Stubble & Co The Roll Top Rucksack Review

We take a look at Stubble & Co's The Roll Top rucksack to see whether it lives up to the hype

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Stubble & Co Rucksack (Photo: The Sport Review)
Stubble & Co Rucksack (Photo: The Sport Review)

Are you looking for a reliable rucksack that combines functionality and performance?

It can be a struggle to find a rucksack that has space for your work clothes, shoes, lunch, laptop and other essentials.

Alternatively, if you like to go on adventures, it can be difficult to find a rucksack that’s sufficiently versatile.

Often, you’ll find a rucksack that sacrifices space for style or functionality for appearance. But we may have found a solution!

In this article, we’re going to take a look at Stubble & Co’s The Roll Top. It’s a made from robust recycled materials so it has a great sustainable element but remains a versatile and reliable rucksack.

So, with the introduction complete, let’s take a closer look at this bag from Stubble & Co.

Who Are Stubble & Co?


Stubble & Co Rucksack (Photo: The Sport Review)

Stubble & Co Rucksack (Photo: The Sport Review)

Stubble & Co want to inspire people to get out more, adventure more and explore everywhere.

Their mission is “do more” and they hope their range of bags can enable people to step outside and explore the world.

Stubble & Co have a sustainable approach to their business and care about their impact on the planet.

As a result, they’ve created their range of rucksacks and bags using recycled materials to limit their impact on the environment.

Their website explains that the company’s commitment is to take “meaningful action to reduce our impact on the world” and “do more to help make tomorrow better than today”.

Stubble & Co aim to create the best handcrafted bags that are durable, functional and stylish.

The Roll Top – The Basics

The Roll Top is Stubble & Co’s most-popular bag as highlighted by the 4,000-plus reviews on their website.

Stubble & Co explain on their website that they wanted to combine functionality with performance when creating the bag.

It’s lightweight, durable and comfortable to provide a pleasant experience when wearing the bag whether you’re on your daily commute or exploring in nature. It has an adjustable chest strap so your bag will feel secure.

The Roll Top was designed with cycling and the outdoors in mind so it’s capable of withstanding all weather conditions with waterproof constuction. It also has a bike light anchor point.

Some of the key features include sealed seams, water-resistant zips and reflective logos. It also has a laptop compartment, two side pockets for water bottles or umbrellas, vertical outer pocket and inner zip pocket for valuables.

The Roll Top is available in 14L or 20L capacities and comes in six different colors.

The Fit, Feel And Style

Stubble & Co Rucksack (Photo: The Sport Review)

Stubble & Co Rucksack (Photo: The Sport Review)

The Roll Top was extremely comfortable to wear thanks to the ergonomic design – the straps were easy to adjust and the bag felt secure.

It has a breathable and cushioned back panel which made the experience wearing the rucksack very pleasant. It’s also made using recycled materials that make it soft to touch with a classy appearance.

Inside the rucksack, there are a number of compartments to store your valuables.

I liked the simplicity of the design, with just one huge opening so you can store all your belongings in one place with the ability to store smaller items in the various compartments.

The Roll Top is easy to secure once packed up with the clip at the front to complete the look.

Price And Where To Buy

Stubble & Co Rucksack (Photo: The Sport Review)

Stubble & Co Rucksack (Photo: The Sport Review)

The Roll Top is priced at £95 for the 14L and £105 for the 20L on Stubble & Co’s official website. At the time of writing, you can only purchase The Roll Top from

Pros and Cons


• Comfortable
• Functionality
• Performance
• Five different colors
• Recycled materials


• Premium price
• Only two size options

What Are Customers Saying?

The Roll Top has more than 1,000 five-star reviews on Stubble & Co’s official website. We checked out independent review website Trustpilot to see how the company fared. At the time of writing, they had an average rating of 4.8 stars based upon 100 reviews.

Allan spoke highly about The Roll Top and Stubble & Co’s customer service.

Delighted with my new Mini Roll Top rucksack. Great design and quality, perfect for my daily commute by bike. When I did have an issue with it, the response from S&C was quick and the outcome very satisfactory. So a really good product backed up with excellent customer service.

Dominic hailed Stubble & Co as a company and highlighted The Roll Top’s durability.

I’ve used several Stubble & Co bags over the last year – the Weekender, Rolltop, and Adventure – and they’ve all been fantastic! The Rolltop has been my go-to for cycling to work, and it’s kept my work stuff dry through torrential rain. The separate laptop sleeve and bright orange lining are a nice touch, and all the bags still look brand new. Stubble & Co definitely knows how to make quality bags!

Leigh shared a story to highlight the great customer service.

I’ve owned a Roll Top for around 6 months and absolutely loved it. The quality is fantastic. However the bag developed a tear at the top. I emailed them and Sarah replied within 10 minutes and had already arranged for a replacement to be sent out to me the next day. Absolutely brilliant service and I’ll definitely be purchasing from them in the future.

Our Verdict

Stubble & Co Rucksack (Photo: The Sport Review)

Stubble & Co Rucksack (Photo: The Sport Review)

I was sent The Roll Top to review and I was impressed with the rucksack.

I primarily wanted to use the bag to store clothing, technology and personal items for travelling. With two dogs, I needed space for some of their essentials too.

Having previously reviewed a number of versatile rucksacks, I was attracted to The Roll Top thanks to the stylish design and the g-hook closure.

I wasn’t disappointed. I loved that The Roll Top has one large compartment that has plenty of space to store clothing and shoes. It makes life simple when you’re looking for something.

Inside the main compartment, there are a number of small compartments/sleeves so you can store personal effects, keys, cards, pens etc.

There’s a laptop so you can still get some work done if you’re living the office-free life and need to check in every so often.

Having used the bag in rainy and windy conditions, the Roll Top passed the weather test with ease.

Anything Else To Consider?

Stubble & Co have a 90-day return policy. Here’s more information taken from their website:

“We want you to be happy with the quality, look and functionality of your Stubble & Co bag. If you’re not happy for any reason, you can return your bag for a full refund. We have an extended returns period of 90 days.

“Returned bags must be in unused condition. We can’t accept a return if it arrives used, or damaged due to improper packaging. Preferably return in the original shipping box.”

Be sure to carefully check the returns, refunds and exchanges policy on the site you’re shopping from, as the details may change from time to time.

Wrapping Up

Stubble & Co Rucksack (Photo: The Sport Review)

Stubble & Co Rucksack (Photo: The Sport Review)

We’ve reached the end of our review of The Roll Top by Stubble & Co.

It’s a quality bag that is perfect for exploring whether you’re cycling, running or walking.

If you want a stylish bag that combines functionality with performance, the Roll Top could be the perfect solution.

Stubble & Co’s sustainable approach is an added bonus so you can feel good about wearing a classy bag and feel good that it’s made from recycled materials.

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