Cloud X By On Running Review

We tried out the Cloud X running shoe by On Running. Here's what we found

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Cloud X (Photo: On Cloud)
Cloud X (Photo: On Cloud)

You can leave limits behind with Cloud X by On Running.

This is a Swiss-engineered running shoe designed to keep your feet feeling cool even when your workout reaches a crescendo.

Light and breathable, you won’t feel weighed down by these shoes, whether you’re using them for a run or a HIIT workout at the gym.

These shoes can be used for mixed-sports training, gym sessions, workout classes, short runs and road running.

Fit: Cloud X incorporates the CloudTec sole. This is made for explosive movement in all directions. So whether you’re taking sharp corners on your run or churning out the burpees, On Running’s Cloud X shoe has you covered.

Cloud X (Photo: On Cloud)

Cloud X (Photo: On Cloud)

Feel: They’ve got what is described on their website as direct cushioning. This is noticeable when you’re wearing Cloud X shoes compared to other models that I’ve tried. If you prefer a flat, solid feel, this is the shoe for you.

Ride: Cloud X felt balanced and solid when I used it running through the streets of London. I felt it had good support which helped to keep fatigue at bay.

Weight: 229g

Offset: 6mm drop

Price: £130

Some Customer Reviews

Cloud X have an average review of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars based upon over 430 reviews on Google.

One customer gave these shoes a five-star review:

“I love these shoes so much because they hug my foot and have a flexible upper, light weight, and low drop.”

Another Cloud X convert was delighted with their performance:

“Honestly I am shocked that I have had no foot pain, shin or knee pain from running in these shoes. They are incredibly light and I truly feel like I have more bounce then I ever did in my ASICS.”

Finally, another runner talked up Cloud X:

“Swiss running shoes designed by runners. Amazing comfort and the lightest shoes I have ever worn. I own 2 pairs of these: Cloud X and Cloud Ace. Not only are they great looking shoes but you will find yourself wearing them all the time. I use them for running, training at the gym, walking and even to work casually with jeans.”

Our Verdict

Cloud X (Photo: On Cloud)

Cloud X (Photo: On Cloud)

I was a big fan of Cloud X. I preferred wearing them for running rather than HIIT classes. I felt my feet had great support but still maintained a nice bounce when I used them for jogging.

They certainly feel lightweight rather than cumbersome. I used them occasionally in HIIT classes but I felt it was out running on the streets of London where they came into their own.

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