Fat Burner vs Pre Workout

Should you use a 'Fat Burner' or Pre Workout? It really all depends on your goals. We cover the main differences between these two supplement types

Fat Burner vs Pre Workout
Fat Burner vs Pre Workout (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Should you use a so-called ‘fat burner’ or ‘pre workout’ supplement?

We get it, the fitness supplements industry can be a confusing place and many products seem to overlap in terms of their benefits and uses.

There are so many products on sale these days that it can quickly become very difficult to find the one that’s right for you and your goals.

Fortunately for you, our team of writers is here to make your life easier and save you the time researching to find the best product for you.

We’re going to compare these two supplement categories to help you decide which one is the best for your needs. So let’s get cracking and start comparing the category of ‘Fat Burner’ with ‘Pre Workout’.

Editor's note: The content on this website is meant to be informative in nature, but it should not be taken as medical advice. Our articles and the products featured in them are not intended for use as diagnosis, prevention, and/or treatment of health problems. Always speak with a certified medical professional before making any changes to your lifestyle, diet, exercise routine, and/or taking any supplements.

Fat Burner vs Pre Workout

Let’s start by defining exactly what these two supplements actually are.

A so-called ‘fat burner’ is a supplement that usually contain plant extracts and other ingredients such as vitamins and minerals, each of which may have potential benefits.

‘Fat burners’ can have a bit of a bad reputation. It’s important to realise that most of the supplements in this category are not ‘magic pills’ – and they are generally not proven to ‘burn’ fat on their own.

However, what they can do is provide a range of ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, stimulants and plant extracts, each of which may bring some benefits and support on your health and fitness journey.

Supplement Bottle and Pills

There are loads of supplements on sale these days (Photo: Adobe Stock)

A ‘pre workout’ is a supplement that usually comes in a flavoured powder form to be mixed into a drink, and which contains a range of ingredients selected to be able to support you during your exercise sessions, whether at the gym or playing sport.

Pre workouts usually use stimulants such as Caffeine in their formulas, along with other ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and plant extracts.

As we’ve already mentioned, whether a ‘Fat Burner’ or ‘Pre Workout’ is right for you depends entirely on your goals.

It’s always good to have a think about exactly what it is you want to achieve from your training and nutrition regime and what your long-term goals are.

For example, are you looking to lose some unwanted fat by following a healthy diet and sensible exercise plan?

Or are you looking to take your training in the gym to the next level to help you build more lean muscle?

It’s always good to be honest with yourself and set clear goals in terms of what you want to achieve.

A high-quality pre workout supplement will contain a range of different ingredients which can help to support you through your workouts, so you can get the most out of your time spent in the gym.

On the other hand, a so-called ‘fat burner’ will use a range of ingredients designed to support you on your health and fitness journey more generally, not just during your workouts.

Some of the confusion between these two kinds of supplements arises from the fact that they often uses some of the same ingredients.

For example, a pre workout may use stimulants such as Caffeine to support you during your training, and a so-called ‘fat burner’ may also contain Caffeine.

Usually, the one of main differences between the two category of supplements can be found in the doses and servings of the supplement.

For example, a pre workout supplement usually comes as a powder to make a flavoured drink with. You usually simply mix a scoop of the powder into some water before your workout and drink it around 30 minutes before starting your session – and that’s it.

So-called ‘fat burners’ usually come with more servings per day, rather than a single dose before an exercise session.

In other words, a pre workout is usually designed to be consumed around 30 minutes before starting your training session, while a so-called ‘fat burner’ will usually require you to take it a few times a day.


Fitness-focuses supplements are very popular (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Choose A Supplement In Line With Your Goals

As we mentioned above, when it comes to selecting any kind of health and fitness supplements, it’s important to have a think about exactly what it is you’re looking to achieve.

We believe in keeping things simple, and when it comes to comparing ‘pre workouts’ with ‘fat burners’, the clue really is in the names. Put simply…

A ‘fat burner’ supplement is designed to provide ingredients that can support you as you burn fat through your diet and exercise regimen.

On the other hand, a ‘pre workout’ supplement is designed to provide the ingredients that can help to support you during your actual training sessions, so you can get the most out of your time in the gym or exercising.

Can I Use Both Together?

If you’re one of those people looking to step up your fitness game, it’s only natural that you may be looking to work on your body while also improving the quality of your workouts at the same time.

Lots of people are keen to know whether you can take a ‘fat burner’ and a ‘pre workout’ together. It all really depends on your personal preferences and goals, combined with the ingredients the products use themselves.

Pre Workout Supplement Drink

Pre workout supplements are designed to be taken before exercise (Photo: Adobe Stock)

These two types of supplements have completely different uses, but some people do choose to stack them together.

However, you should be cautious when doing this, as some supplements may contain the same or similar ingredients, which is not necessarily a good thing. This is why it’s best to consult your doctor before taking any new supplements.

The other word of warning here is that some of the supplements in both of these categories contain quite a lot of Caffeine. It’s best to check the Caffeine content of both supplements first before thinking about pairing them together.

As a general guide, you’d expect to find around 100mg of Caffeine in a regular cup of coffee. It all depends on how tolerant you are to Caffeine, but you should be careful with any supplement that contains more than 100mg of Caffeine per serving.

As always, we also recommend speaking to your doctor or a certified medical professional before trying any new supplements.

If you’re planning on combining two or more supplements, we always recommend checking the entire label of all the products before doing so.

What Are Some Of The Best Supplements?

We have recently updated our in-depth guides to both ‘fat burners’ and ‘pre workouts’.

In the guides, we bring you the key things you need to know about these types of supplements, and also pick out some of the best options on offer in terms of brands.

You can check out our guides via the links shown below:

 Best Fat Burner Supplements Guide

• Best Pre Workout Supplements Guide

Anything Else To Consider?

As we mentioned at the start of this guide, it’s important that you speak to your doctor before taking a new supplement or making any lifestyle changes.

Food supplements are not intended to replace a varied, balanced diet and a healthy overall lifestyle.

Most ‘pre workouts’ and ‘fat burners’ contain Caffeine and other ingredients which could cause potential side effects.

For this reason, and also for your own peace of mind, you should carefully read the entire label of any supplement you’re thinking of taking for the first time.

It’s also important to remember that a supplement is not going to do all of the hard work for you.

Making sure that you’re sticking to a varied, balanced diet, following a sensible exercise plan and getting enough quality sleep are three of the most important things you can do for your overall health.

Conclusion – Our Final Thoughts

That wraps up our ‘Fat Burner’ vs ‘Pre Workout’ comparison.

We’ve hope that we’ve cleared up some myths about these two supplement types to help you make an informed decision about which one is right for you.

To summarize: If you’re looking for something to support your body goals as part of a healthy diet and exercise plan, then a ‘Fat Burner’ supplement could be a good option. If you’re simply looking to support your workouts, then a ‘Pre Workout’ may suit you better.

Remember though, a supplement is not going to do the hard work for you. You should always make sure that you’re eating right and training hard before thinking about any kind of supplementation.

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