Instant Knockout Review – Does This Supplement Work?

We take a close look at the Instant Knockout supplement to see where it stands compared to the other products out there right now

Our rating: ★★★★★
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instant knockout reviews
Instant Knockout is made by Roar Ambition Photo: The Sport Review

If you’ve done any research for yourself into supplements, you’ll probably have already heard about Instant Knockout.

Instant Knockout is marketed as a so-called fat burner supplement. In case you didn’t know, a ‘fat burner’ is a blanket name which generally refers to (usually) plant-based supplements which are marketed as being able to help support your body goals.

Before we get started, it’s important to realise that, like all of the similar supplements out there, Instant Knockout has not been proven to help with fat loss or fat burning. Instead, it’s simply a supplement which contains a range of ingredients, including Vitamins and Minerals, which is designed to be combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

That said, Instant Knockout is one of the more popular products on sale at the moment and is considered as one of the market leaders in this particular category of supplements. But is it all it’s cracked up to be?

The problem these days when trying to find the best supplements is that there are so many different products out there at the moment that it can quickly become confusing.

Luckily for you, our team of experts has done all of the hard work for you by breaking down everything you need to know about this product.

Product website:

It’s made by a specialist supplements company called Roar Ambition and contains a blend of ingredients to help support you on your journey.

According to the official website, it was originally developed to help MMA fighters and professional boxers, but it was made available to the general public a few years ago.

In this article, we’re going to take a close look at Instant Knockout by looking at the ingredients, safety and checking out some of the customer reviews.

So, let’s get right down to business and start taking a close look at the Instant Knockout supplement.

What does Instant Knockout do?

As you’ve no doubt already gathered, Instant Knockout fits into the broader range of supplements commonly known as ‘fat burners’.

These are supplements which contain a blend of (usually natural) ingredients to help you to achieve your goals.

Instant Knockout contains a blend of natural ingredients, ranging from plant extracts to vitamins and minerals.

What you need to know about the ingredients

The ingredients are obviously the crucial factor which determines whether a supplement is actually going to be useful or not.

But the best supplements don’t just contain the best ingredients, they also have them in the correct and proper doses.

Let’s kick this section off by taking a look at the exact ingredients in Instant Knockout as stated on the label:

instant knockout ingredients

Instant Knockout contains some of the most common ingredients found in supplements in this category. Here are the top ingredients in the product:

• Green Tea Extract – A very popular ingredient in supplements of this type. Not just a popular hot drink, Green Tea is often added to supplements in the form of an extract.

• Cayenne Pepper – Another common ingredient in this type of supplement. You’ll find it in many of the top products. Each serving of Instant Knockout contains 100mg of Cayenne.

• Caffeine Anhydrous – It’s one of the most popular natural stimulants on the planet and coffee drinkers will know all about it. Instant Knockout uses 300mg per daily dose.

• Glucomannan – Another of our favorite ingredients, this is a dietary fiber which usually comes from the root of the Konjac plant. You’ll find it in lots of the supplements in this category.

• Green Coffee Bean – This is another very common ingredient found in many of the supplements in this category. Each serving of Instant Knockout uses 100mg of Green Coffee Bean extract.

There are a number of other good ingredients in Instant Knockout, such as B Vitamins, Chromium and Black Pepper Extract.

One pleasant surprise was that Instant Knockout doesn’t use a proprietary blend – that means that the doses of each individual ingredient is specifically listed.

We like this because it shows that the manufacturer is confident in their product, being totally transparent to allow customers to see exactly what is in each capsule.

After all, you’re going to be putting this product into your body, so you’ll want to know exactly what’s in it.

instant knockout fat burner

Instant Knockout is a very popular supplement

What’s missing?

Instant Knockout contains most of our top rated ingredients around right now. We think it’s one of the leading products in this category at the moment.

The only slightly disappointing thing is that the capsules themselves contain Gelatin, which means that Instant Knockout is not suitable for Vegans or Vegetarians.

Are there any side effects?

Before taking any supplement, you’ll want to be sure that the product doesn’t contain any banned or risky ingredients. Instant Knockout is essentially a food supplement which contains some plant extracts, as well as some Vitamins and Minerals.

One thing we found with supplements in this category is that many of them tend to be overloaded with stimulants such as Caffeine.

Instant Knockout contains 300mg of caffeine per daily serving, which seems like a sensible dose for us.

It’s worth remembering about the stimulant content though, and some people may want to reduce their caffeine intake from other sources. We’d also recommend not taking this product too close to bedtime.

Instant Knockout Fat Burner

Instant Knockout Photo: Roar Ambition

How to take Instant Knockout

One good clue about how good a supplement is really going to be can be found on the directions label.

More frequent servings suggest better doses of the ingredients. The capsules are small, so you’ll usually have to take multiple capsules to get enough of the ingredients.

With Instant Knockout, the directions say that you should take one capsule, four times a day, in between meals.

That’s fairly straightforward, but remembering to take it that often could be difficult for people with particularly busy lives.

As we mentioned above, if you’re sensitive to caffeine, we’d recommend taking the last dose not too close to bedtime.

What are customers saying?

If you’ve done any research for yourself, then you’ll probably have already read some of the many testimonials on the website.

We did some digging on a few forums, YouTube and social media to check out what the general public are saying about Instant Knockout.

A few people complained that they didn’t like having to take four capsules per day, and there were some customers who claimed that it didn’t work for them.

Every product that we’ve looked into has had at least some unhappy customer. It’s hard to tell if these people are using the product in the correct fashion (combined with good nutrition and a solid workout plan).

However, the overall reviews of Instant Knockout were generally very positive. It seems to be a top product with a prove record of success in the industry.

In terms of athletes, seasoned UFC fighter Diego Sanchez used it to lose 45lbs in five months for his debut fight in the Featherweight division.

Is this the best supplement?

Instant Knockout is one of our top-rated dietary management supplements on sale right now because of its blend of top ingredients and positive customer feedback.

You can see our dedicated guide to the supplements in this category by following the link shown below.

Any negatives?

Although Instant Knockout is one of our top picks right now, there are a couple of drawbacks.

Firstly, you can only buy it on the official website at the moment, meaning that you won’t find it on other sites such as Amazon or in the shops.

This is not necessarily a bad thing, because it means that you’re getting the product directly from the manufacturer and you be sure it’ll be 100 per cent authentic.

It’s a premium-priced product. The price for one bottle is: $59 / £35 / €45, which might be out of some people’s budgets.

There’s a promotion on the official website where you buy three bottles and get a fourth free, and that includes free worldwide shipping.

Anything else to consider?

Just remember, supplements will not do all of the hard work on their own.

The first thing you should do is make sure that you’re eating right and exercising regularly.

Supplements can help, but you should always make sure that you’re doing the right things in the gym and the kitchen before expecting results from a fat burner supplement.

Review conclusion – our final thoughts

So there we have it, our full review of Instant Knockout.

We’ve taken you through the ingredients, the servings and the Instant Knockout reviews to bring you everything you need to know about this popular supplement.

We consider Instant Knockout to be the best supplement in this category on sale at the moment because it contains most of our favorite ingredients and has solid customer reviews.

The only drawbacks are the fact that it’s a bit more expensive than a lot of other products out there at the moment and that it’s not suitable for vegans or vegetarians.

Like we mentioned above, you shouldn’t expect a supplement to be work as a ‘magic pill’ to help you achieve your goals. But a good supplement can be effective when combined with regular exercise and a good diet.

Instant Knockout is a great product, and the customers seem to think so too.

To find out more about Instant Knockout and to buy it now, visit:

The information on this website is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not constitute professional, medical or healthcare advice or diagnosis, and may not be used as such.


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