Leanbean vs Fitmiss Burn

Find the most reliable, effective, and trusted supplement in our comparison of Leanbean vs Fitmiss Burn

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Leanbean vs Fitmiss Burn
Leanbean or Fitmiss Burn - which is the best? Photo: The Sport Review

Leanbean or Fitmiss Burn? If you don’t know which of these products will work for you then read on a little further.

Here, we’ll slice and dice both of these female orientated products so that you can make an educated choice.

Now, in order to disclose the winner we’ll unpick both of these supplements piece by piece.

In this comparison article, we will walk through the nitty-gritty of both products, finally revealing the front-runner.

Here’s a rundown of the categories in this Leanbean vs Fitmiss Burn review:

• Company reputation and product background
• The servings
• The ingredients and dosages
• Side effects
• Price

1) Company reputation and product background

A quality supplement can help you to achieve your goals when combined with the right lifestyle choices. If you have already some research the chances are you will already know that.

But will either of these products help you complete your journey quicker?

Let’s have a look.

Leanbean summary:

• Manufactured by female supplement specialists Ultimate Life
• Designed to support your goals
• A top choice choice of fitness trainers and models
• Worldwide shipping with money-back guarantee

Fitmiss Burn summary:

• Made by supplement specialist MusclePharm
• Designed to support your goals
• Contains high dosage of stimulants
• Uses a proprietary blend

From the initial summary of both of these products it’s clear that both include some proven ingredients.

However, Leanbean scores some early punches due to the fact that it’s formula is lower in caffeine. This means this supplement will suit people who are sensitive to caffeine.

Fitmiss Burn starts a little on the back foot, the makers have used quite a large number of stimulants as well as wrapping their formula up in a proprietary blend. This is a drawback as we’re unable to accurately calculate all of the doses in this product.

As a result Leanbean takes the opening exchanges.

Leanbean wins the first round!

Leanbean: 1
Fitmiss Burn: 0

2) The servings

Generally speaking, the best products in this category have regular servings.

A quick comparison of these two shows that the serving suggestion is slightly different:

One bottle of Leanbean contains 120 capsules, meaning it can last for a month provided you take one capsule with food at 4 different intervals per day

One bottle of Fitmiss Burn contains 90 capsules.

The Fitmiss Burn manufacturer recommends taking just 2 capsules per day, something that may be down to the large stimulant dose. Stimulants or no stimulants we’d really rather see Fitmiss deliver more capsules a day than this.

By taking just two capsules a day you’re unlikely to see maximum benefits from the ingredients. As a result Leanbean keeps its nose in front here too.

Leanbean wins the second round!

Leanbean: 2
Fitmiss Burn: 0

3) The ingredients and dosages

The ingredients make up the most critical part of any food supplement.

We researched both products in terms of their formula and the efficacy of the ingredients to burn fat.

We also looked at the side effects of those ingredients and whether they included proprietary blends.

So let’s dissect the labels of both of these products and see who delivers where it really counts:


As you can see, both products have taken a very different approach whilst putting their products together. Leanbean uses a dozen ingredients with generous doses of some of the most popular ones.

Whilst Fitmiss Burn does use many of the same ingredients we have some big reservations about the way this product is formulated.

The problem isn’t necessarily that Fitmiss is missing a lot of ingredients it’s that it includes way too many!

The 6 stage process packs in a huge array of ingredients, many of which aren’t particularly relevant to the goal. The upshot is that this supplement simply cannot provide any of them in a big enough dose to actually work. It’s perhaps not surprising then that Fitmiss does not show the doses on the label, if it did some of the amounts would undoubtedly be tiny.

Ignoring this for a moment let’s take a look at the top ingredients of both products.

Leanbean’s top ingredients:

• Green Coffee Bean Extract
• Glucomannan
• Turmeric
• Green Tea Extract
• Black Pepper Extract
• Cayenne Powder
• Chromium

Fitmiss Burn’s top ingredients

• Green Tea Extract
• Dandelion
• Glucomannan
• Yerba Mate

So our review unveiled a large assortment of ingredients in both products. After analysing the doses it’s clear that Leanbean packs more of a punch than it’s cheaper rival.

The main problems we found with Fitmiss Burn’s formula included:

The presence of proprietary blend which indicates problems with the doses. The lack of certain essential ingredients. For example, it does not contain green coffee bean extract and turmeric.

Leanbean scores arguably the knockout blow with the superior ingredient list and more importantly the superior doses.

Leanbean wins the third round!

Leanbean: 3
Fitmiss Burn: 0

4) Side effects

The good news is, many supplements are safe for use because they mostly contain natural ingredients.

But you need to be aware that many of them still use stimulants, this is something that is usually more of a concern if you’re a woman looking to lose weight.

Fitmiss Burn contains high doses of caffeine and yerba mate – both of which are potent stimulants. The manufacturer of Fitmiss Burn states that it should not be taken within 6 hours of going to sleep.

Leanbean makes it 4-0 thanks to the lower levels of stimulants and the presence of better ingredients in the supplement.

Leanbean wins the fourth round!

Leanbean: 4
Fitmiss Burn: 0

5) Price

Price is always a factor when choosing any supplement, but in terms of importance it still sits below overall effectiveness as well as safety of the product.

In terms of the price comparison between Leanbean vs Fitmiss Burn…

Leanbean is a premium supplement that can only be bought on the product’s official website. The price starts at $59 per bottle with the price gradually getting lower when you decide to buy multiple months.

Fitmiss Burn’s price starts at $25, which is substantially lower than that of Leanbean, it’s about average for a product sold on Amazon. The fact this supplement includes smaller doses across the board probably means that it is able to offer a significantly reduced price.

We do like Leanbean’s money-off promotions but we’ve still decided to give this one to Fitmiss.

Fitmiss Burn wins the fifth round!

Leanbean: 4
Fitmiss Burn: 1

Conclusion – The final verdict

So, here we are at the finish line!

Leanbean has won the race against Fitmiss Burn with yards to spare. The most important criteria for any supplement are the ingredients, doses and servings.

Leanbean beat off its rival due to its use of the very best ingredients as well as its sensible serving suggestions.

Here’s a quick summary of Leanbean vs Fitmiss Burn:


• Use of some of the best ingredients
• Positive customer and professional reviews
• Availability of multi-box deal
• Money-back guarantee
• Relatively expensive

Fitmiss Burn:

• Presence of some of good ingredients
• Relatively inexpensive
• Presence of proprietary blend – dosages are concealed
• Presence of certain ineffective ingredients
• Presence of Dandelion

We have voted Leanbean as a definite winner here. Visit Leanbean’s official website to find out more.


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