Leanbean review – The number one female fat burner?

Here is our Leanbean review. We break down this female fat burner supplement and give our verdict on its all-natural formula...

Our rating: ★★★★★
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The world has gone fitness crazy and as such we’re always looking to review the hottest products on the market.

One such product that has been generating a lot of buzz lately is Leanbean, a female fat burner that includes athletes and models amongst its customers.

Product website: www.leanbeanofficial.com

Some of the fittest women around have used this product to cut weight meaning the fat burning ingredients could be just what you’re after too.

Leanbean’s ingredients support fat burning in a number of different ways:

• Fast fat loss – you should notice the pounds shifting quicker

• Less Snacking – a series of the best ingredients tell your body it doesn’t need sugar.

• Quicker metabolism – safe fat burning through a process called thermogenesis.

• Supports whole body detox – get in great shape whilst looking after your body.

Leanbean helped us on the way to:

• A Flatter stomach – the reduction in fat was really obvious and quicker than expected

• Extra motivation – it really helped with our training and endurance levels during exercise

• Harder, stronger body – Losing the fat really made everything look so much firmer and toned

Now we know that healthy eating and regular training is essential when it comes to getting in shape, but there’s no denying that well-researched fat burner can really make a difference when it comes to achieving your body goals.

During this Leanbean review we found that it really helped us hold off cravings and burn fat faster.

Who makes Leanbean?

Ultimate Life are the successful sports supplement company behind Leanbean. They deliver the product all over the world, and whilst the pros have seen the benefits it’s now being used by thousands of regular women to get fit.

Manufacturing for the product is in the USA and UK which is always good to see.

The quality of the ingredients also seems to be very important to them, as there’s regular testing and tweaks to the formula to keep it up to date with the latest science.

Leanbean review

How is it that Leanbean actually works?

Leanbean is formulated around new research that shows women crave food more than men, as a result this fat burner includes numerous ‘craving blockers’.

This includes: A special fibre called Glucomannan which helps to suppress your appetite and protect you from those devastating chocolate binges, something we found to be a real lifesaver when it came to sticking to our healthy meal plan.

Anything else that makes it work better for female fat loss?

Leanbean is what we would call a ‘stimulant safe’ fat burner. This means that the makers have included natural ingredients that have Caffeine in them, they haven’t been tempted to load it up with a big chunk of pure Caffeine Extract or ‘Caffeine Anhydrous’ though.

That’s good because for many women a fat burner with a high concentration of pure Caffeine can lead to side effects.

We love: The fact that Leanbean’s focused formula uses a blend of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for female wellbeing. Natural ingredients like Turmeric, Green Tea and Vitamin B have been shown to aid your body in achieving the optimal balance for weight loss.

How do Leanbean’s ingredients burn fat?

Leanbean seem to be very proud of their natural ingredients, but how do they work?

Well firstly it’s useful to know that the daily serving is 4 capsules and unlike other manufacturers Leanbean do not recommend slowly upping the dose. This is great as it means your body can get straight down the business of cutting more fat.

In the past we’ve been disappointed with supplements that have not only under delivered but have also included substandard and synthetic ingredients.

Thankfully, Leanbean uses completely natural ingredients and in generous quantities too, we found that not only did we burn fat, but our energy levels also improved meaning we felt great during our workouts as well.


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We review Leanbean’s super seven:

Leanbean’s formula includes some of nature’s best fat fighters, we’ve picked out some of our favourites.

• Glucomanan – Another top ingredient that includes fibre to bulk up your food and prevent you from overeating. It may sound a little strange but this one actually swells in your stomach, filling that empty space so you can keep the calorie content down.

• Garcinia Cambogia – Leanbean includes more appetite suppressants than any other female fat burner we’ve reviewed. This fruit based ingredient featured on the Dr Oz show has seen its sales surge recently, it’s success is down to research showing it lowers your serotonin levels and reduces your body’s natural desire to crave food. Some studies have also suggested it can control blood sugar after eating.

• Cayenne Pepper – Has the dual purpose of boosting your metabolism through thermogenesis as well as making you less vulnerable to cravings. If you’re looking for a fat burner that makes dieting easier but also gives your body metabolic boost then this sizzling spice is one of the very best ingredients on the market.

• Green Tea – This healthy drink might taste a little blander than your regular cup of tea or coffee. It’s a whole lot healthier though as it is full of antioxidants called Catechins which promote fat burning and boost energy. This calorie burner is one of the most used amongst fitness fanatics, it’ll allow you to extend your endurance levels whilst working out.

• Turmeric – Perhaps the true star of the show, Turmeric is famously used in cooking but perhaps less know is its role in traditional medicine and even cosmetics. When it comes to fat burning this potent spice has multiple strengths including the ability to destroy white fat cells, reduce fat deposits in the blood and liver, and support the female body’s ability to effectively manage oestrogen levels.

• Vitamin B6, B12 – B Vitamins are essential for cleansing the body of environmental toxins, they are also instrumental in turning the carbohydrates you eat into energy and helping you to better absorb protein. Both of which are important building block when it comes to lowering fat and retaining a lean figure.

• Chromium Picolinate – Studies have focussed on the effect this ingredient has on athletes, they found that those supplementing with chromium reduced their body fat percentage and increased their lean body mass. Another 2 month study found Chromium Picolinate significantly reduced carbohydrate cravings, especially when the cravings being suffered were severe.

Those are our thoughts on the ingredients in Leanbean. Overall, we were very pleased with the contents of this supplement, all of the ingredients feature in our favourites list when it comes to the best fat burners for women.

If you want to see the ingredient profile in full and learn how they can help you get in shape then check out the official website.

Leanbean user

Photo: Leanbean / Instagram

Leanbean review – The Plusses

• Reduced fat from problem areas – including stomach, hips and bum.

• Cuts out cravings – Helps you to stick to your diet plan without bingeing on sugary snacks.

• Female focused formula – designed to meet the specific needs of women

• Promotes health and wellbeing – All the ingredients are totally natural, safe and effective.

• Improved energy without jitters – Helps you to train harder and longer but doesn’t contain harmful stimulants like other products out there.

Leanbean Review – The Minuses

• Only available online

• Premium price tag – $59/£35 – Free box and workout guide when purchasing the three-month supply.

Leanbean Success Stories

Lot’s of people have found the results of using Leanbean with their workout plan so good that they felt happy to share their stories.

These are people that found losing weight a real struggle but found adding quality diet pill ingredients made all the difference.

Leanbean fat burner results

Frequent Customer Queries

Is Leanbean safe to use with other supplements?

If you are a regular user of supplements you may have found that different products can react differently.

Leanbean only uses natural ingredients which means you can stack it alongside other supplements safely.

Will Leanbean keep me awake at night with lots of Stimulants?

There are a couple of very effective natural stimulants in Leanbean including ‘Green Tea’ and ‘Coffee’.

It doesn’t use ‘Caffeine Anhydrous’ though which means that of all the fat burners out there you can most likely get away with taking Leanbean just a couple of hours before bed.

How fast does Leanbean work?

This will vary depending on your objective and current lifestyle. Lots of the customer reviews have shown positive results after just month.

Each individual is different however, sticking to the suggested dose everyday will maximise your fat loss, some people will see the best results by using it for several months.

Should I cycle Leanbean?

Lot’s of thermogenic supplements come with the recommendation to take the product on and off.

With Leanbean we’d suggest taking it for at least a couple of months before you consider having a break.

Is Leanbean Vegan friendly?

Yes, the capsules contain zero Gelatin which means they are perfect for anyone who follows a vegan diet.

I’ve read there’s a money-back guarantee with Leanbean?

Money-back guarantees are few and far between with most supplements.

Leanbean is quite rare in that it commits to giving customers of their 3 month supply their money back if they fail to see results.

Final thoughts – Is Leanbean the best fat burner for women?

There we have it, our review of the Leanbean fat burner. It’s pretty plain to see that we really rate this supplement.

Yes, the emphasis should always be on a healthy diet and a fierce training, but we don’t think there’s anything wrong with using a female fat burner to help speed up your fat loss.

Right now we’ve voted Leanbean our number 1 recommended fat burner for women. It’s a high quality product that’s well worth trying. The ingredients in this diet pill are all from natural sources which is important, especially when you consider that the internet is full of nasty, synthetic products.

And the fact that the formula has been handpicked for women is refreshing given so many of the supplements these days are aimed at men.

You may find that there are less expensive options out there, but then you do have to be mindful on compromising on overall effectiveness. Many cheaper products conceal the complete list of ingredients and don’t display the ‘supplement facts’ openly on their website.

Whilst we saw weight loss after taking Leanbean for just a few weeks the best results do come through more consistent use. The positive thing is that we found this supplement one of the most best appetite suppressants we’ve come across. The fat burning effects were obvious too, an express route to a tighter body including a leaner waist and firmer butt.

For those wanting to embark on a longer weight loss regime then check out Leanbean’s ‘Bikini Body Bundle’, which is also covered by a 90-day money back guarantee.

Leanbean’s ‘Bikini Body Bundle’ – Buy 3 bottles of Leanbean and get a fourth bottle and a workout guide included for free.

For more information or to buy the product visit: www.leanbeanofficial.com


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