Freetrain V1 Vest Review

We tested out the Freetrain V1 Vest to see if it could elevate our running experience

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Freetrain V1 Vest (Photo: The Sport Review)
Freetrain V1 Vest (Photo: The Sport Review)

When you go for a run, you often need to have your keys and phone with you.

If you’re like me and you use a running app to track your calories, distance and time, you have to have your phone with you.

But I don’t like the feeling of wearing an armband and when I have in the past, I found it awkward to pause my run or change a song track.

Armbands usually don’t provide a space to include your keys or credit cards if you’re going for a run during a lunch break at work.

The Freetrain V1 Vest offers an innovative solution.

It’s a running vest with a pouch for your phone in the middle of your chest, a zip pocket on your left shoulder for keys and cards as well as a third velcro pouch on your right shoulder for earphones or other small items.

In this article, we’re going to take a close look at the Freetrain V1 Vest, how it works, what customers have to say about it and where you can buy it.

Freetrain V1 Vest – The Basics


Freetrain V1 Vest (Photo: The Sport Review)

Freetrain V1 Vest (Photo: The Sport Review)

Freetrain was founded by two former professional footballers in 2018.

Jack Dyer and James Wren met while playing for League One side Burton Albion in 2011 before they launched the Freetrain brand seven years later.

They created the Freetrain Vest to help improve their workout experience, while adapting to the modern world.

The Freetrain website explains that their vest has been embraced by runners, cyclists and gym enthusiasts.

They currently offer the Freetrain V1 Vest and the Freetrain VR Vest along with other running accessories such as rechargeable illuminate LEDs, water resistant gloves, reflective gloves and therma hats.

For the purposes of this article, we’ll be examining the Freetrain V1 Vest.

How It Works

Freetrain V1 Vest (Photo: The Sport Review)

Freetrain V1 Vest (Photo: The Sport Review)

To start, you’ll need to pull the Freetrain V1 Vest over your head. You can adjust the straps on either side to ensure you’ve got a snug fit that doesn’t constrict your breathing.

You’ll notice the pouch for your phone in the middle of your chest. Once you’ve unbuttoned the fastener, you can slide your phone into the pouch. It has a plastic screen cover to protect your phone during your workout.

You’re able to use your touchscreen during your run with ease. If you need to pause your running app, you simply unclip the pouch and swipe. It’s just as easy to secure the pouch once you’re ready to continue your jog.

On the left shoulder, you’ll notice a zip pocket that is large enough to store your keys, credit cards, earphones or even a small snack.

There is also a small pouch on your right shoulder that is secured with velcro and it’s big enough to contains additional keys or earphones.

The Freetrain V1 Vest uses reflective print for added safety, while the materials are described as “extremely water resistant”.

The Fit, Feel And Style

Freetrain V1 Vest (Photo: The Sport Review)

Freetrain V1 Vest (Photo: The Sport Review)

As someone who detests using an armband, I’ve become accustomed to wearing a running belt over the past couple of years.

However, I found the Freetrain V1 Vest to be more comfortable and convenient than a running belt.

I had to adjust the straps so I felt like the vest was tight enough to provide comfort and security without suffocating me.

With my keys stored in the left shoulder pouch, I didn’t have the irritation of hearing my keys jangling in my pocket as I ran.

Running in the countryside means I have to stop frequently to allow the occasional car or tractor go past.

I found armbands and running belts frustrating because it would take 10-20 seconds to access my phone and pause my live workout on my fitness app.

The Freetrain V1 Vest made life much easier. I was able to access my running app within seconds or conveniently skip a song on my playlist without grinding to a halt.

Price And Where To Buy

Some fitness and running enthusiasts may baulk at Freetrain V1 Vest’s price tag.

However, it’s a streamlined product that offers a practical solution for anyone who wants to bring their phone on a run or workout.

At the time of writing, the Freetrain V1 Vest is priced at £29.99.

You can purchase the Freetrain V1 Vest on Freetrain’s website along with a range of running accessories.

Pros and Cons

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons.


• Convenient
• Comfortable
• Waterproof
• Stylish


• Price
• Some runners might find it restrictive

What Are Customers Saying?

Freetrain get an average score of 4.5 out of 5 stars on independent review website Trustpilot.

Del explained why he ditched the armband and running belt for their vest.

I love my vest! It’s so lightweight that you can forget you’ve even got it on while running! I hate an armband and didn’t fancy having something around my waist so this is perfect, especially as now I don’t have to wear clothing with pockets for my phone.

Smith listed just some of the items that can be stored in the vest’s pouches.

Absolutely love this product. I, tried numerous phone holders for when I’m running and they were all horrible. I live alone so need to be able to take my keys and phone with me when I run and my inhaler. This has space for it all and I feel like I’m not wearing anything extra. Doesn’t move once on, looks cool, feels super comfortable. Cannot fault it, well worth the money.

Elena doesn’t use her phone for running but still found the vest to be a worthwhile investment.

I don’t really use the phone while running as I prefer to run without music but I do take my phone just in case. I tried phone in pockets, arm phone holders, wrist phone holders, all annoying. This vest is great. Adjustable for a comfy fit. Doesn’t move while running and phone doesn’t bounce. Top mark from me!

Anything Else To Consider?

On their website, Freetrain say that they’re confident the V1 Vest’s pouch will fit 99 per cent of modern phones.

They even provide a phone adapter to make sure your device is safe and secure while you run.

They say:

We have designed a phone holder for running and working out that fits the majority between 28″ – 48″ chest. It’s smart materials allow the Freetrain V1 Vest to expand generously and mould to the individuals body shape whilst giving a comfortable & supported fit.

Wrapping Things Up

Freetrain V1 Vest (Photo: The Sport Review)

Freetrain V1 Vest (Photo: The Sport Review)

We’ve reached the end of our review of the Freetrain V1 Vest.

In my experience, it’s a fantastic accessory to have for running. It made access to my phone convenient unlike an armband or running belt.

The V1 Vest was comfortable to wear, and as someone who has a history of losing keys on runs, it was great that I could safely secure my valuables in the shoulder pouch.

If you’re looking for a fitness accessory that gives you the freedom to bring your smartphone, keys, credit cards and other valuables on a run, Freetrain V1 Vest could be the solution for you.

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