Instant Knockout fat burner review

We tried out the Instant Knockout fat burner. Find out whether this is a supplement worth taking or not in our in-depth review

Our rating: ★★★★★

Looking to get ripped? Because this may be the best tool we’ve seen to ‘fight’ fat.

We’re always on the lookout for new ways to perform better on the field, and look better off it – and the secret to that is having a shredded 6 pack.

Strict dieting and regular training is vital for getting ripped. But, a fat burner can make it easier and speed up the fat burning process.

And one that we’ve been hearing a lot about recently is Instant Knockout – a natural fat burner that is used by MMA fighters. It comes from Roar Ambition, a specialist supplements company.

Product website:

We’ve done the research and found:

  • You burn more fat  Shredding up is quicker, lose weight without compromising muscle mass
  • Working out is easier  Gives you the energy to keep training while cutting
  • You crave less ‘cheat’ meals – Appetite suppressants help you stay on your diet

We’ll be talking about who uses it, why it works, and our final opinion on whether it’s worth adding to your stack.


What results are others getting?

While doing this review we carried out some research on the supplement to see what results real customers were getting. On the product website, all the testimonials were positive, as you would expect to see from any company.

We decided to dig a bit deeper, we looked on Social media, YouTube, forums and supplement review websites. Some people were complaining that it isn’t available in the shops and if you’re outside of the USA, UK or Europe, international shipping can take time (1 – 2 weeks).

One person didn’t like having to take four capsules a day, but other than that what we found was very positive, some customers love the product and are re-ordering, there are lots of customer reviews on YouTube.

In terms of athletes, Instant Knockout is currently being used by some of the bigger names in MMA to strip fat before fights.

Seasoned UFC fighter Winner Diego Sanchez used it to lose 45lbs in 5 months for his debut fight in the Featherweight division.

In addition, world-class MMA coach Greg Jackson (trainer of Holly Holm, Jon Jones and Georges St-Pierre) recommends it to all of his fighters. Take a look at the video below:

Greg makes a lot of sense, if you consider the physical demand on most MMA fighters day-in, day-out, it’s a vital tool.

Why it works

There are two main reasons why it’s so effective: The Servings and The Ingredients. These are the top ingredients we found in the fat burner and why we think they make it so effective.

There are plenty of Thermogenics: These are the ingredients that raise your body’s core temperature which results in your body burning calories to cool back down. They’re useful for anyone looking to get shredded faster – here are the ones used here:

Green Tea – Potent thermogenic that promotes norepinephrine, your body’s fat burning hormone.

Green Coffee Bean –  A nutrient that cuts down glucose in the liver and encourages your body to start burning stored fat.

Cayenne Pepper – A hot chili that dramatically raises body heat and forces your body to burn calories to regulate itself

And safe effective Energy Boosters: In Instant Knockout there is a collection of natural stimulants and energizing vitamins selected to keep you motivated and training despite taking in less calories, such as:

Caffeine Anhydrous – One of the best natural stimulants out there; Caffeine Anhydrous, boosts energy, power output and metabolism

Vitamin B12 – The major vitamin associated with energy, B12 helps you get more out of your food to keep you going for longer.

With the bonus of Appetite Suppressants: A more unique feature of of this supplement is that it promotes a feeling of fullness that reduces cravings for snacks between meals. Here’s how it works:

Glucomannan – A fibrous complex that swells in the stomach after ingestion, filling you up and making you require less food.

Cayenne Pepper – Studies have linked regular supplementation of cayenne pepper to decrease calorie intake.

You can learn about the rest of the ingredients and how they aid your cut over on:

How you take a supplement is just as important as what goes into it. This is one of the few fat burners on the market that has 4 servings per day. With this many servings your body is constantly supplied with the nutrients it needs to promote fat loss, keep energy levels elevated and suppress your appetite.

We’ve noticed with other products that have one serving a day, (especially those with stimulants like caffeine) that energy levels tend to peak early on, followed by a dramatic energy crash for the rest of the day. This fat burner however avoids that problem completely keeping you constantly supplied and energized.

How it compares to other products

When comparing Instant Knockout to other top fat burning supplements on the market, it’s the ingredients that really makes it stand out.

Some fat burning pills only contain a few of these effective ingredients, and they’re often under-dosed or bundled together in a proprietary blend – meaning we don’t know how much of each was used, or the extent of their effectiveness.

With Roar Ambition’s strong stance against proprietary blends, you know exactly what you’re getting with Instant Knockout and can easily see how effective the dosage of each ingredient is. This is very important with ingredients like Caffeine, you need to know how much you are getting per dose.

And we don’t have to worry about side effects, or health risks because all the nutrients used are completely natural.

Quick Overview:

The Benefits:

  • Leaned out around my waist – My abs are more sculpted and defined
  • Better overall look – Although I was losing weight, my I didn’t lose any muscle mass
  • Dieting became easier – I could cut for longer without being tempted to cheat
  • My energy was through the roof – I felt more motivated to train for longer
  • No side effects – All ingredients are completely natural

The Drawbacks:

  • Can only buy it from one place – boxes are sold exclusively on their website
  • It’s premium priced – Currently $59 / £35 a bottle, however there are discounts and freebies on multi-box orders
  • Not suitable for vegetarians – The capsules in this supplement are gelatin

Their Best Deal: The 3 month supply contains a free box of Instant Knockout, T shirt, and free delivery all covered by a 90 day money back guarantee.


How to get the most out of using it

Although effective, there are several things  you should remember when taking a fat burning pill to ensure the best results. What you have to remember is that it’s not a ‘magic pill’. We know from experience and from reviewing supplements that you need to be training hard and dieting right for the best results. Combining your best efforts with the benefits of a fat burning pill helps burn a lot more fat than you would normally.

One of the biggest things you can do to help with the fat loss is to cut down on the starchy carbs that you eat. Drastically cut down bread, potatoes, rice, pasta etc. Replace those with healthy vegetables. You’ll find yourself feeling hungry to start with when you do this, which is where the appetite suppressant ingredients in Instant Knockout come in, it makes the dieting much easier.

Review conclusion – Our final thoughts

If you’re looking to cut fat quickly and effectively, this is one that you should definitely consider taking.

As it contains some of the best ingredients for natural fat loss, such as green tea and cayenne pepper you’ll get a thermogenic benefit and increase the calories you burn.

Each box contains 120 capsules and gives you a months supply of 4 servings a day allowing you to get round the clock fat burning effects. But this does mean remembering to take those 4 servings at separate times.

The thing to have in mind is how long you plan to cut fat for. The multi-box deals have a reduced price and a 3 month supply will get you an extra bottle of Instant Knockout, a free T-shirt and free worldwide shipping, shipping out fast from the USA and UK.

Overall we think this is a great product and customers seem to think the same.

For more information and to buy:

Roar Ambition’s website:


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