Leanbean vs Hydroxycut Max! For Women

We compare Leanbean to Hydroxycut Max! For Women to see which of these female fat burners comes out on top

Leanbean vs Hydroxycut Max! For Women
Leanbean or Hydroxycut? Photo: The Sport Review

The weight loss supplements industry is a billion-dollar market. Now more than ever, the use of diet aids has hit an all time high. This is not surprising, considering the desperate need for many people to feel more confident and sexually attractive.

However, the spike in weight loss supplements has also led to a rise in ineffective, and potentially dangerous supplements. Consumers are continually purchasing these products with the hopes of seeing positive results, only to be disappointed.

Leanbean and Hydroxycut Max! For Women are two fat burners in the market that are designed exclusively to meet the weight loss needs of women.

These products are known as female fat burners and claim to use premium and research-backed ingredients which are intended to work in harmony with the female body to reduce overall body fat and promote well being.

Neither diet pill can wave a magic wand, however.

These workout supplements are designed to help empower you on the way to better weight loss results! So you’ll need to put some effort in yourself, too.

After comprehensive scrutiny of both fat burners, we will pick out the one we feel helps you achieve this quicker.  

To make this happen, we are going to break down the comparison into these sections:

• Company Reputation and Background
• The servings
• The ingredients and Dosages
• Potential Side Effects
• Price

So let’s get started…

1) Company Reputation and Product Background

Leanbean Summary:

Product website: www.leanbeanofficial.com

• Manufactured by Ultimate Life, a UK-Based Supplements Company
• Packed with female-friendly and clinically-proven fat burners
• Supports quicker weight loss
• Formulated to boost metabolism
• Designed to raise body energy levels
• Made to curb appetite and reduce cravings
• Contains less stimulants
• Provides four servings per day
• Contains 12 ingredients
• Consistent positive online reviews
• Only sold directly from the manufacturer’s website
• Offers Money-Back Guarantee

Hydroxycut Max! For Women Summary:

Product Website: www.hydroxycut.com

• Manufactured by Iovate Health Sciences, a Canada-based company
• Marketed as female fat burner
• Uses female-friendly ingredients
• Boosts metabolism
• Accelerates fat burning and enhances energy levels
• One serving for first three days, then two capsules from day four and beyond
• Uses high amounts of stimulants
• Claims to promote healthy skin, nail, and hair with biotin

Just by compiling a summary of each product we’ve already identified big differences between the two.

Leanbean is manufactured by Ultimate Life, a UK-based company that only specializes in women’s workout supplements. Hydroxycut, on the other hand, is a spin-off from the well known Hydroxycut line. A unisex weight loss brand.

The company markets this particular product as more than just a weight loss supplement, they even claim it can be beneficial for hair, skin, and nails as well.

Leanbean has a very clear aim as a female fat loss aid.

It focuses more heavily on appetite suppression compared to other fat burners, since women crave more frequently than men. Leanbean also contains less stimulants to make it more suitable for the female body.
However, that doesn’t seem to be the case with Hydroxycut.

First of all, Hydroxycut Max! seems to cram in ingredients to help with skin, nail, and hair health, whilst also trying to promote fat loss as well. Honestly, we are not sure how a fat burner retailing for a mere $25 can really help with all these things at once.

This leaves a big question mark hanging over Hydroxcut Max for women.

Our Verdict: Leanbean wins this round.

2) The Servings

Your body is a metabolic machine. It uses nutrients from the food we consume in order to function. Since the body digests these nutrients very quickly we constantly require more and more in order to keep functioning.    

That’s why we would always advocate regular servings when it comes to any dietary supplement.

Leanbean provides four servings a day, a number we consider to be sensible. Just enough so that you are getting all you need, but not too many that taking the supplement becomes impractical.  

With only two servings a day, Hydroxycut Max! For Women is likely to leave you without any benefits at all for several hours at a time. Given that it is half the price of Leanbean, we are not surprised that is lacking when it comes to certain ingredients and the doses.

Our Verdict: Leanbean wins when it comes to the servings.

3) The Ingredients

The ingredient content of any product is the factor that determines its effectiveness. It is what differentiates an effective fat burner from a useless one.

Let’s compare both products’ ingredients labels now.

Leanbean ingredients label:

Leanbean ingredients

Hydroxycut Max! For Women ingredients label:

Hydroxycut Max! For Women ingredients

Both Leanbean and Hydroxycut Max claim to use all-natural ingredients, which is great.

However, Leanbean manages to support your goals whilst also using fewer stimulants. This is a huge benefit for women as high caffeine doses can cause side effects when taken with the contraceptive pill.

Instead, Leanbean packs a potent mix of clinically-proven plant extracts and naturally occurring spices in order to aid appetite suppression and hormonal balance .  

The most notable ingredients in Leanbean include:

Glucomannan, a natural dietary fiber that has an exceptional ability to absorb water. It can act as an appetite suppressant by making you feel fuller for longer. It can therefore prevent you from overeating, making sticking to your diet easier.

Green Coffee is a healthier alternative to roasted coffee. It’s loaded with antioxidants and contains caffeine, a substance that is renowned for its ability to promote fat burning. It also contains Chlorogenic acid.

Chlorogenic acid is helps with a number of of things. One, it could help to reduce the absorption of fat in the body. Two, it may decrease the amount of fat stored in the liver. Three, the acid enhances the function of adiponectin, a fat burning hormone.

Turmeric is another powerful fat burner ingredient and female hormone regulator. Curcumin, the active ingredient in Turmeric, also promotes healthy digestion and boosts metabolism, which is crucial for weight loss.

Leanbean also includes Garcinia Cambogia, a popular fat burner ingredient, as well as Acai Berry, which helps regulate insulin levels (high insulin levels cause more fat to be stored in the body).

Hydroxycut Max!, on the other hand, includes only a handful of ingredients that actually could contribute to weight loss. As a matter of fact, the formula contains a good number of ingredients that are not commonly seen in other weight-loss products in the market.

For example, the Hydroxycut Max! fat burner contains Biotin, Iron, Folic Acid, Argan Oil and Hydrolyzed Collagen. According to the manufacturer, these ingredients are more focused towards enhancing your skin, nail, and hair health.

As you can see, almost three-quarters of the ingredients in Hydroxcut Max! are targeted towards improving your skin, nails, and hair.  

Honestly, this not something we expected from a so-called “Premium Fat Burner.”

Hydroxycut Max! also contains a whopping 225mg of caffeine from Caffeine Anhydrous. Women generally don’t need (or want) as much caffeine in their fat burner supplements as men.

Why? Because high levels of caffeine are thought to cause side effects when used with the contraceptive pill. Additionally, women generally don’t cope as well with high stimulant doses.

In terms of safe ingredients for weight loss in Hydroxycut Max!, Robusta Coffee Extract is the best one.

Unfortunately, because Hydroxycut Max! uses a proprietary blend, we don’t know how much of this proven fat burner has actually been included.  

Our Verdict: Leanbean wins this round.

4) Potential Side Effects

If you’re looking for a female fat burner that uses less stimulants and avoids potentially unsafe ingredients, then Leanbean looks like your best choice.

That said, if you aren’t sensitive to caffeine Hydroxycut Max! For Women will be perfectly safe to use too.

The only real downside with Hydroxycut is that you can’t see the actual doses of certain ingredients. So if you are very particular about what you put in your body this might not be the choice for you.

Our Verdict: This round is a tie.

5) The Price

Leanbean is currently going for $59, while Hydroxycut Max! For Women is being sold at $25. We know what your thinking, this seems like quite a big difference!

With Leanbean you receive double the amount of product per month: 120 capsules vs 60 with Hydroxycut.  

Secondly, Leanbean is a dedicated weight-loss blend developed with just that one goal in mind.

Contrastingly, Hydroxycut sacrifices some of the most effective ingredients by including large amounts of Biotin and Iron. This likely allows them to keep the price down, whilst citing benefits for skin and hair. Neither of them are likely to support quicker weight loss, however.

Our Verdict: Hydroxycut is cheaper but Leanbean offers greater value in our opinion.

Leanbean vs Hydroxycut – Our Final Thoughts and Recommendation

If you are looking for general wellbeing, Hydroxycut Max! For Women may offer some advantages.

However, it is plain to see that Leanbean has the more effective fat-loss ingredients compared to its counterpart.

The ingredient quantity, quality, and serving size of Leanbean is more impressive to us overall.

Furthermore, the product’s track record is supported by Leanbean’s before and after pictures and customer testimonial videos, all of which are displayed on its website.

Although Hydroxycut Max! does promote some fat loss in women, we don’t like the fact that it relies heavily upon the stimulant Caffeine. It also uses a proprietary blend, which is something that we always advise to stay away from.

Additionally, we are not convinced that a $25 product can promote fat loss as well as give you shiny skin, hair and nails all at the same time.

All in all, we believe that Leanbean is the better fat burner of the two when compared to Hydroxycut Max! For Women.

For more information about Leanbean and to buy now, visit: www.leanbeanofficial.com

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