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BLUblox Discount Code
Use the discount code TSR10 to get 10% off at

We’re big fans of BLUblox and their impressive range of blue light blocking glasses here at The Sport Review.

We’ve already written at length to explain just why we love their products so much, especially their Sleep+ Glasses which are designed to be worn within a few hours of going to bed.

The team over at BLUblox have kindly offered all of our readers 10% off your order.

BLUblox Discount Code

To get 10% off, simply use the discount code TSR10 during the checkout process, and you’ll save yourself some cash when making your purchase.

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Why We Rate BLUblox

We’ve been the BLUblox Sleep+ glasses for almost a month now, and they really have made a huge difference to our evenings.

Because the lenses have been specifically designed to block out all of the harmful frequencies of blue and green light, they can help you to wind down in the evening before going to bed.

Blue light blocking glasses are actually not a very new product. They have been around for a few years.

The problem, though, is that most of the models on sale were not exactly stylish. We love BLUblox because they are one of the few companies out there to offer a range of great styles to suit everyone.

Most of the similar brands only have a handful of styles to choose from at the moment.

If you’re serious about blocking the harmful effects of blue light, then you’ll want to own a pair of glasses that you’ll actually feel comfortable wearing out and about.

About BLUblox

BLUblox is an Australian brand that has grown quickly and is highly popular on social media.

They teamed up with a leading Australian optics specialist develop a lens which promises to block 100 per cent of blue and green light from 400-550 nanometers.

BLUblox Glasses Coupon Code

As we mentioned above, the BLUblox range comes in loads of different styles to help you find one that’ll suit you.

All of BLUblox’s glasses come with a stylish case, lens wipe and carrying pouch.

More information is available at:

Why Block Blue Light At Night?

Blue light itself is not inherently bad. However, the way it has been integrated into our lives through technology is not exactly ideal.

If you’ve never used blue light blocking glasses before, you’ll probably be pretty shocked as to just how ‘blue’ most lighting is these days.

Blue light after dark is everywhere at the moment. From your television, mobile phone and indoor lighting, to other sources such as the subway, street lights and more.

But what’s the problem with Blue Light? Simply put, for most of human history, the only source of blue light was daylight. At night, the only sources of light our ancestors would have had access to would have been from fire and moonlight.

The thing you have to remember when it comes to blue light from the sun, is that blue light would always have been balanced with other colors of the spectrum such as red and yellow.

BLUblox Lennon Sleep+

These days, we have illuminated our homes and offices with high levels of blue light, which basically signals to the human body that it’s daytime and we should be awake.

Worse still, the artificial lights we use also have very little other colors from the spectrum in them, so they are far less balanced than natural daylight.

As you can probably imagine, this is not good for our circadian rhythm (body clock) amongst other things.

The idea of blue light blocking glasses is to significantly reduce our exposure to artificial blue light and mimic more natural lighting.

Click here to visit the BLUblox website and get 10% off using the discount code TSR10

Our Experience with BLUblox

As we mentioned above, we’ve been using the Sleep+ lenses for about a month now, and it’s really hard to envisage life without them.

As per the instructions, we put them on around two hours before going to bed to help us wind down.

BLUBlox Sleep+

We found that they really are a huge help in helping us get ready for bed. We found ourselves feeling more relaxed and sleepy within just an hour of putting them on.

They’ve also been particularly useful on the way home from work, as some of the Underground trains here in London have really bright blue lighting that is just way too intense for nighttime.

Once we found a style that suited us, we were comfortable wearing them out and about – and even we even received a few positive comments from family and friends!

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