Best Whoop Wearables 2023

We pick out five of the best Whoop wearables to help you track your efforts and recoveries

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Best Whoop Wearables
(Photo: Whoop)

Whoop is a popular fitness tracker that has a number of wearable options available to users.

The Whoop is a tracker that’s designed to be worn at all times so it can monitor your sleep, recovery and daily effort.

Like a lot of fitness trackers, the Whoop can be worn on your wrist using a strap.

However, Whoop have created a number of wearable options to give their customers more flexibility when it comes to tracking their effort and recovery.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the different Whoop wearables as well as provide our verdict on the best ones.

So with the introduction out of the way, let’s learn a little more about Whoop before we take a look at their wearable options.

Who Are Whoop?


Whoop are a technology company that specialize in wearable fitness trackers to allow athletes, fitness enthusiasts and casual users to optimise their performance.

They’re best-known for their Whoop strap, which is a wrist-worn device that collects various physiological data such as heart rate, heart rate variability, sleep patterns and activity levels.

The company places a particular emphasis on recovery to allow users to monitor their daily strain (the exertion on the body) and their recovery score (body’s readiness to do work).

Whoop will derive your recovery score based upon factors such as sleep quality, resting heart rate and heart rate variability.

The device has been popularised by world-class athletes such as LeBron James, Rory McIlroy and Michael Phelps.

Whoop allows users to make informed decisions to enhance their health and athletic performance whether you’re a NBA player, avid gym goer or hiking enthusiast.

While the Whoop device is traditionally worn on the wrist, there are a number of different wearable options to give users greater flexibility,

Best Whoop Wearables

Now that you understand a little more about Whoop (you can read our Whoop review here), let’s take a look at some of the best Whoop wearables available on the market right now.

1) Body Short

Whoop Any-Wear Short (Photo: Whoop)

Whoop Any-Wear Short (Photo: Whoop)

Whoop’s Body Short is designed with an internal pod in the waistband so you can securely place your Whoop fitness tracker during your workouts. It’s got a 6.5″ inseam, lightweight top layer (59% polyamide, 41% elastane) and compression lined underwear (88% nylon, 12% spandex) to provide a comfortable and secure experience whether you’re jogging, taking a spin class or doing a HIIT session. Whoop’s website says that their Body Short is perfect for low-contact sports such as running and cycling or high-contact sports such as jiu-jitsu and basketball. The Body Short was my favourite Whoop wearable – it was extremely comfortable thanks to the Body technology and compression lined underwear. The device was located in the pod and I forgot that it was even there.

2) Body Compression Top

Whoop Any-Wear Compression Top (Photo: Whoop)

Whoop Any-Wear Compression Top (Photo: Whoop)

If you prefer to wear a tight-fitting top when striving to reach your fitness goals, Whoop’s Body Compression Top could be a good option. It offers a tight but breathable fit. You can find the Whoop pod in the left raglan sleeve where it will sit securely while you exercise. Whoop say on their website that the Body Compression Top is an excellent option for fitness enthusiasts who participate in high-contact, fast-paced sports and activities. I really enjoyed wearing the compression top thanks to the stylish design and comfortable feel – it fit like a glove! I can see the appeal of this particular wearable for athletes who are competing at a high level.

3) Training T-Shirt

Whoop Training T-Shirt (Photo: Whoop)

Whoop Training T-Shirt (Photo: Whoop)

If you prefer a looser fit, you may like Whoop’s Training T-Shirt. Whoop say that they designed this piece of apparel for weight training to keep your wrist free for kettlebell swings or forearm planks. But don’t fret, your Whoop can still collect your data thanks to the inner compression sleeves that hold the Whoop device against your arm. The inner sleeve keeps your Whoop securely in position while you get stuck into a workout. Unlike their compression top, the Training T-Shirt isn’t skin tight so it fits like other gym shirts you may be more accustomed to wearing. I preferred the compression top but it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

4) Body Logo Short

Whoop Any-Wear Logo Short (Photo: Whoop)

Whoop Any-Wear Logo Short (Photo: Whoop)

Next we have the Body Logo Shorts that are designed with high performance in mind. Just like the Body Shorts, they feature a lightweight top layer and compression lined underwear. They incorporate Whoop’s Body Technology with a convenient Whoop pod in the waistband. Just like the other Body Short in Whoop’s range, the Logo Shorts have a cellphone and key pocket. While it’s a great feature, I would have preferred a zip pocket to provide extra peace of mind that valuables won’t fall out. I preferred the Body Shorts to the Body Logo Shorts because of the more discreet branding. These shorts have a large Whoop logo that might not appeal to everyone.

5) Any-Wear Boxer

Whoop Any-Wear Boxer (Photo: Whoop)

Whoop Any-Wear Boxer (Photo: Whoop)

Whoop have all the bases covered in their quest to provide users with the ultimate flexibility to track their efforts and recoveries in the most discreet way possible. Their Body Boxers allow you to monitor your metrics and continue to wear your favourite workout gear. The Body Boxer is made using a soft cotton-blend fabric with a flexible waistband and a 3″ inseam. Whoop explain on their website that the Body Boxer is made for the hours of the day you aren’t breaking a sweat. The internal pod can be found in the waistband so it remains secure throughout the day. If you wear a watch and don’t want a second strap on your wrist, the Body Boxer could be a great option. I didn’t find the Body Boxer to be comfortable and would much rather use the other wearables in this article for workouts before switching back to my Whoop wristband for the rest of the day.

Bonus: Blue Light Glasses

Whoop Blue Light Glasses (Photo: Whoop)

Whoop Blue Light Glasses (Photo: Whoop)

While Whoop’s Blue Light Glasses can’t accommodate your tracker, they can be a useful addition if you’re trying to boost your recovery and sleep scores. They reduce your exposure to blue light so they’re a great tool if you spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen or like to scroll on your smartphone before bed. Crafted from durable stainless steel, they’ve got an anti-glare coating. Whoop claim on their website that their Blue Light Glasses can decrease your resting heart rate, increase heart rate variability, increase recovery score and increase sleep score during testing. I liked the design, the feel and the performance of their Blue Light Glasses and would recommend to anyone looking to boost their recovery and sleep.

Wrapping Up – Our Final Thoughts

We’ve reached the end of our feature on the best Whoop wearables.

They’ve got an extensive range of wearables to cater to both male and females who want to track their performance, monitor their recovery and keep track of their sleep.

In this article, we’ve highlighted five wearables that we’ve tested ourselves but you can view their entire range by clicking here.

Of the wearables that I reviewed, my favourite options are the Body Shorts and Body Compression Top due to comfort, design and performance.

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