Anthony Joshua and Emily Skye Launch Lucozade Sport’s new FitWater

Anthony Joshua swapped the ring for the fitness studio as he helped to launch Lucozade Sport's venture into the water market with FitWater

anthony joshua
Emily Skye and Anthony Joshua Photo: FitWater

Boxing champion Anthony Joshua swapped the ring for the fitness studio as he helped to launch Lucozade Sport’s new water, FitWater, in central London on Wednesday.

Joshua was joined by Australian fitness influencer Emily Skye, who led a dynamic workout for 60 guests to celebrate the launch of this brand new sports product.

FitWater is purified spring water charged with electrolytes specifically designed to keep you hydrated.

It boasts four key electrolytes including; Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium & Chloride with zero sugars. It helps to replace key minerals and provides a convenient solution for active people looking to stay hydrated.

“It has been brilliant to be a part of the FitWater launch today and workout with everyone, Lucozade Sport are committed to getting people moving and I am really pleased to be a part of it,” Joshua said.

“Hydration is absolutely key for any athlete and I am no exception so adding FitWater into the mix of Lucozade Sport products I use is a big bonus for me.”

Lucozade Sport has designed FitWater to replace what is lost when we sweat through exercise. On average people lose half a litre of fluid over a 30min period of exercise and as a result, displace key electrolytes in various amounts.

anthony joshua

Photo: FitWater

FitWater is formulated with magnesium to help reduce feelings of tiredness of fatigue; calcium to help normalise muscle function, and sodium and chloride to replenish what you lose in sweat.

Electrolytes play a role in the movement of muscles, cell communication & the movement of water around the body. Around 70% of our body weight is made of fluids, meaning electrolytes are present in every body cell, from the skin to brain and muscles.

Skye added: “I’m thrilled to be in the UK to finally see FitWater come to life! I have been working closely with Lucozade Sport to produce a water that’s perfectly formulated for exercise.

“My followers will know that in the past I have made my own electrolyte infused water so it’s incredible to see Lucozade Sport producing one that’s scientifically formulated for everyone to easily enjoy – and it tastes much better than mine!”

anthony joshua

Photo: FitWater

The launch of FitWater follows the 2016 launch of the brand’s Made to Move™ campaign that aims to get one million people moving more by 2020.

Live workout events, flash mob runs and coaching sessions lead by ambassadors, Emily Skye, Anthony Joshua and Harry Kane, have seen the UK’s number one sports drink brand champion a mission to encourage people to lead more active lives. In May, the brand launched its Made to Move™ App that incentivises users to get active with the chance to win hundreds of incredible prizes daily.

FitWater will be available from Tesco stores nationwide from 1 August 2017 and further nationwide retailers from 1 September 2017.

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