Betancourt Nutrition Test-HP review

Our Betancourt Nutrition Test-HP review brings you everything you need to know about this supplement

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Betancourt Nutrition Test-HP
Betancourt Nutrition Test-HP is a supplement sold online Photo: The Sport Review

Today we’re going to be reviewing the Betancourt Nutrition Test-HP supplement.

It’s available to buy on and promises to help support your goals as you look to achieve your best results.

So, if you’re looking to find out all there is to know about Test-HP, then you’re in the right place.

In our Betancourt Test-HP review, we’re going to drill down on the ingredients formula, the customer reviews and the servings to discover whether this is a supplement worth trying – or if your money would be better spent on something else.

The so-called ‘testosterone booster’ supplement market has exploded in recent years, and that has brought about a huge rise in the choices available to you if you’re looking for a supplement in this category.

The increased competition is good, but it also means that there are more below-par products out there right now.

We’ve made it our mission to review as many of the main supplements on sale right now to pick out the very best ones on the market.

So, let’s now get cracking and start our Test-HP review by taking a closer look at this supplement.

What does Test-HP do?

As we’ve clearly already deduced, Test-HP is a supplement that’s made by Betancourt Nutrition and available to buy at and at some other outlets.

According to the official marketing material of Test-HP, this supplement will work in a number of ways to help support you as you look to achieve your goals.

This all sounds pretty good to us so far.

The Test-HP marketing material also makes a number of other claims about how this supplement may be able to help you.

So, the Test-HP marketing material is certainly making all of the right noises when it comes to the claims about this product.

However, we will have to take a close look at the ingredients label to see whether this supplement can actually live up to the marketing hype or not – and so that’s exactly what we’re going to do next.

What you need to know about the ingredients

Let’s begin this important section by looking at the actual ingredients label of Test-HP as shown on the bottle.

Betancourt Nutrition Test-HP ingredients

We were disappointed to see that Test-HP uses a proprietary blend to hide the doses of some of the ingredients in its formula.

We generally advise that you stay away from supplements that use proprietary blends, because it means that you don’t know the exact doses of the ingredients used.

This makes it tricky to judge the effectiveness of supplements as certain ingredients could be under (or over) dosed.

There really isn’t any excuse for a supplement maker not to be completely transparent with its customers about its ingredients formula.

Let’s now focus on the main ingredients that Betancourt Nutrition Test-HP uses.

• Vitamin D – A good place to start for any supplement like this. Our bodies create Vitamin D when our skin is exposed to direct sunlight, but it can be difficult to get enough all year round. It’s a common ingredient in supplements of this type.

• Vitamin B6 – An essential vitamin that is often used in supplements. Vitamin B6 contributes to a normal energy-yielding metabolism and the normal function of the nervous system.

• Vitamin B12 – Another good inclusion and a vitamin that’s often found in supplements. Vitamin B12 can help with the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

• Fenugreek – Fenugreek is a good ingredient for a supplement of this type. We’re always happy to see it included on the label of products in this category.

• Stinging Nettle Root – Despite the painful-sounding name, this is another relatively common ingredient. That being said, there is not too much evidence to back up claims about this ingredient.

• Rhodiola Rosea Extract – This is a plant extract that we’re more used to seeing in some of the leading pre workout supplements on the market. It’s a somewhat unusual inclusion in a supplement in this category.

• SerinAid – We’ve never seen this ingredient in a supplement before and we aren’t quite sure why it makes it into the Test-HP formula.

• 7-Methoxyflavone – This is one of the flavonoid group of chemicals. There are some claims about this ingredient online. Still, it’s not the most common ingredient for a supplement of this type and not one of our favorites.

What’s missing?

As well as the use of a proprietary blend, it was also a little bit disappointing that Test-HP is missing some of our favorite ingredients.

They are:

• D-Aspartic Acid
• Magnesium and Zinc
• Boron
• Black Pepper Extract

D-Aspartic Acid is one of our favorite ingredients around and it was a shame not to find it in the Test-HP formula.

Meanwhile, Magnesium and Zinc are both important minerals for a supplement in this category.

Black Pepper Extract, meanwhile, is commonly included as an ingredient in many of the leading supplements on the market at the moment.

You can see our updated guide to our pick of the top supplements on the market right now by following the link shown below.

Are there any Test-HP side effects?

The Test-HP formula looks to be a relatively safe one that doesn’t use any stimulants, so you shouldn’t have to worry too much about any side effects from things such as Caffeine.

That being said, we do always advise that you do some of your own research into the ingredients yourself before taking any new supplement for the first time.

As always, we also recommend that you consult your doctor before thinking about trying any new supplements for the first time.

How to take Test-HP

Each bottle of Test-HP contains 90 capsules, which is a 30-day supply.

The directions are pretty simple. They say that you should take three capsules per day with or without a meal.

They also advise that this supplement is best used in conjunction with a diet that includes adequate ‘healthy’ fats.

What are customers saying?

At the time of writing, there were 11 reviews on with an average rating of 8.3 out of 10.

One happy customer rated it 10 out of 10 and said that Test-HP helped them to fulfil their potential, whatever that means exactly.

Someone else said that it was a “solid” product, and another person said that it helped them on their journey.

Is this the best supplement?

We don’t rate Test-HP as one of the very best supplements on the market right now.

It does have some good ingredients such as Fenugreek and Vitamin D, however it fell short of our expectations because it doesn’t use things like D-Aspartic Acid and it also masks the doses of some of its ingredients inside a proprietary blend.

Remember to check out our updated guide to the best five supplements out there right now via the link shown below.

Anything else to consider?

Just remember that any supplement is not going to do the hard work for you.

If you’re looking to get into the shape of your life, then you’re going to have to make sure that you’re training hard and eating right. There is no shortcut to success.

Those two things should always come before you consider adding any kind of supplement to your daily routine.

Test-HP review conclusion

That brings us to the end of our Test-HP review.

We were pretty disappointed by this supplement in the end because it uses a proprietary blend to hide the doses of lots of the ingredients in the formula.

It’s also missing some of our favorite ingredients such as D-Aspartic Acid and Magnesium and Zinc.

Overall, we feel that there are some much better options on the market right now if you’re looking for a supplement of this type.

The information on this website is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not constitute professional, medical or healthcare advice or diagnosis, and may not be used as such.


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