The 3 best mass gainers in the UK in 2018

Picking the best mass gainer can make a huge difference in helping you build lean muscle. Here's everything you need to know and our three favourites right now

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Best mass gainer
A mass gainer can help you to put on weight Photo: Adobe Stock

As a naturally skinny guy, it can be hard to gain weight and add muscle mass – no matter how hard you’re working in the gym. I would know, I struggled with this exact problem.

I’m what’s considered to be a ‘hard-gainer’ and always felt that I needed be constantly eating to put on any lean muscle mass at all. It felt like whenever I’d just finished one huge meal, it was already time for the next one.

Of course, this was a few years ago, before I really knew anything about how many supplements are out there to help with this exact problem. Weight gainers (also called mass gainers) are supplements which pack in a large portion of the calories you need to gain lean muscle mass as quickly as possible – and in a healthy way.

If you’re looking to build more lean muscle and have struggled to bulk up in the past, it’s definitely worth adding a mass gainer to your routine to see if it’ll help you.

They are certainly not for everyone – but when the right product is used correctly, mass gainers can help you quickly and efficiently built lean muscle and get the physique you’ve been waiting for.

So, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of taking a modern mass gainer and how they can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Why take a mass gainer?

You won’t need me to tell you that the health and fitness industry has blown up over the last few years – and that means there has never been a better selection of quality products on sale to help you achieve your goals.

There are many advantages of taking a high quality mass gainer, such as:

– Good source of protein for putting on muscle mass
– Effective meal replacement
– Good source of clean carbohydrates
– Helps build lean muscle more quickly
– Convenience and speed
– Makes it easier to reach daily calorie targets

Mass gainers are not for everyone. You need to be brutally honest with yourself and assess your workout regime and diet as it stands before deciding to try one of the products listed below. But when used properly, the right mass gainer can act as the springboard to success in your fitness goals.

Things you should look for in a mass gainer

As you’ve probably already realised, there are many different mass gainers on sale these days and comparing all of these products can be time-consuming and confusing. (Scroll down for our three current UK 2018 favourites below).

Nevertheless, there are some key components that you should always look for when choosing a mass gainer. Here are some of the things to bear in mind.

At least 35 grams of protein per serving – It goes without saying that if you’re looking to build lean muscle, you’re going to need to step up your protein intake. Many guys who are used to taking protein shakes after the gym often choose to replace that post-workout shake with a mass gainer because they find it works better for them. The way you integrate your mass gainer into your regime really comes down to your personal preference, but make sure that your chosen product packs in more than 35 grams of protein per serving to help boost protein synthesis (muscle growth).

Minimum of 450 calories per serving – If you’re looking to build extra muscle, you’re going to need extra calories – it’s really as simple as that. One of the main reasons mass gainers are so popular is because they are a convenient way of adding extra calories to your diet without much effort. If you’re looking for a mass gainer, anything less than 450 calories per serving isn’t really worthwhile.

At least 60 grams of (quality) carbohydrates per serving – Your body needs plenty of carbohydrates during the muscle-building process. It’s easy to fall into the trap of eating sugary foods to meet your carb targets but you’re much better off consuming ‘good’ complex carbs which are digested slowly and will help boost muscle growth. Some of the mass gainers in our list below use oats as their complex carb base to help keep insulin levels lower throughout the day and provide a sustained release of energy.

Things you should look out for in a mass gainer

Proprietary blends – This is when the supplement company blends ingredients together and then only provides the size of the blend, rather than what’s actually in it. This means that you won’t have any idea about how much of each ingredient is in the total blend. This is not what you want, especially as you’re going to be forking over your hard-earned cash in return for your mass gainer.

Sugar content – Mass gainers are known for packing in as many calories as possible but unfortunately some supplements achieve their calorific targets by including excessive amounts of sugar. If you’re looking to take your shake post-workout, a reasonable amount of fast-digesting, high glycemic index carbs can help replenish glycogen stores. If you’re considering a meal replacement shake, it’s better to look for one with complex carbs. Either way, keep an eye on sugar content.

The brand – With so many products on the market these days it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the huge number of options. More than ever, it’s worth doing your research into the brand you’re buying from. Search the internet for reviews and find out a bit about the history of the brand. You’ll be thankful you did your research in the long run.

When to take a mass gainer

Mass gainer shakes can really be taken at any time of day when you’re needing calories. Some people opt to take shakes after their workout but they can really be taken at any time. Don’t forget that you could use your new mass gainer to replace your current protein shake, although this will come down to your personal preference and needs. It’s also worth reading each manufacturers’ instructions on when to consume their shakes. I know I’m repeating myself but there’s absolutely no point in taking a mass gainer if you’re workout regime isn’t on point, so make sure you get that sorted first.

Are there any side effects of mass gainers?

Generally, the only thing you need to worry about when taking a mass gainer is the possibility of gaining body fat as well as muscle. To make sure that you’re building as much lean muscle as possible without too much body fat, make sure that your overall diet and workout plan is on point.

There’s no point in taking a mass gainer if you’re not putting in the hard work in the gym. That said, picking the best mass gainer can make all the difference when used correctly. As a rough guide, some of the best exercises for building muscle mass include: deadlifts, squats, bench press, pull-ups, rows. Generally, you want to be focusing on the large compound exercises that use the main muscle groups.

The best mass gainers for building lean muscle

OK, so we’ve talked you through the various benefits of mass gainers and what to look for when selecting your product. Now let’s get to the list of the best mass gainers in the UK in 2018.

1) Bulk Powders Complete mass

First on the list is our favourite product from Bulk Powders. We were first drawn to Complete Mass by its low price of just £42.49 for a 5kg bag.

Product website:

bulk powders complete mass

Bulk Powders is a popular British manufacturer Photo: Bulk Powders

This is one of the healthiest mass gainers out there and its quality ingredients really blows most of the competition out of the water at such a low price. Of course, the first thing we assumed when trying out this product was that the low price meant a compromise on quality – but we were pleasantly surprised after taking a closer look.

Complete Mass also has great reviews from verified purchasers online and we love the fact that it’s manufactured by a British company.

We really like the way Bulk Powders lists specifically where the protein comes from in Complete Mass, (whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate and egg white powder), so there’s no need for guesswork.

The ultra fine Scottish oats provide a healthy source of sustained release carbs and the very low sugar content make this product an overall winner.

The good

– More than 40 grams of protein per serving
– Ultra fine Scottish oats are a great source of carbohydrate
– Extremely low sugar content (just 1.7 grams!)
– Manufactured in the UK
– Only 8.9 grams of fat per serving
– Suitable for vegetarians
– Very good reviews

The bad

– The strawberry flavour has mixed reviews
– Free delivery is only on orders more than £49

Bulk Powders Complete Mass is our favourite option because of the quality ingredients and low price. The fact that this mass gainer is manufactured by a reputable British company ticks the final box and places this product top of our list. If you can’t gain muscle while taking this product you need to take a serious look at your workout regime.

For more information and to buy:

2) Protein World Weight Gainer

In second place is Protein World’s Weight Gainer Blend product. The British company has risen to prominence since making the headlines for their controversial ‘beach body’ advertising campaign in 2015. Protein World have some of the best-selling products in the country and their Weight Gainer is no different.

Product website:

protein world weight gainer

Protein World are a popular UK fitness brand Photo: Protein World

Much like our first-placed product, the Weight Gainer Blend relies on a healthy source of ground oats (38%) as its main source of carbohydrate. Again, the all-important protein sources are listed – its protein content comes from whey and milk protein concentrates.

The reviews on this product are pretty good, with a number of guys reporting big gains. At £42.00 for a 2.5kg bag, it’s on the pricier side but Protein World is considered to be a premium brand.

Each 120 gram serving packs in 447 calories and 36 grams of protein, as well as 4 grams of fibre. Compared to the other products in this list, we found that it mixed extremely well, so making it after a tough workout was no problem at all.

The good

– More than 35 grams of protein and 62 grams of carbohydrate per serving
– Ground oats are a healthy source of sustained energy
– Manufactured in the UK
– Very easy to mix
– Only 6.8 grams of fat per serving
– Great reviews

The bad

– Contains sweeteners
– Fewer calories per serving than other products

Protein World’s Weight Gainer is a great product overall if you’re looking to gain mass quickly and using a product made by a popular British brand. We just wish it had slightly more calories per serving and a lower sugar content.

For more information and to buy:

3) MyProtein Hard Gainer Extreme

Coming in third place is MyProtein’s offering – Hard Gainer Extreme. We’ve always been big fans of MyProtein’s products and they are the only UK-based manufacturer to offer prices as low as Bulk Powders without compromising on quality.

Product website:

myprotein hard gainer extreme

Hard Gainer Extreme is high in calories per serving Photo: MyProtein

What we really like about this product in particular is the high calorie content and the fact that it includes a serving of Creatine and L-Glutamine. These two ingredients can boost your gains and give your body the fuel it needs to build lean muscle.

The reviews on this product are largely positive, with many purchasers loving the various flavours.

Each serving contains more than 500 calories to help with building lean muscle. The protein content is a bit on the low side at 35 grams but the small fat content of just 7.8 grams per serving is another plus point.

The good

– 5 grams of Creatine per serving to enhance performance
– Contains L-Glutamine
– Flavours are highly rated
– Contains 41mg of Vitamin
– Positively reviewed

The bad

– Slightly low protein content
– Free delivery is only on orders more than £50

Overall, this is a high quality product from the guys at MyProtein. The only issues we had were with the slightly lower protein content but it’s hard to argue with the price of £46.99 for a 5kg bag – it really is great value for money.

For more information and to buy:

Review conclusion – our final thoughts

So, there you have the best 3 mass gainers on the market in the UK if you’re looking to build lean muscle. We really like Bulk Powders Complete Mass because of the low price, high quality ingredients and low sugar content. Protein World’s Weight Gainer and MyProtein’s Hard Gainer Extreme are also both quality products. You can’t go wrong with any of these three but our favourite is definitely Bulk Powders Complete Mass.

The information on this website is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not constitute professional, medical or healthcare advice or diagnosis, and may not be used as such.


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