28 Day Ultimate Teatox SkinnyMint Review

This is our review of SkinnyMint 28 Day Ultimate Teatox. We provide a close look at this product to see if its right for your weight loss needs

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28 day teatox skinnymint
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SkinnyMint 28 day Ultimate Teatox is a fat burning weight loss supplement in the form of tea that you can add to your daily diet.

The producers of SkinnyMint tea have created a 28 day tea cycle designed to helps your body detoxify and lose weight.

In this review article, we examine all the details of the SkinnyMint 28 day Ultimate Teatox product, providing information on ingredients, how to take it, and how other customers have responded to this diet supplement.

After that, we’ll let you know how this SkinnyMint product compares to other weight loss supplements available.

What does SkinnyMint 28 day Ultimate Teatox do?

The SkinnyMint 28 day Ultimate Teatox contains two uniquely formulated tea products: The Morning Boost and The Night Cleanse. Each of these teas are uniquely formulated and contain certain ingredients that encourage your body detoxify naturally.

By eliminating toxins, the teas claim to help your body perform better, increase fat burning, and accelerate weight loss. The ingredients are all natural and laxative free, and the teas can replace other sources of tea and coffee in your diet.

Whilst not a fat burner in the strictest sense of the words, SkinnyMint uses some similar ingredients to the weight loss products you take in pill form.

Ideally, with products like these we like to see ingredients that work in multiple ways, either by boosting metabolism, reducing cravings, or giving you an increase in natural energy levels.

Don’t forget that SkinnyMint teas will not make fat fall off of you all by themselves, and that this product like most others will work best when combined with effort in multiple areas – namely diet and exercise.

Let’s move on to an inspection of the ingredients in SkinnyMint 28 day Ultimate Teatox.

What you need to know about the ingredients

The two teas in SkinnyMint 28 day Ultimate Teatox use natural ingredients and stimulants, and since each tea is designed for use at a different time in the day, their ingredients are different too.

Because they are natural ingredients, there is a good deal of information about them available, and we’ve broken down the key ingredients in both teas below to determine their effectiveness.

Now, some things may be missing from these teas, and we’ll cover that later on. For now, let’s look at the primary ingredients in this fat burner tea.

• Green Tea – You’re probably already familiar with this first ingredient, Green Tea. In addition to giving you an energy boost and a decrease in appetite – thanks to the the caffeine content – green tea is extremely rich in antioxidants to help purify your body and burn excess fat. It can also help stabilize your blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure, and lower cholesterol due to the catechins contained in it.

• Guarana – Guarana comes from a plant in the Amazon, and is known to assist in fat burning and weight loss. There’s also research that suggests that Guarana can reduce your anxiety, increase your ability to exercise, and even increase your mental performance, even though it might do so by a small amount. This ingredient shares a lot of similarities with coffee, and actually contains a bit higher caffeine content. You can expect a reduced appetite and increased energy from it, though the amount of stimulants might make some people a bit jittery.

• Dandelion – This ingredient also can help in weight loss, mainly by having a diuretic effect. This means it will reduce the amount of body fluid in your body. However, that means it can dehydrate you, and although reducing levels of body fluid might reduce your weight, it’s not necessarily going to help you with fat burn.

So while definitely effective, especially if you’re holding more water weight than normal, it might not provide the kind of long term fat burning results we tend to look for.

• Nettle Leaves – Nettle leaves are another natural, plant-based ingredient, and can assist in detoxifying and cleansing your body. In particular, it can help activate the kidneys and lymphatic system to get rid of metabolic waste, allowing your body to work more effectively. Whilst it probably won’t have any super strong weight loss effects, it won’t do any harm.

There are a few other ingredients in both types of tea. Here is the list in full:

28 day ultimate teatox skinnymint ingredients

What’s missing?

• Turmeric – Given that this SkinnyMint product makes use of a lot of natural and plant-based ingredients, we would have liked to see Turmeric included in the formula. Turmeric works well in reducing the overall percentage of fat in your system, an effect that would have had great overlap with other ingredients like Green Tea and Nettle Leaves.

• Glucomannan – Including Glucomannan in SkinnyMint 28 day Ultimate Teatox would have been a great addition, as it’s very effective at suppressing your appetite. Although the focus of SkinnyMint Ultimate Teatox is definitely fat burning there do seem to be rather a lot of ingredients dedicated to cleansing instead of actual weight loss.

• Raspberry Ketones – Raspberry Ketones work by increasing the breakdown of fat in your body, and can help level out hormones responsible for fat cell release in your body. As a side note, they can also help your hair, skin, and make for a great flavouring addition, especially to something like tea.

Since these three fat burning ingredients weren’t included, we think this SkinnyMint product still has space to improve their formula quite significantly.

Are there any side effects?

This product has a very low chance of major side effects, given that it’s made up of natural ingredients that often come from plants and similar sources.

However, the Morning Boost tea in particular does have some caffeine from Green Tea and Guarana, so its best to make sure you’re only taking it in the earlier parts of the day so your sleep pattern doesn’t get disturbed.

Also, if you’re particularly sensitive to caffeine, the Guarana in this product might make you feel a bit jittery or anxious – something to keep in mind.

Like all products of this nature, you should always inspect the label closely for any potential allergies or other issues, and incorporate SkinnyMint as part of a healthy diet and solid exercise routine for maximum results (which may vary from person to person).

How to take SkinnyMint 28 day Ultimate Teatox

One set of SkinnyMint 28 day Ultimate Teatox includes two packets of tea, the Morning Boost and Night Cleanse. The Morning Boost packet contains 28 tea bags, so one packet per day for about a month.

The Night Cleanse contains 14 packets, so you should use them every other night. The preparation is very straightforward.

Add one Morning Boost tea to a cup’s worth of boiling water each morning, either before your first meal or with breakfast. The Night Cleanse tea can be added to boiling water in the evening every second day, either after your last meal or before bedtime.

We have to say we’re never that keen on fat burning products that are only taken once or twice a day as quite often the effects can wear off, meaning you’re not seeing the benefits round the clock.

Our favourite fat burner supplements usually demand a serving of at least 4 doses a day. If you are to use SkinnyMint we’d recommend taking it as a reminder or trigger to do other healthy activities, like preparing a nutritious meal or exercising.

What are customers saying?

We looked on Amazon to see how other customers reviewed SkinnyMint 28 day Ultimate Teatox.

At the time of writing this post, the product didn’t have a huge amount of reviews, with an average 3 out of 5 star rating.

One review stated that it was good for their health, and tasted amazing.

However, a couple reviewers weren’t as satisfied, with one saying it was hard to take before work as it made them have to go to the bathroom.

Another seemed to receive a package that didn’t have a tea brewer in it.

Is this the best weight loss supplement?

This is a pretty good fat burning tea product with some solid ingredients, however we think there are better options you can buy. It can often help to try out different products to get a feel for what works best for you. To see our list of the best fat burning supplements including those for men and women, click the link below.

Anything else to consider?

This tea/weight loss supplement can be helpful in your arsenal to burn fat, but we always like to remind you that it will always work best when combined with other strategies.

The most important of these tools are eating right and sticking to an exercise routine.

Review conclusion – our final thoughts

So, is this SkinnyMint 28 day Ultimate Teatox product worthy of your purchase? Here’s a final breakdown of our thoughts:

• Includes Green Tea and Guarana
• Natural ingredients that are often plant-based to help detoxify you
• Easy to take, tea tastes great and can be a nice morning and evening ritual

• Missing helpful ingredients like Turmeric and Glucomannan
• Might not have as strong an effect as some people like
• Caffeine content can impact your sleep, which is also important for staying healthy

Check out the link below to view our selection of the best fat burning and weight loss supplements for men and women currently available.


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