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We've summarised the top fat burner reviews to bring you everything you need to know about the best safe and natural weight loss supplements around

fat burner reviews
A quality fat burner can help you get visible, defined abs Photo: Adobe Stock

Looking to lose fat but feel like you could do with an extra ‘push’ to help you achieve your goals? It could be time to try a quality fat burner supplement.

UPDATE: Check out our updated guide to the top five best fat burner supplements on the market right now.

Whether you’ve been on a bulking routine or simply haven’t been sticking to your diet and exercise regime (don’t worry, we’ve all been there), you’re probably asking yourself the same question:

“Where the hell are my abs!?”

The problem is, there are so many different supplements containing so many different ingredients that even just a quick internet search can cause confusion.

But fear not, our team of experienced researchers have done all of the hard work for your.

We’ve trawled through endless ingredients lists and read the latest scientific studies to come up with our top picks when it comes to fat burner ingredients.

We then used this information to assemble our definitive list of the best fat burner supplements on sale at the moment.

Remember, you can always find the best information at our updated fat burner guide page.

Here’s what we looked for:

• Does the product actually work? – Effectiveness is the most important factor along with safety when choosing a top fat burner.

We checked social media, online forums and other review websites to see what people were saying about the best fat burner supplements to make sure that they actually do what they’re supposed to.

• Ingredients – Does the supplement contain the best research-backed ingredients at the correct doses?

We looked through endless scientific studies and caught up with the latest news about the best ingredients and their fat burning properties.

• Safety – We wanted to be sure that any supplements we recommend don’t contain any unsafe or risky ingredients.

Some products are unfortunately packed with stimulants or use some questionable ingredients.

The products that made our final pick don’t contain too much caffeine or other stimulants. This is crucial because we don’t want to experience any heart palpitations or jitters.

• Company reputation – We’ve done the research to make sure that our recommendations only come from reputable companies.

We looked around the internet to find our what people were saying about the manufacturers and whether they treat customers fairly or not.

Fat burners – the basics

From looking at the best products around at the moment, we found that the top fat burners help you to burn fat in three separate ways.

To get shredded and lean, you’ll need to make sure that you’re attacking the fat from multiple angles. One dimensional products (and there are lots of them) are nowhere near as effective.

The best fat burners will:

• Boost your metabolism – You’ll burn more calories and your body will be primed to use fat as an energy source.

• Increase your energy levels – You’ll be more motivated to exercise and train hard. No more unwanted energy crashes.

• Suppress appetite – Sticking to your diet will become easier as cravings for unhealthy foods are reduced.

To burn fat quickly, you’ll want to pick a product which can utilise all three of the methods above to help you on your fat loss journey.

Another important thing to bear in mind is that fat burner supplements do not attack fat on their own – they simply provide the best natural ingredients in the correct doses to help turn your body into a fat burning furnace.

Things to avoid in fat burners

From doing the research, we found that there are a few things to look out for when selecting a fat burner supplement.

• Proprietary blends – This is when the manufacture of the product chooses to ‘hide’ the individual doses of the separate ingredients. This makes it tricky to assess the true effectiveness of the product.

• Too many stimulants – Caffeine is a popular ingredient in fat burner supplements, and for good reason. However, you’ll want to check the dosage. We found that a lot of products overdo it on the stimulants and that can lead to jitters and energy crashes.

• Weak doses and servings – We found that although a lot of the popular fat burner supplements do contain good ingredients, often the doses are nowhere near strong enough for them to be effective. Make sure that you’re getting the right amount of each ingredient.

The top best fat burners with top reviews

So, that all brings us to our selection of the best fat burner supplements on sale at the moment.

Our experts have selected the following products based on all of the criteria we’ve talked you through above.

The main thing we took into account was that the fat burner reviews around these products were positive. We wanted to be sure that they actually work in the real world.

Here are our top products:

1) Instant Knockout

Product website: www.instantknockout.com

instant knockout

We’ve put this product at the top of the list because it contains the best fat burner ingredients at the correct doses, and also has great customer reviews.

Instant Knockout was originally developed to help professional boxers and MMA fighters shed fat before a big fight, but it was made available to the public a few years ago.

Since then, it has become one of the market leaders in the health and fitness industry, with millions of people around the world using it to help shift the stubborn areas of fat.

It’s made by the specialist supplements company, Roar Ambition.

The key benefits

• Cut fight like a pro – Originally developed for boxers and MMA fighters

• Visible abs – Bring out a more defined six-pack while losing fat all over your body

• Boost energy levels – No more feeling tired when cutting calories or dieting

• Safe and legal – Only uses natural ingredients and doesn’t contain anything risky

• Fully dosed servings – You take one capsule four times a day to keep your body in fat burning mode

The ingredients

Instant Knockout contains five of our favorite fat burner ingredients in the correct doses.

• Green Tea extract – A potent metabolism booster. It also contains small amounts of caffeine and is packed full of antioxidants

• Caffeine Anhydrous – Helps to keep you feeling energised and motivated to hit the gym. Anhydrous is one of the purest forms of caffeine

• Cayenne Pepper – Another thermogenic metabolism boosting ingredient. It also helps to suppress your appetite to make sticking to your diet easier

• Glucomannan – A natural dietary fibre which swells in your stomach to help keep you feeling fuller for longer

• Green Coffee Bean extract – Helps to support thermogenesis and can reduce glucose build-up

Here’s the full ingredients list of Instant Knockout:


Instant Knockout contains low dose of caffeine that works well with Green Tea and Cayenne Pepper.

As you can see for yourself, the doses of the other ingredients are generous and they all have studies to show how effective they are at burning fat.

How to take it

Each bottle contains 120 capsules, which is a month’s supply.

The directions say that you should take one capsule, four times a day in between meals.

Because of the caffeine content, we’d recommend not taking this product too close to bedtime.

What do the reviews say?

We found loads of positive reviews about Instant Knockout online.

A number of pro boxers and MMA fighters endorse the product on the official website, but we were more interested in the stories featuring regular guys and girls.

We found some great testimonials from customers featuring some truly amazing before and after photos.

To see for yourself, check out the testimonials page.

Price, shipping and where to buy

You can currently only buy it on the official website, meaning you won’t find it on sites like Amazon or eBay.

Right now, the price for one bottle is: $59 / £35 / €45. They have a deal on where you buy 3 and get 1 free and that also includes free worldwide shipping, this works out to be about $46 / £27 / €35 per bottle.

The product is made in both the USA and UK in cGMP and FDA approved facilities. They ship worldwide from both the USA and the UK.

When you buy the three-box deal, you’re fully covered by their results guarantee promise. If you’re not satisfied after 90 days of using the product, they promise to give you your money back.

Any negatives?

• It’s a premium product, meaning that it may not fit into everyone’s budget

• You can only buy it from the official website at the moment


If you’re serious about getting into shape and cutting fat, Instant Knockout is your best option.

It contains the best blend of natural ingredients at the correct doses and has plenty of positive reviews online.

The only slight downside is the premium price tag, but at least they do offer multi-box discounts.

To get real results, you’ll have to commit to it for at least two to three months, just like a pro fighter would need that long to shed fat before a fight.

Find out more about Instant Knockout at: www.instantknockout.com

2) Leanbean – best choice for women

Product website: leanbeanofficial.com


While doing our research into the best fat burners and checking out the best reviews, we noticed that most of the leading products in the industry seemed to be mainly geared towards men.

That got us thinking about a female fat burner product tailored specifically to the needs of women. Thankfully, we soon found one – Leanbean.

Despite being a relatively new product, this fat burner contains some of the very best natural ingredients and has some subtle twists to cater for a female market.

The key benefits

• Target fat from stubborn areas – Including the hips, thighs and belly

• Natural formula raises core temperature – Improved metabolism and energy for better results in the gym

• Improved body confidence – No more bikini fear, you’ll feel truly proud of your body

• Safe ingredients in female appropriate doses – Supports wellness as well as weight-loss

The ingredients

Just like Instant Knockout, Leanbean contains some of the best fat burning ingredients that we found. These include:

• Green Tea extract
• Cayenne Pepper
• Glucomannan
• Caffeine Anhydrous

What makes Leanbean slight different is that also contains Tumeric, which is thought to help promote healthy levels of Estrogen in women. That’s very good news, because too much Estrogen can cause fat storage in women.

It also contains some other top fat burning ingredients such as Chromium, Green Coffee Extract and Black Pepper Extract. The full ingredients list is shown below:

leanbean ingredients

What do the reviews say?

Despite being quite a new product, Leanbean has already gained a number of good testimonials.

We found lots of positive reviews, particularly on social media.

The website features a number of testimonials from customers explaining how Leanbean helped them to lose more fat.

Any negatives?

• It’s another premium priced product, so may not be for everyone

• You can only buy it on the official website right now

The bottom line

It was really great to finally find a quality fat burner targeted only at women.

There are lots of other products out there at the moment but this is the only one we’d feel comfortable recommending.

It contains good natural ingredients and seems to have great reviews, despite being a relatively new product.

The only slight drawback is the high price, but they do offer multi-box discounts on the official website.

Find out more about Leanbean at: leanbeanofficial.com

Conclusion – our final thoughts

So that wraps up our pick of the best fat burner reviews around at the moment.

We’ve talked you through some of the things to avoid when picking a fat burner supplement as well as singling out some of the best ingredients.

We’ve also brought you our top pick for the best fat burners on sale at the moment – Instant Knockout and Leanbean.

Remember, there is no shortcut to success when it comes to losing fat and getting lean.

You’ll have to make sure that your eating well and exercising regularly to see real results.

That being said, choosing a good fat burner supplement can speed up fat loss when used correctly, for a number of months, with a good diet and exercise plan.

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