Ambr Eyewear Computer Blue Light Blocking Glasses Review

We tested out Ambr Eyewear's blue light blocking glasses designed for computer use to see where they stand

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Ambr Eyewear Glasses Review

Do you feel like your eyes are strained after a long day looking at the computer?

Lots of us now spend our days in front of a screen, whether we’re at the office or working from home.

As someone who wears prescription glasses or contacts, I often get a kind of ‘irritated’ feeling in my eyes after a day of work.

I wanted to try out some blue light blocking glasses to see whether they could help with tired or strained eyes.

In this review, I’ll take a look at Ambr Eyewear, who provide a range of blue-light blocking glasses designed for computer use.

Product website:

I’ll take a look at the styles and frames they have to offer, what customers say about Ambr Eyewear, and give my verdict after having used them for a few weeks.

So, with the introductions out of the way, let’s delve straight in and start taking a closer look at the Ambr Eyewear range.

Ambr Eyewear – The Basics

Like we mentioned above, Ambr Eyewear have a range of glasses designed to help people who spend a lot of time in front of a screen, whether it’s due to work or leisure.

The glasses are designed to help anyone who is exposed to a lot of blue light by offering custom acetate and Monel frames that are fitted with powerful blue-blocking lenses.

Their website explains that Ambr Eyewear uses lenses which are made from lightweight and shatterproof polycarbonate.

They’ve got a naturally-occurring pigment which is baked into the mixture, blocking a significant portion of the blue light spectrum.

Ambr Blue Light Glasses

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Ambr Eyewear’s lenses are topped off with an anti-reflective coating and an anti-scratch layer.

The Styles and Frames

Ambr Eyewear offers a range of different styles, which give you the flexibility to find a frame that matches your style.

You may have come across some blue blocking glasses previously that aren’t that aesthetically pleasing.

However, we love how Ambr Eyewear have an array of options, whether you want to adopt a business look or want frames to fit your lifestyle.

The frame styles include: Asteri, Callisto, Nova, Lennox, Mathilde, Equinox, Zenith, Helio, Pallas, Juno, Halley and Vega.

I opted for the Lennox style in black to fit the look that I was going for. The build feels solid but sleek, and they come with a stylish case and cleaning cloth.

The Lenses and the Effect

The key question is whether the lenses did their job by blocking blue light from my computer screen.

I usually wear normal prescription glasses when I do my work on the computer but when I tried my Ambr Eyewear Lennox frames, there was a subtle difference.

You can barely notice a slight yellow tinge that is keeping out some of the blue light. I loved that it didn’t notably affect the color of my computer screen or distort colors.

The lenses appear clear in color unless you’re really looking to observe the slight yellow tinge.

I really appreciated that because my friends didn’t even notice that I was wearing blue-light blocking glasses.

Ambr Computer Glasses

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As I use Flux on my laptop and Night Mode on my phone, I didn’t really notice a change in color on my screens.

Having used these glasses over the course of two weeks, I definitely noticed that my eyes felt less tired at the end of the day.

Usually, I would have an uncomfortable feeling that my eyes are strained by the end of the day – but using these glasses provided some welcome relief. I noticed that I fell asleep a lot quicker at night, too.

What Are Customers Saying?

Ambr Eyewear have an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 on Google Reviews. They’ve got a review section on their website where they also get 4.5 stars.

One customer called Orla was delighted with her Ambr frames:

“I am delighted with my purchase of Halley glasses! They are lightweight and comfortable to wear, the design is discreet but trendy and I find my eyes less dry by the end of the working day. I took a chance buying online without being able to try them on but as they’re affordable I figured it was worth the risk – it paid off!”

Ambr Glasses Frames

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Linda purchased a pair of Ambr glasses to help ease her daughter’s migraine headaches:

“I purchased the blue light glasses for my daughter. She was experiencing sore eyes and headaches from spending time on screens e,g, phone, laptop, white boards, screen projectors both in school and at home. She has had no screen related headache since using these glasses and would highly recommend them.”

Finally, Hannah’s sleep has improved since making the switch to Ambr:

“I was suffering from severe migraines for weeks and was having difficulty sleeping when I decided to try out these blue-light filter glasses. I’ve been wearing them for 5 weeks now and have been migraine-free and sleeping so well. Such a fab product, I am delighted I tried them out!”

Any Negatives?

We couldn’t find any real negatives with Ambr Eyewear’s glasses. They are great for computer use.

One thing to consider is that you can only purchase their frames and lenses directly from their website if you live outside of the Republic of Ireland.

While Irish readers can find Ambr Eyewear at Brown Thomas Dublin, if you live in the UK or further afield, you won’t be able to try them on before you buy.

However, Ambr’s website uses augmented reality to give you an accurate idea of how the frames will look!

It’s worth remembering that if you are specifically looking for blue light blocking glasses to help with sleep, then you may want to opt for a pair with darker red lenses.

Ambr do also offer lenses with a darker tint which block out more of the blue light wavelengths.

Anything Else to Consider?

If you have a prescription like me, Ambr Eyewear can take care of this.

Once you’ve selected the frame style that you like, you must tick the prescription box. You can upload your prescription or send it to them in an email.

It’s worth noting that Ambr Eyewear lenses block about 90 per cent of UV rays, too.

Ambr Eyewear Review Conclusion

We’ve reached the end of our Ambr Eyewear review.

I was really impressed with my Lennox frames and lenses. I felt an almost-immediate benefit to wearing these glasses on a regular basis while indoors.

As someone who spends between four and six hours in front of a computer screen every day, I noticed that my eyes felt less strained wearing these glasses.

It was a welcome relief as my eyes usually feel achy and sore after a long day of work.

I also noticed a difference where my sleep was concerned. I felt like I fell asleep a lot faster and it was less interrupted.

Ambr Eyewear have a range of stylish frames and the lenses appear clear to the unobserving eye, so if you’re still adjusting to the idea of blue light blocking glasses, you won’t feel self-conscious.

They’re frames are affordable, unlike some other competitors on the market, providing an excellent gateway into the emerging world of blue-light blocking glasses.

For more information and to buy now:

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