Leanbean vs Instant Knockout

We compare Leanbean to Instant Knockout to see which of these two supplements is the right one for you

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Leanbean vs Instant Knockout
Leanbean or Instant Knockout? Which is the best? Photo: The Sport Review

Leanbean vs Instant Knockout? Two heavyweight supplements. But how do they compare? Find out in our full review.

We are here to give you the lowdown on these two products and investigate which one is best.

Leanbean website: www.leanbeanofficial.com

Instant Knockout website: www.instantknockout.com

Both of these supplements claim to help support you in achieving your goals and are packed with similar ingredients, so this makes it super difficult to know which one you should choose.

But you don’t need to worry any longer. Our comparison review is going to zero in on the most important things to look for when choosing a supplement.

Our job is to make sure you know which product is the most suitable for your needs. So we have picked apart Leanbean and Instant Knockout to establish which of the two is the best contender.

Our comparison review is going to methodically examine how these contenders fare under the following categories:

• Company reputation and product background
• The servings
• The ingredients and dosages
• Side effects
• Price

Once we have had a look at how they fare under these categories, we will gather our findings and then pick our favourite between the two supplements.

If you don’t have much time and can’t read our full comparison below, check out our pick of the best ‘fat burner’ supplements available right now.

So, now we know what to expect, let’s get stuck in comparing Leanbean and Instant Knockout.

1) Company reputation and product background

We begin by having an overview of each supplements key details.

Leanbean summary:

• Marketed towards women
• Can only be purchased from Leanbean themselves
• Contains common ingredients
• Low stimulant content
• Endorsed by professional fitness models

Instant Knockout summary:

• Manufactured by Roar Ambition
• Only available via official site
• Marketed towards men
• Natural ingredients
• Originally used by MMA fighters

It is immediately clear that there isn’t much separating these two products.

The main difference so far is that Leanbean is a supplement designed for the female side of the market. while Instant Knockout is marketed more towards men.

Both products claim to help support you in achieving your goals when combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Both products are also free from banned substances.

Furthermore, both Leanbean and Instant Knockout are only available to purchase from their official websites, reducing the risk of counterfeits.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Both Leanbean and Instant Knockout have almost identical claims when it comes to their respective benefits. The only thing separating them so far is that they are marketed to opposite sexes.

2) The servings

If you are looking to get consistent results from a supplement, you need to take it regularly throughout the day to ensure the formulation is working for you 24/7.

Some supplements only require you to take one serving a day, which seems pointless when you think how short the impact of that one pill is likely to be.

When we are looking for the top products in this category, we always take the time to check how often the manufacturer recommends we take a dose. This usually tells us how serious a supplement it really is.

What’s the recommended dose for these two?

Let’s see:

Leanbean comes in bottles of 120 capsules, and they recommend you take 4 capsules a day with food and water. This means one bottle is enough for a whole month supply.

Instant Knockout follows suit here. Their bottles also contain 120 capsules to be taken 4 times per day. Although they also stipulate that you shouldn’t take your last dose less than 5 hours before bed.

THE BOTTOM LINE: It is impossible to pick a winner here. Both Leanbean and Instant Knockout offer the same amount of servings per day.

3) The ingredients and dosages

Here we start to get a little more serious. It’s time to dive into the ingredients.

First of all, it’s reassuring to know that neither of these supplements include a proprietary blend.

This is a fundamental thing to look out for because it means that you can see exactly what ingredients you’ll be consuming.

Many other manufacturers hide the exact number from view so you can’t tell whether it’s a quality product or not.

Let’s take a look at the ingredient labels for both contenders:

Leanbean and Instant Knockout ingredients

Just like us, the first thing you probably noticed was how relatively similar the ingredients for both Leanbean and Instant Knockout are. There are a couple of big exceptions though!

Instant Knockout is arguably what you would call a more traditional product. There’s a good dose of stimulants in here, most likely that’s why it’s popular with MMA fighters.

As a result Instant Knockout includes caffeine and zinc, neither of which you will find in Leanbean. Zinc is great for men’s health and caffeine is a well known stimulant.

Leanbean on the other hand includes a hefty dose of Acai Berry. It also uses other ingredients such as garcinia cambogia and raspberry ketones.

There’s also a wildcard ingredient that we love called turmeric in the Leanbean formula.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Both Leanbean and Instant Knockout use very similar ingredients. Instant Knockout has a more stimulant driven formula designed for men. Leanbean doesn’t include any strong stimulants and is more targeted at women.

4) Side effects

Instant Knockout includes a chunky 350 mg of caffeine in their formula. This has potential to cause side effects, but as long as you follow the recommended dose, you should be OK.

Too much Caffeine can sometimes cause: jitters, anxiety and headaches, to name but a few.

Garcinia cambogia and glucomannan have also been linked to potential side effects in some people, so this may be worth looking into.

Drinking lots of water is always a good idea when you’re looking to get into shape.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Both Leanbean and Instant Knockout have the potential for some mild side effects. As you are sensible and follow the directions, we do not think you need to be too concerned about them.

5) Price

One of the most important considerations is price. From our experience, you definitely get what you pay for when you choose a premium product.

Sure, there are few slightly cheaper options available on the market but they are nearly always cheaper for a reason.

Why’s that? Well for one the quality of the ingredients is usually lower in a cheaper product, and no one wants to spend their hard earned cash on an under-dosed supplement.

The Leanbean price is $59/£35/€40 per bottle, which gives you one month’s supply. You can only order from their official website.

The Instant Knockout price is the same at $59/£35/€40 per one month’s supply bottle.

Both of these products offer multi-box reductions which provide great value for customers on a long-term plan. You can also make more savings on worldwide postage when bundling up on multiple boxes.

THE BOTTOM LINE: The value of these two contenders is identical, giving us no room to grant or deduct points here.

Conclusion – our final thoughts and recommendation

Here we are at the end of our Leanbean vs Instant Knockout review.

Both products are high quality supplements with a number of solid ingredients.

Both of these supplements have the same serving suggestions and identical pricing structure. Given their position as the two biggest products on the market, you’ll likely find some imitations and cheaper similar products on Amazon and Ebay.

If you buy from the official website you can have peace of mind that you’re receiving the genuine item.

The other good thing with both of these two top choices is that neither of them auto-ship. You get what you order and that’s it. There are no hidden subscriptions or recurring fees.

So, Leanbean or Instant Knockout?

Well, it was incredibly difficult for us to pick a winner. So difficult in fact that we couldn’t. It was a dead heat as in our opinion both are very worthy supplements.

But when push comes to shove:

Instant Knockout is our number one pick for men, whilst Leanbean is our number one for women.

Where can you buy Leanbean and Instant Knockout?

If you’re going to go ahead and purchase one of these products don’t forget that the only place you can get them is from their respective websites:

Leanbean website: www.leanbeanofficial.com

Instant Knockout website: www.instantknockout.com

The information on this website is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not constitute professional, medical or healthcare advice or diagnosis, and may not be used as such.


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