for a good pair of tennis shoes is probably the best option.

In this article, we’re going to be focusing specifically on Nike and their range of NikeCourt shoes that can be considered good options for the sport of pickleball.

Pickleball Shot

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There are a few things to bear in mind when browsing and selecting the best pickleball shoes for you. Here are some of the main ones to think about.

• Lateral Stability – Racket sports like pickleball require you to make quick changes of direction, including lateral movements from side to side. For this reason, running shoes are not suitable for pickleball, as they usually won’t offer a solid heel cup to stabilise the ankle because they’re designed for forward motion. For pickleball, select a pair of shoes that have a stable base and a solid design to keep your heel secure while you play.

Best Pickleball Paddle For Spin

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• Traction and Grip – Quick turns of pace require shoes that grip the court surface well. So, it’s important to pick out a pair of pickleball shoes which have good grip and help to support rapid movements. Tennis shoes often come with non-marking rubber outsoles for the best grip and traction. Be sure to check what the outsole is made of and that it will be suitable for the courts you play on. Most hard-court tennis shoes will be suitable for similar hard pickleball courts.

• Style and Colour – Slightly less important to some people is the look and style of the shoes. Nike have a great range of tennis shoes and many of their top models are available in a range of different colours and styles. We recommend having a browse of the tennis shoes section on the official Nike website when shopping for shoes, as many of them are available in other colours and styles that we’ve not been able to feature on this page.

Pickleball equipment

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• Price and Reviews – Lastly, we have to take the price into account. As with most things in life, quality tends to cost money. Nike have a good range of shoes designed for court sports and they fit into a range of prices. It’s definitely worth having a look around at different retailers as well official Nike stores, as many offer promotions and discounts from time to time. We also recommend doing some of your own research into the shoes you’re looking at by checking out some customer reviews online to see what’s being said.

Nike Store

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Best Nike Pickleball Shoes 2023 – Our Pick

So, now that we’ve covered some of the main things to consider when shopping for Nike shoes for pickleball, it’s time to reveal our pick of five of the best options available at the moment.

As we mentioned above, we recommend having a browse of the court shoes section on the official Nike website to see what’s on offer, as Nike regularly update and refresh their range of shoes.

Additionally, bear in mind that Nike’s court shoes are usually gender-specific. Most of the options shown below were available in both men’s and women’s versions at the time of writing.

And as we mentioned above, be sure to check the Nike website for additional styles and colourways, as most of the shoes we’ve featured below are available in a selection of different colours as well as the ones pictured.

1) NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor Pro 2

Where to buy:

NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor Pro 2

(Photo: Nike)

The first option on our list is the NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor Pro 2. These hard-court tennis shoes are a great option if you’re looking for a stylish pair of Nike shoes to keep you flying through your pickleball rallies. They have a low-to-the-ground design and Nike’s Zoom Air cushioning for a springy ride. These shoes, which are available in a number of different colourways, also have a stretchy internal sleeve designed to hug your foot like a sock.

2) NikeCourt Vapor Lite 2

Where to buy:

NikeCourt Vapor Lite 2

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Next up is the NikeCourt Vapor Lite 2. These shoes feature a simple and straightforward design and have a two-level foam system to support your feet. They have different types of foam on different parts of the shoe, with harder foam on the outside to help you push off during fast movements. They also have a durable and breathable upper mesh to help keep you cool and comfortable during your rallies.

3) NikeCourt Zoom Pro

Where to buy:

NikeCourt Zoom Pro

(Photo: Nike)

Next up is the NikeCourt Zoom Pro. These shoes house a Nike Zoom Air unit for extra cushioning, and they also have a full-length plate (the lime green strip pictured above) in the sole which acts as a springboard. It’s designed to enhance energy return and flex with every step. These are a great option if you’re looking for shoes to give you a bit more of a spring in your step, but they may not suit players who prefer a firmer ride in their shoes. As with most of the shoes featured on this page, they are available in a selection of different styles.

4) NikeCourt Zoom Lite 3

Where to buy:

NikeCourt Zoom Lite 3

(Photo: Nike)

Featuring a more classic look and sleek design, the NikeCourt Zoom Lite 3 features a Nike Zoom Air unit in the forefoot and a grippy outsole for increased traction and stability. The design of these shoes may appeal to players looking for a more low-key pair of pickleball court shoes. The outer part of the shoe is made from smooth leather placed to be both flexible and durable, and there is a padded collar for extra comfort.

5) NikeCourt Air Zoom NXT

Where to buy:

NikeCourt Air Zoom NXT

(Photo: Nike)

The final option on our list is the NikeCourt Air Zoom NXT. These shoes have a large Nike Zoom Air unit for extra bounce and spring when needed. These shoes have been streamlined to remove any unnecessary material to make for a very lightweight option. The outsole is minimal to keep the overall weight of the shoe down but Nike say that this has been done without any negative effects on grip and stability.

Anything Else To Bear In Mind?

As we mentioned above, we do recommend shopping for shoes in a physical store where possible, as this will allow you to get a better feel for the shoe you’re looking for and also means that you’re more likely to get the right fit.

If you do end up shopping online, be sure to carefully check the returns, refunds and exchanges policy on the site you’re shopping from, so you’ll know where you stand if you need to return the shoes for any reason.

Pickleball Players

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Wrapping Things Up – Our Final Thoughts

So, that brings us to the end of our look at some of the best Nike shoes for pickleball. We’ve discussed the main things to consider when shopping for pickleball shoes, and have also picked out five top options from Nike available at the moment.

We have placed the NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor Pro 2 at the top of our list – however, all of the shoes on this page are great options and offer their own individual benefits.

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