How to get biceps like Wimbledon winner Andy Murray

Top tips for champion biceps from Reebok Sports Club personal trainer Will Longhurst

Have you ever wondered if you could smash a forehand like Wimbledon champion Andy Murray?

As Wimbledon enters into its final days and the nation is gripped by Murray-fever, we took the opportunity to speak to Will Longhurst, fitness manager at Reebok Sports Club in Canary Wharf, to find out his top exercises for ‘peaking’ biceps like the British No1.

1) Chin ups

Why? Chin ups are a great exercise which work on the density of the biceps. The exercise can be performed using any bar that you can hang on.

How? Place both hands around the bar with palms facing towards you. Start from a ‘dead’ hang and pull up until your chin moves past the bar, then let yourself down and repeat. This is a great exercise to begin your bicep workout as you will need all your strength to be able to lift your body weight. Perform 3 sets of 5-10 reps to get those biceps ‘fired’ up.

2) Barbell Curls

Why? Barbell curls are great if you are looking to increase the strength of your biceps but focus on form rather than trying to go too heavy straight away and don’t forget about the ‘Mind-Muscle Connection’.

How? Perform this exercise standing up with your back completely flat and your shoulders locked in position and only use your biceps to move the weight. You can increase the weight and try to go heavy on this exercise whilst keeping good form, aiming for 4 sets of 6 reps.

3) Concentration Curls

Why? Concentration curls are excellent for isolating each arm as there is less space for error or cheating as the movement of your elbow is restricted by your inner thigh.

How? As you sit down, grab a dumbbell and place your elbow on your inner thigh. Ensuring you get the full range of motion, lift up the weight and squeeze at the top for 1-2 seconds. This is an isolation exercise so aim for a higher rep range of around 12 reps; three sets of these will make sure those biceps are firing up and should be starting to ‘peak’.

4. Cable Curls

Why? Finishing up your workout with cable curls is an excellent way to ‘blast’ your biceps and to make sure you are ready for tennis season!

How? Using the rope attachment, curl both your arms up whilst rotating your wrists outwards to make sure you get the most out of the movement. Perform a ‘drop-set’ on this exercise to make sure you work both strength and resistance on your biceps. Starting as heavy as you can aim for 4-6 reps, then drop the weight by 20% and perform as many reps as possible with no rest and repeat until you finish the stack of weight on the machine!

These are my favourite exercises to incorporate into a bicep workout, starting with the big, heavy movements and finishing up with detail and technique to make sure you get the best of both worlds. Tennis season is here so give these movements a go and get yourself some ‘peaking’ biceps like Murray!

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