12 Christmas gift ideas to keep you fit, healthy and looking sharp

We take a look at 12 Christmas gift ideas that are perfect for gym enthusiasts, health freaks and sport lovers

Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend retails at £21.99 Photo: Udo's Choice

1) Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend

Description: Get all the family off to a good start in the New Year with the Microbiotics range, from the kids to the Grandparents make sure all the family make the right New Years resolutions choices with Udo’s Choice. After the Christmas period of over indulging its time to get your body back to a healthy, happy state. The Udo’s Choice range has been designed to tackle four of the most neglected areas of nutrition in the typical diets of western populations – Essential ‘healthy’ fats; greens; probiotics; and digestive enzymes.

Price: £21.99 (500ml)

2) Manitizer

Keep your hands fresh and clean with ManitizerPhoto: Manitizer

Description: Perfect for keeping your hands fresh and clean after a heavy weights session or using gym apparatus. It has three fragances – aqua, watermelon and lemon. It is a non-greasy and non-sticky gel which leaves your hands clean, fresh and soft.

Price: £2.99

3) Active Gold Collagen

Keep you skin glowing with Active Gold collagen Photo: Active Gold Collagen

Description: Active Gold Collagen is a daily supplement drink that is enriched with high doses of collagen, hyaluronic acid and vitamins to nourish the skin from the inside out to increase hydration and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as plump the skin and make it glow. Aside from this, it also contains glucosamine for joint support, L-carnitine to support the muscles, Chondroitin to support cartilage and vitamin b3, 6 and 12 to fight fatigue. It’s great for caring for the skin, hair, nails, joints and body for those with a busy lifestyle.

Price: £35.99

4) The Grand Cascade scented candle (Charles Farris)

This Charles Farris can provide a tranquil environment after the gym Photo: Charles Farris

Description: Steeped in a heritage that dates back to 1845, Charles Farris scented candles still use the same traditional methods from the Victorian era to make the best candles for modern-day – slow-burning, long-lasting and of the highest quality. The Grand Cascade scent evokes the sophistication of a gentlemen’s club: A deep, smoky aroma of cedar aged leather and birch, offset by fresh moss and amber.

Price: £30.00 (30cl candle)

5) The Scent To Boost Your Energy Collection (Neom Organics)

Description: Fuel your day with a hit of pure natural energy thanks to Neom’s answer to a double espresso. These energising essentials contain Neom’s hero Burst of Energy blend, a stimulating combination of 17 zesty essential oils including grapefruit, lemon and rosemary. Plus, gain access to the Neom High Intensity Impact Training Consultation with the Neom Women’s Fitness Expert.

Price: £49.95

6) Murad’s Detoxifying White Clay Body Cleanser

Murad’s stimulating body cleanser Photo: Murad

Description: A stimulating body cleanser that transforms into a rich lather to draw out impurities without drying the skin. Key ingredients: Kaolin – a white clay absorbs oil and impurities to deeply cleanse skin; Ginger Root Extract – stimulates circulation; Glycolic Acid – helps refine skin texture and improves radiance.

Price: £30

7) ActivBod Activity Travel Kit

ActivBod can keep you energised with their Activity Travel Kit Photo: ActivBod

Description: Our winning shower gel is perfect for your kit bag. A travel friendly tube that delivers double the washes. An energising blend of sea minerals, green tea extract and almond oil work to cleanse and nourish the skin, whilst a stimulating fragrance restores body and mind. Finish off your regime with our non-sticky body lotion containing mentol that delivers an enjoyable cooling sensation to the skin. Plus a naturally derivived deodorising ingredient, vitamin E acetate and allantoin to moisturise and repair dry skin.

Price: £39.99

8) CAT S40 smartphone

CAT S40 is an extremely durable smart phone Photo: Caterpillar

Description: A survey of smart phone users found that 80% had damaged a handset in the last five years. If this sounds all too familiar, then this is the phone for you. Caterpillar, a brand synonymous with durability, quality and protection have released the S40. This extremely durable smartphone can be dropped from a height of up to 1.8 metres and is water, dust and shock-proof. It also comes with a super bright display that can be read in direct sunlight, and has a great battery life-giving you up to 18 hours talk time and 39 day stand-by time. The CAT S40 is perfect for avid gym goers or runners.

Price: £399.99

9) Cornerstone shaving gift set

Cornerstone can keep you looking razor-sharp Photo: Cornerstone

Description: Cornerstone’s German-engineered razors & British-blended skincare products – everything you need for a smooth, comfortable shave. It includes their pre-shave face scrub, shaving gel, razor and blades plus post-shave balm. Cornerstone’s gift set is perfect for those who want to look their sharpest after a gym session.

Price: £30

10) Kneipp bath salts

Description: Kneipp’s Arnica Mineral Bath Salts are made with valuable active ingredients of the arnica blossom and essential pine oils. They are perfect after a hard gym session.

Price: £8.95

11) Westlab’s Magnesium Chloride flakes

Description: Do you ever get muscle cramps, eye twitchiness or find yourself restless or anxious? Perhaps you’re lacking magnesium! You’re not alone here; 80% of us are deficient in the mineral. Magnesium is essential to our nerves, it helps to regulate our body temperature, detoxify our system and help us to process the energy from our food. Top up your magnesium levels with Westlab’s Magnesium Chloride bath soaks and marvel at the benefits!

Price: £8.99 for 1kg

12) Wraps

Description: Wearing headphones is not just about listening to music, it’s about how you look listening to music! Wraps were created from this concept but took it a step further by making the wraps permanently wearable, whether wearing them in your ears or on your wrist. When worn on the wrist, the unique patented slider system keeps the lightweight alloy heads, slider and jack plug all connected together for a secure compact fit. The cables are kept in perfect alignment and remain tangle free and always close to hand! The British designers blended materials and colours to craft a fashion statement headphone that can stylise your outfit and coordinate your look so whether travelling to work, to a party or heading off to school, there is a Wraps headphone for you!

Price: £19.99


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