Instant Knockout vs Shred Jym

Instant Knockout vs Shred Jym - We compare the two popular supplements to bring you everything you need to know to determine which is best

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instant knockout vs shred jym
Instant Knockout or Shred Jym? We compare the two fat burners Photo: The Sport Review

Instant Knockout and Shred Jym are two popular so-called ‘fat burner’ supplements designed to help you burn more fat. But which one is the best?

There are so many different products out there these days that it can become difficult to pick the best one for you.

We’ve done all of the research by analysing the ingredients and checking out the customer reviews to see which product is best.

The aim of this comparison article is to give you all of the information you need to know about both Instant Knockout and Shred Jym so you can choose the right product for you.

We’re going to focus on the following five categories:

• Company reputation and product background
• The servings
• The ingredients and dosages
• Side effects
• Price

We’re then going to draw our conclusion and pick which of the two products the best in our opinion.

So, let’s get right down to business and start comparing Instant Knockout with Shred Jym.

1) Company reputation and product background

Instant Knockout summary:

• Made by specialist company Roar Ambition
• Designed to support your goals
• Uses Green Tea, Cayenne Pepper and Glucomannan
• Contains Caffeine
• Used by MMA fighters and pro boxers
• Sold directly to consumers from official website

Shred Jym summary:

• Made by JYM Supplement Science
• Designed to support your goals
• Contains Caffeine

Both Instant Knockout and Shred Jym fit into the broader category of supplements generally referred to as ‘fat burners’.

Basically, these are products which are supposed to help support your goals when combined with a good diet and regular exercise.

As you can see, Instant Knockout has a few more things going for it than Shred Jym.

Instant Knockout also has a superior formula, in our opinion – but we’ll get into those details in the ingredients section below.

Instant Knockout wins round one

Instant Knockout: 1 | Shred Jym: 0

2) The servings

If you’re doing research into the best so-called fat burner supplements, one clue as to how effective a product is really going to be lies in the servings.

Generally speaking, the bigger and more frequent the servings, the more effective a product is likely to be.

Both Instant Knockout and Shred Jym fare pretty well in this category.

Each bottle of Instant Knockout contains 120 capsules, which is one month’s supply of four per day.

Each bottle of Shred Jym contains 240 capsules. The directions say that you should take four capsules, two to three times a day.

Instant Knockout’s directions are fairly straightforward – take one capsules four times a day in between meals.

Shred Jym’s are a little less specific, saying to take four capsules as much as three times a day (12 capsules in total).

Both of the serving frequencies are quite good, but we’re going to give this round to Instant Knockout, because the servings are frequent and come with easy-to-follow directions.

Instant Knockout wins round two

Instant Knockout: 2 | Shred Jym: 0

3) The ingredients and dosages

When judging which is the best and most effective product, the ingredients are clearly the most important factor to take into account.

Here’s a comparison of the ingredients in both Instant Knockout and Shred Jym:

instant knockout shred jym ingredients

The main problem we’ve noticed from our research into the supplements is that although a lot of products do contain good ingredients, many of them don’t include them in doses anywhere near large enough for them to really be effective.

This is where Instant Knockout and Shred Jym do pretty well. Both products contain exactly 500mg of Green Tea Extract.

Instant Knockout contains slightly more Caffeine (300mg) than Shred Jym (200mg).

Instant Knockout contains a healthy 100mg dose of Cayenne Pepper, but Shred Jym only contains 50mg.

We were also a bit disappointed to see that there were quite a few of our favorite ingredients missing from Shred Jym.

Among the noticeable omissions were Glucomannan (a dietary fiber) and Green Coffee Extract (another common ingredient).

Instant Knockout’s top ingredients:

• Caffeine Anhydrous
• Green Tea Extract
• Cayenne Powder
• Green Coffee Bean Extract
• Glucomannan
• Chromium
• Black Pepper Extract

Shred Jym’s top ingredients:

• Green Tea Extract
• Caffeine Anhydrous
• Cayenne (as Capsimax)

As you can see in the summary above, Instant Knockout contains way more of our favourite ingredients, and that’s why it wins this round as well.

Instant Knockout wins round three

Instant Knockout: 3 | Shred Jym: 0

4) Side effects

Safety is extremely important when selecting a food supplement. You want to be sure that what you’re taking is completely safe and that it doesn’t contain any risky ingredients.

Luckily, most products on sale these days are pretty safe.

That being said, we always recommend that you do your own research to make sure that you’re not allergic to any of the individual ingredients.

The main issue with both Instant Knockout and Shred Jym is that both products contain fairly high doses of caffeine.

If you’re sensitive to caffeine, you may have to reduce your intake from other sources while taking these products, and we’d also definitely not recommend taking either product too close to bedtime.

The only other possible issue concerns Shred Jym and its use of Citrus aurantium (bitter orange) along with caffeine. We’ve read accounts of this combination causing problems with some people, so we’d definitely recommend that you do your own research into this.

Taking into account all the above, Instant Knockout takes this round too.

Instant Knockout wins round four

Instant Knockout: 4 | Shred Jym: 0

5) Price

The final aspect we’re analysing is the all-important price.

Which of these two supplements represents the best value for money?

Instant Knockout is currently priced at $59 / £35 / €45 and you can only buy it from the official website.

Shred Jym is currently priced at $36 / £28 / €30 for a bottle containing 240 capsules, and you can buy it from a few different online outlets.

As you can see, Shred Jym is the cheaper product of the two and so it wins the final round.

The only way Instant Knockout can compete is through the multi-box deal on their website, where you buy three bottles and get one free, which works out at around $46 per bottle.

Shred Jym wins round five

Instant Knockout: 4 | Shred Jym: 1

Conclusion – our final thoughts and recommendation

As you can see, it’s a pretty comprehensive victory for Instant Knockout when pitted against Shred Jym.

This is why we think that Instant Knockout is the better overall option when compared to Shred Jym:

Instant Knockout:

• Better ingredients
• Good testimonials
• 90-day money-back guarantee
• Used by MMA fighters and pro boxers
• A market leader

• More expensive of the two

Shred Jym:

• Some good ingredients
• Cheaper product
• Servings seem a bit confusing
• Missing some our favorite ingredients

Both products are decent options, but we’ve selected Instant Knockout as the clear winner when compared to Shred Jym.

The only real drawback of Instant Knockout is that it’s a premium priced product and so it may not fit into everyone’s budget.

To find out more about Instant Knockout and to buy it, visit:


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