Best Pickleball Sun Visors 2023

Keep the sun out of your eyes and stay focused on your game with our guide to some of the best sun visors for pickleball

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Looking for a stylish visor to keep the sun out of your eyes as you focus on your pickleball game?

Sun visors can be a helpful accessory if you’re playing lots of pickleball or other racket sports outdoors, as they can help to shield the top of your face and eyes from the sun while you concentrate on your game.

In this article, we’re going to cover the main things to bear in mind when it comes to selecting a good visor for pickleball. We’re going to discuss some of the key things to look for and also reveal our selection of five of the top options on the market at the moment from a variety of brands.

So, with the introductions out of the way, let’s start taking a look at some of the main things to consider when it comes to picking out a pickleball visor.

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Pickleball Visors – Things To Consider

Not all sports visors are created equal, and there are a few things to consider when it comes to finding the best one for you. Here are some of the main points to bear in mind.

• Material – One of the key things to check for when shopping for a pickleball visor is the material it’s made from. Most modern visors, which are designed for racket sports such as tennis and pickleball, are made from synthetic materials such as polyester or nylon. The benefits of these kinds of materials is that they can help to wick away sweat more quickly and keep you cool and dry. Some visors are made from more natural materials such as cotton. Generally softer and more pleasant to touch, cotton can sometimes absorb moisture and become a bit heavy as a result. One other thing to bear in mind is whether the visor is machine washable or not. Be sure to carefully check the label or product description of the visor you’re looking at for clarification of washing instructions.

• Visor Type – If you’ve done any research for yourself, you may have noticed that there are a limited number of sun visors created specifically for pickleball. However, during our research, we came across a lot of visors from sportswear brands that are designed for other sports and activities such as tennis, golf and running. These visors will generally be good for all outdoor sports. However, we do recommend looking for an adjustable closure strap, as this will allow you to get a snug and comfortable fit.

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• Colour And Style – Although the colour and style of the visor will ultimately come down to your personal preferences, there are a couple of things to think about while selecting your ideal choice. Firstly, you may want to go for a light colour such as white, as this will be better at reflecting away sunlight while you play. On the other hand, though, lighter colours such as white can be more difficult to keep clean.

• Brand And Reviews – Lastly, it’s always a good idea to do some research into brand you’re thinking of buying from. Most of the visors we’ve featured on this page are made by well-established sportswear brands, but it’s never a bad idea to do a bit of research for yourself. And it’s worth spending some time checking some customer reviews of the visor you’re looking at to see what some other people are saying about it.

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Best Pickleball Sun Visors – Our Pick

So, now that we’ve covered some of the main things to bear in mind when shopping for a visor for pickleball, it’s time to reveal our pick of five of the best options on the market at the moment.

All of the visors featured below are made by established sportswear brands and are available to buy online. We’ve featured the lighter coloured versions below, but bear in mind that many of them are available in a selection of different colours as well as the ones pictured.

1) lululemon All-Sport Visor

Where to buy:

lululemon Tennis Visor

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The first option on our list is the lululemon All-Sport Visor. lululemon are established as one of the world’s top sportswear brands and they are known for their selection of high-quality apparel. The All-Sport Visor is designed specifically for running and training but can be used for outdoor sports such as pickleball. It has an adjustable back closure for a secure fit and a removable interior sweatband which can be washed with your laundry.

2) Lacoste SPORT Pique And Fleece Tennis Visor

Where to buy:

Lacoste Tennis Visor

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The next option on our list is the Lacoste SPORT Pique And Fleece Tennis Visor. Lacoste are recognised as a high-quality sports apparel brand and the SPORT Pique and Fleece Tennis visor, as the name suggests, is designed specifically for tennis. However, it’s also a great option for other racket sports such as pickleball and it’s made from cotton fleece with an adjustable back strap. This visor can be machine washed (on a cold wash).

3) Under Armour Iso-Chill Launch Run Visor

Where to buy:

Under Armour Run Visor

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Next up is the Under Armour Iso-Chill Launch Run Visor. Under Armour are a well-established sportswear brand with plenty of quality items on sale. As the name suggests, this visor is designed for running but is adaptable for other outdoor sports too. It’s made from an ultra-light stretch woven fabric and has a traditional visor shape. It comes in one size and a selection of different colours to suit different styles and tastes.

4) New Balance Performance Visor

Where to buy:

New Balance Women's Tennis Visor

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The New Balance Performance Visor (Amazon link) is the next option on our list. Originally a running brand, New Balance have branched out into other sports over the years and are considered one of the top sportswear brands around. Featuring a hook and loop closure, the New Balance Performance Visor comes in one size designed to fit most and is made from polyester. It can be washed by hand and is designed to be super lightweight for optimal comfort.

5) Adidas Superlite 2 Performance Visor

Where to buy:

Adidas Run Visor


The final option on our list is the Adidas Superlite 2 Performance Visor (Amazon link). Made from polyester, this sports visor is designed to be sleek, lightweight and stylish and is made by one of the world’s top sportswear brands. It can be kept clean by being washed by hand and is available in a huge selection of different colours on Amazon at the time of writing.

How We Chose The Best Pickleball Sun Visors

During our research, we sought out some of the top visors made by leading sportswear brands. As noted above, many of these visors are designed for other activities such as running or golf, but can be used for pickleball. We chose products made by reputable brands and picked out visors with good customer reviews.

Although we hope that this guide has been useful, it’s always worth doing some of your own research before making a purchase. For that reason, we recommend checking out a range of visors online for yourself and reading some customer reviews to find some top products.

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Anything Else To Bear In Mind?

When shopping for a visor, be sure to check the returns, refunds and exchanges policy of the site you’ll be shopping from, so you’ll know where you stand if you need to return a product.

Where possible, we do recommend popping into your local sportswear store to try a few different visors out for yourself so you can get a feel for what they look like and how they fit.

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Wrapping Things Up – Our Final Thoughts

So, that brings us to the end of our guide to some of the best pickleball sun visors. We’ve covered some of the main things to bear in mind when shopping for a pickleball visor and have also picked out five of the best options on sale at the moment.

We’ve placed the lululemon All-Sport Visor as the top option on our list, but all of the visors shown on this page are good options that should be excellent choices for pickleball.

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