Find your groove: Groovecycle at Reebok Sports Club

The Sport Review speaks to GrooveCycle founder Sarah-Jane Aboboto about her fun-filled classes at Reebok Sports Club

GrooveCycle founder Sarah-Jane Aboboto (centre) Photo: GrooveCycle

1) Who is Groove Cycle’s target audience?

GrooveCycle’s target audience is anyone that wants a good healthy balance in life and that wants to improve and look after themselves. The classes are a mix of all ages and abilities. In the beginning our classes had more females attending but now there is a good mix of males and females that regularly attend.

2) Do you get a boost when you see men turn up to class considering that the preconception could be that it is a class for women?

Yeah of course. At first the classes were mainly females as a lot of men get scared of the word DANCE especially on a bike. Some people’s pre-conception is that we are just prancing on a bike and they prefer an intense workout but when they try a class, they realise after sweating buckets, GrooveCycle is a full body workout. Each rider can push themselves in every class and increase the intensity (resistance) to suit their needs. Honestly, we have all ages of men and women coming to class regularly, which shows GrooveCycle is for everyone.

3) So there is no Groove Cycle stereotype?

I created GrooveCycle because I didn’t want people to fall into a stereotype. I am trying to bridge the gap between couch potatoes and fitness freaks. People that love/hate or haven’t even tried indoor cycling and people that love to dance or have two left feet. GrooveCycle was created for people to find a healthy balance, have fun, find THEIR groove and be them self. Each session gives them this opportunity.

4) When did you have the idea to start Groove Cycle?

It started about two years ago. I always knew that I wanted to set up own business. I was hitting my thirties and I was thinking about my future plans. I never really did the gym as I just danced and that kept me fit. I wanted to do something I enjoyed and not feel like ‘exercise’. I was introduced to Soul Cycle in America. Indoor cycling never really appealed to me and the dancer in me always preferred doing a mixture of movements than being stuck in one position. Also classes for me had to have a connection with the music that was playing. I went to a few of their classes and they did everything to the music and the instructors where really on it. They did some basic movements on the bike and I found myself dancing on a bike and enjoying it. I got inspiration from that and when I came back, I created a more dance based class using my skills as a dancer and choreographer. This is when GrooveCycle was born.

5) Tell me about your previous experiences that helped create GrooveCycle?

GrooveCycle came to me from my main passions in life which are music, dance. Looking after myself and being happy. I was a self taught dancer that made it in a career as a professional dancer and choreographer for the past 15 years. Dancing with the likes of Kylie Minogue, Gwen Stefani and Kanye West. Working on TV, stage and film. I also worked on the Olympics and Paralympics closing ceremonies, teaching all the professional and amateur performers of all ages and abilities. I also choreographed the opening to The Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary concert. You’ll be able to see where I use all my experiences when you come to a class or see any of our videos.

6) What are your plans for the future?

My mission is to get the world grooving. I would love to have GrooveCycle and GrooveCycle studios all over the world encouraging people of all abilities to find their groove and keep fit at the same time. I would love to have the time to be more creative and come up with new and exciting things. I’m currently looking for a good team to help GrooveCycle expand, So watch this space, I’m working on my next masterpiece.

7) How did the affiliation with Reebok Sports Club come about?

I started going to different locations and looking at different studios. I came here and they had 90 bikes and I was like… wow! They also have floor to ceiling, wall to wall mirrors that are important in our classes. I did a class for their members and the rest is history.

8) What came first: GrooveCyle 60/45 or GrooveCycle Dance?

I created GrooveCycle 45/60 first and then I developed GrooveCycle Dance. As a dance teachers, GrooveCycle Dance is the same formula I use in my dance classes but just on a bike.

9) What would you say to people who are hesitant about trying the class?

I would say always try something new, you never know you might just LOVE it! GrooveCycle has so many benefits. If you do something active that you love then it doesn’t become ‘exercise’ but just loving life. I always say to people come back a second time if you enjoyed it! Don’t let the first time put you off if you couldn’t do everything. (I sat down a lot in my first classes on a bike, as my legs weren’t use to it) It is like driving a car. The first time your foot goes on that accelerator and you go really fast, there is a lot to think about. It is the same with GrooveCycle. Especially if you’re not used to the bike, moving on a bike with your legs and body moving a certain way but all of this is good for co-ordination and core strength. In the first class there is a lot of information so of course you this will make you tired easily on top of your fitness levels. So really I do encourage people to come back a second time. Many people who have enjoyed the class come up to me after, saying the second class was a lot easier and more enjoyable. In time you’ll have full control on hard of not you want to push yourself.

10) How do you find the balance between having fun and improving your fitness?

Finding the balance is easy just come and get your groove on at a GrooveCycle class I say. Such a great feeling having fun, grooving it out to music, burning calories (loads of it!!) and getting stronger and fitter, all with a smile on your face. Find something you love and you’ll never have to do a day of ‘exercise’ in your life

11) … and you’re hoping to improve the lives of others with GrooveCycle’s Nepal ride?

We had a ride for Nepal last Friday (12th June) at Reebok Sports Club at our GrooveCycle’s ‘HELPING NEPAL’ event. It was a GrooveCycle party, followed but more grooving and drinks in the Pearson Room opposite the club. All the procceeds and donations from the whole evening went to helping the people of Nepal and putting smiles back on their faces.

Visit GrooveCycle’s website and book your first class here

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