BLUblox vs TrueDark – Blue Light Blocking Glasses Comparison

We compare BLUblox to TrueDark to see which of these popular blue light blocking glasses brands comes out on top

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BLUblox vs TrueDark

Today we’re going to be comparing to very popular blue light blocking glasses brands – BLUblox and TrueDark.

If you’ve landed on this page, then the chances are that you’re looking to find out which of these two brands is best and what the main differences are between them.

The blue light blocking glasses market has exploded in recent times as more and more people look for the best ways to block out the effects of blue light after dark.

This BLUblox and TrueDark comparison is going to focus on the models and lenses which are designed to be worn after sunset to help your body know that it’s dark outside.

However, it should be noted that both brands also produce different types of lenses, for both computer use and indoor use under artificial light.

This comparison article is going to take a detailed look at both brands from all angles, paying specific attention to the lenses, the frame build quality and what customers are saying about them.

We’re also going to see whether they make it into our list of the best blue light blocking glasses on the market right now.

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So, with the introductions out of the way, let’s start taking a closer look at both of these brands and their histories.

Company Background and Reputation

Let’s start by taking a closer look at both of these brands and the main points that you need to know about them.

BLUblox Summary:


Product website (click for 10% discount):

• Australian Company
• Stylish Frames To Suit Everyone
• Sold Only From The Official Website
• Great Reviews
• Day and Night Blue Blocking Lens
• Fast Worldwide Shipping

TrueDark Summary:


Product website:

• Founded by Dave Asprey in the US
• Patent Pending Lenses
• Strong Reviews
• Available On The Official Website
• Day and Night Blue Blocking Lenses
• Fast Worldwide Shipping

As you can see, both of these companies have a lot of similarities. They both are based online and ship worldwide.

They’ve also both been around for a few years and offer different colored lenses for different times of the day.

OUR VERDICT: This round is a draw. Both of these companies have similar set-ups and offer a similar product line. They are online businesses that ship direct to customers worldwide.

The Lenses

Now it’s time to take a close look at both companies and the lenses they offer their customers.

For this part, where going to be specifically focusing on the BLUblox Sleep+ lens and the TrueDark Twilight Elite lens.

BLUblox Sleep+

Crystal Sleep Plus

The Sleep+ lens is BLUblox’s main offering for use after dark.

The official BLUblox website claims that the Sleep+ lens is the “world’s most advanced” blue and green light blocking lens.

The description says that the Sleep+ will block out 100 per cent of blue and green light from 400 to 550 nanometers, making it the “optimal” choice for use after dark.

The website also says that these lenses are great for use while trying to realign your body clock after jet lag.

As you can see from the picture above, the Sleep+ lens has a dark orange tint to it.

When trying them, we found that they blocked out most of the brightest blue and green light emitted from our screens, meaning that we could watch TV or use our mobile phone after dark without it affecting us negatively.

TrueDark Twilight Elite

TrueDark Twilight Elite with Case

The TrueDark Twilight Elite is one of the company’s main lenses for use after sunset.

They are dark red in color and definitely have more of a red tint compared to the BLUblox Sleep+.

The official website says that the TrueDark Twilight Elite lenses block out 98 per cent of blue, green and violet wavelengths of light. That means that they do let in a small amount of blue, green and violet wavelengths.

What’s unique about the TrueDark brand is that their glasses use patent-pending technology that adopts a pure solid colored lenses – rather than a color tint painted over a clear lens.

When testing them out, we noticed that they do seem to let in a bit more blue light from our devices. This was especially noticeable when watching TV at night and using our mobile phones.

If you’re looking for a pair of blue blockers that block all blue light, then the TrueDark Twilight Classic may be a better option for you.

It’s important to note that you shouldn’t wear blue light blocking glasses while driving or operating heavy machinery, and both brands warn about this.

OUR VERDICT: BLUblox just shades this round because of the fact that the Sleep+ lenses seemed to block out more of the blue light emitted from our devices after dark.

The Frames

BLUblox Sleep+ vs TrueDark Twilight Elite

Now it’s time to start taking a closer look at the frames and styles on offer from both companies.

The style will be important to you if you’re going to be serious about wearing blue blockers regularly, as you’ll also want to feel comfortable wearing them out and about as well as at home.


We were really impressed by the range of different styles and frames made by BLUblox.

At the time of writing, there were more than 20 different styles available on the official website, and they also offer a custom tinting service, where you can send them a pair of glasses you already own, and they will color the lenses for you.

Each pair of BLUblox glasses come with a cool protective case, as well as a carrying pouch and cleaning cloth.

The frames themselves are pretty high quality, and many of them replicate popular sunglasses styles.

We tried out the Crystal, the Willis and the Wayfarer, and they all were high quality.


Currently, there are only a handful of frame styles made by TrueDark for the Twilight Elites.

That said, they are both modern looking and should suit most people.

The frames themselves are really high quality, having been made of lightweight aluminum and featuring spring hinges.

They also feature nose pads for extra comfort. If you’re not a fan of the pads, you can manually remove them using a small screwdriver.

Every pair of TrueDark glasses comes with a high quality protective case and microfiber cleaning cloth for the lenses.

OUR VERDICT: BLUblox takes this round, simply because they offer a wider choice of styles when it comes to the frames on offer. Both brands make high quality frames, but we prefer the look of the BLUblox range.

What Are Customers Saying?

Both the BLUblox and TrueDark brands have solid customer reviews online.

The BLUblox brand is a bit newer than the TrueDark one, so there are slightly fewer verified reviews available.

On Amazon, the TrueDark Twilight Elites have a solid rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, while the BLUblox Sleep+ have a rating of 3.8 stars.

It should be noted that there are not many reviews on Amazon and that it’s generally better to buy direct from the manufacturer on the official websites, as that way you’ll know that you’ll be 100 per cent covered by the guarantees they offer.

OUR VERDICT: This round is a draw. Both brands have fairly positive reviews from customers from what we found online.


Now it’s time to focus on the all-important price tag – which company offers the better value for money?

BLUblox Price

The cheapest pair of BLUblox Sleep+ glasses comes in at $101. The most expensive pair costs $169.

TrueDark Price

The cheapest pair of TrueDark Twilight Elite glasses comes in at $89. That’s also the price of the most expensive pair.

OUR VERDICT: TrueDark just shades this round by pipping BLUblox in terms of price. It’s pretty close, though, with the cheapest pair of BLUblox costing $12 more.

Anything Else to Consider?

You should not expect a pair of blue blocker glasses to solve your sleep and health problems on their own.

Yes, they are a useful tool that can really help you, but they will not work miracles on their own.

You should always make sure that you stick to a good diet, get plenty of exercise and ensure you are sleeping well as the main pillars of your health.

As mentioned above, you should not wear either of these glasses while driving or operating heavy machinery.

BLUblox vs TrueDark – Our Recommendation

That brings us to the end of our comparison of BLUblox and TrueDark.

BLUblox vs TrueDark close up

We’re big fans of both of these blue blocker brands, and you shouldn’t go too far wrong by selecting either of them.

However, it’s BLUblox that wins with a 3-2 victory over TrueDark in this guide.

This is mainly because of the better choice of frames on offer and also the quality of the lenses for blocking out the important frequencies of blue light.

BLUblox website (click for 10% discount):

TrueDark website:

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