Adidas RPT-01 Over-Ear Headphones Review

This is our review of the new Adidas RPT-01 Over-Ear wireless headphones

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Adidas RPT-01 headphones (Photo: adidas)
Adidas RPT-01 headphones (Photo: adidas)

Wireless headphones can be the perfect accessory for both your commute and the gym.

They’re a great at blocking out background noise and keeping you focused and motivated before and during your workout.

Having previously tested out Beats By Dre and Urbanista headphones, I was eager to try Adidas’ latest offering.

Adidas Sport have designed these headphones with athletes in mind.

While I’m no athlete, I’m passionate about having great headphones to help me get in the mood for a cardio or weights session.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the Adidas RPT-01 headphones.

Adidas RPT-01 Over-Ear Headphones – The basics

The RPT-01 over-ear headphones have been created to adapt from the gym to your commute.

They’ve got an ergonomic design to make wearing the headphones a comfortable experience.

The controls are simple with an intuitive control knob and action button with optional shortcuts.

They’ve also thought of the big sweaters at the gym with their washable knitted ear cushions and inner to keep the Adidas RPT-01 feeling clean and new.

Not only that, they come with super-fast USB-C charging, so you’ll never have to be without your headphones for long.


• Go the distance: Up to 40-hours playtime, with fast USB-C charging
• Rinse & Repeat: Removable, washable knitted ear cushions and inner headband, made for constant use
• Life in motion: Ergonomic design with 360° swivel for a fluid fit
• No sweat: IPX4 rated sweat proof
• Total control: Create custom shortcuts with the action button

Our verdict

Wireless over-heard headphones are my accessory of choice when I head to the gym. I’ve previously owned Beats By Dre and Urbanista over-ear headphones so I was intrigued to see how Adidas RPT-01 would compare.

I loved the design and the feel of the product. They’re considerably more lightweight than other over-ear headphones that I’ve tried. They don’t sit heavy and you forget you’re wearing them unlike more cumbersome models.

I sweat a lot at the gym and my Beats By Dre headphones have a lot of wear and tear despite being less than 12 months old. For that reason, I really appreciate that Adidas give me the ability to clean and wash the cover. I don’t envisage the same extent of deterioration due to sweat.

Adidas have a adopted a simplistic but sophisticated approach to these headphones, which I like. The fact that the headphones last 40 hours and are quick to recharge is an added bonus.


Adidas RPT-01 headphones cost £139.95 on their website.

Anything else to consider?

You can use the Adidas Headphones app to conveniently control and customise your Adidas headphones features, allowing you to focus on your run or workout.

In conclusion

So that brings us to the end of our review of the Adidas over-head RPT-01 headphones.

The design is sleek, the material is comfortable and the battery life stands up to the test.

It’s easy to see why these are billed as headphones for athletes given their streamlined appearance and straightforward functionality.

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• Updated on 27 June 2020
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