Lean Mode Evlution Nutrition vs Leanbean

Lean Mode vs Leanbean – Find out which of these two supplements comesout on top in our head to head comparison

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lean mode evlution nutrition vs leanbean
Lean Mode or Leanbean - They sound similar but which is better? Photo: The Sport Review

The list of supplements available to buy is never-ending these days. Here, we’ve picked out two products that have similar names but completely different approaches – Lean Mode by Evlution Nutrition and Leanbean.

For this article, we’ve purposefully picked out products that take a sensible approach to stimulants, so if you’re sensitive to Caffeine this is the place for you.

The main reason for this head to head is to let you know which of these two products is the most effective.

We’ve taken a good look at the ingredient profiles as well as the customer reviews to determine which is the best product.

All in all, we’ve rated these two products alongside each other in the following five categories:

• Company reputation and product background
• The servings
• The ingredients and dosages
• Side effects
• Price

Taking all of the above into consideration, we’ll then make a decision on which is the product of the two.

So, let’s get started to and bring you our comparison of Lean Mode and Leanbean.

1) Company reputation and product background

Lean Mode Summary:

• Made by Evlution Nutrition
• Low in Stimulants
• Designed to support your goals

Leanbean Summary:

• Made by specialists Ultimate Life
• Common ingredients such as Cayenne Pepper and Green Tea
• Designed to support your goals
• Used by professional fitness models

As you no doubt already know, both Leanbean and Lean Mode are supplements that fit into the wider category of products called ‘fat burners’.

As you can see from our summary, we believe Leanbean has more of the bases covered. The main strength of the product is that it uses a number of different methods.

We also like the fact that Leanbean has some really solid testimonials online and was first used by professional fitness models looking enhance their performance. As a result of all this, the first round goes to Leanbean.

Leanbean wins round one

Lean Mode: 0 | Leanbean: 1

2) The servings

One useful thing to be aware of when choosing a supplement is that size and frequency do matter when it comes to servings. In general, you’ll need to give your body regular servings of the most effective ingredients, in doses that are large enough to work.

We often find that the less good products are under-dosed and simply don’t contain enough servings to be effective. Here we’ve had a look at what servings you get from Leanbean and Lean Mode:

Leanbean – Each bottle contains 120 capsules, this is four a day for 1 month.

Lean Mode – Lean Mode has different size bottles containing either 30, 90 or 150 capsules.

We have to say Lean Mode’s serving suggestions are somewhat confusing. They suggest taking 3 capsules either once or twice a day.

The fact they left the choice down to the customer on whether to take 3 or 6 capsules a day did lead us to question the overall effectiveness of the product.

We’d also point out that we usually like our servings to be a little more spread out than just ‘once or twice a day’.

We’re giving this round to Leanbean as we feel it’s approach of four capsules a day, spread out evenly, is a much more straightforward and effective way to go.

Leanbean wins round two

Lean Mode: 0 | Leanbean: 2

3) The ingredients and dosages

There’s no hiding from the fact that the ingredient list is the most important element when it comes to rating a product in this category.

Here is our head to head of the ingredients in both Leanbean and Lean Mode:


As we’ve already mentioned the ingredient profile is the key part of any supplement and ultimately what makes the difference between a good product and a bad one.

And whilst there are plenty of products out there that include good ingredients there are whole host of supplements available that simply don’t use big enough doses for them to be effective.

Leanbean’s best ingredients:

• Turmeric
• Green Tea Extract
• Cayenne Powder
• Green Coffee Bean Extract
• Glucomannan
• Black Pepper Extract
• Vitamin B6/B12

Lean Mode’s top ingredients:

• Green Coffee Bean Extract
• Green Tea Extract
• Chromium

As you’ll be able to tell from our breakdown, Leanbean uses a lot more of the top ingredients than Lean Mode.

Whilst Lean Mode does contain solid amounts of Green Tea and Green Coffee it’s clear that it’s missing some key substances from its formula.

Most notably it fails to include Cayenne Pepper – one of our favorite ingredients.

It’s also a shame that Lean Mode doesn’t use Glucomanan as this is another of our favorite ingredients.

It was also surprising to us that there was no Black Pepper in this supplement.

So, despite this being a decent stim free option we do feel that the manufacturers of Lean Mode could have done better with their formula.

For that reason we’re going to have to give this round to Leanbean as well.

Leanbean wins round three

Lean Mode: 0 | Leanbean: 3

4) Side effects

Another important consideration when buying a supplement is the potential side effects. Whilst it may seem like one of the basics, you always want to be sure that whatever you’re taking is completely safe.

Thankfully, most of these products contain common ingredients which means you shouldn’t notice many side effects whilst using them.

If you do have allergies then you’re going to want to spend a little longer looking at the label to make sure all the ingredients are right for you.

Both of these supplements go easy on the stimulants, so Caffeine related side effects should not be a problem here.

Lean Mode does include a substance called CLA (Conjugated linolenic acid), which could potentially cause some problems.

All in all there wasn’t too much in this round but Leanbean does enough to come out on top.

Leanbean wins round four

Lean Mode: 0 | Leanbean: 4

5) Price

Last up it’s the price, let’s see what these products retail on the open market for.

Each bottle of Leanbean contains 120 capsules and can be bought from the official website for the following amounts: $59 / £35 / €45.

On the other hand Lean Mode is available from the likes of bodybuilding.com and Amazon, a bottle of 50 capsules costs $20 / £16 / €18.

Given there are varying amounts in each bottle, a straightforward comparison is not easy.

That being said, Lean Mode appears to be the slightly cheaper option right now. The only way Leanbean can compete is with its multi-box discounts available on the official site.

All things considered, this round goes to Lean Mode.

Lean Mode wins round five

Lean Mode: 1 | Leanbean: 4

Conclusion – our final thoughts

So that’s that. It’s a resounding victory for Leanbean in the head to head of these two popular supplements.

Here’s why we chose Leanbean over Lean Mode:


• Premium ingredients
• Strong reviews
• 90-day money-back guarantee
• Used by professional fitness models
• More expensive

Lean Mode:

• Some good ingredients
• Cheaper option
• Suggested dose is confusing
• Lots of our favorite ingredients are missing

As we’ve said, we’ve selected Leanbean as our winning supplement out of the two.

Although Lean Mode offers an affordable, stimulant-free option, we feel Leanbean is by far the best bet when it comes to choosing a top supplement in this category.

This supplement contains all of our favorite ingredients, it’s also good to know that this product is backed up by a lots of positive reviews online.

To learn more about Leanbean and to get it, visit: www.leanbeanofficial.com


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