Leanbean vs Oxy Lean Elite

We compare Leanbean to Oxy Lean Elite to see which of these two fat burners for women comes out on top

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Leanbean vs Oxy Lean Elite
Leanbean or Oxy Lean Elite? Photo: The Sport Review

Today we’re going to be comparing Oxy Lean Elite with the female fat burner Leanbean.

Like other fat burners for women out there, both have their pros and cons. But which one provides better value? That’s what we are about to find out.

In this Leanbean vs Oxy Lean Elite comparison, we are going to review both fat burners side-by-side and pick our winner based on a number of factors.

We look into five main factors when comparing supplements. These factors include:

• Company Reputation and Product Background: What is the supplement made of and who is behind it?

• The Servings: Are the servings effectively dosed? Are they optimized for maximum fat burning, appetite suppression, and weight loss support?

• The ingredients and Dosages: Are the ingredients all-natural, science-backed, and effective?

• The Side Effects: Does the supplement pose any danger to your health?

• The Price: Does the supplement offer great value for money? Which one offers the best deal when everything is factored in?

We are going to analyze the above-mentioned factors and in the end, we will conclude which product gives more edge in terms of performance, safety, and price.

Company Reputation and Product Background

Leanbean summary:

Product website: www.leanbeanofficial.com

• Manufactured by Ultimate Life
• Uses ingredients to act as appetite suppressants
• Less stimulants make it female friendly
• Provides four servings per day
• Supports fat burning using thermogenics
• Boosts energy levels
• Reviews are consistently good
• Only sold direct
• Offers Money-Back Guarantee
• 120 capsules per bottle

Oxy Lean Elite Summary:

Produce website: www.genonenutrition.com/products/oxylean

• Manufactured by GenOne Nutrition
• Supports increased energy
• Could enhances mood
• Uses a proprietary blend
• Provides 2 servings per day
• Reviews and testimonials on their website
• Contains 11 ingredients
• Offers Money Back Guarantee
• 60 capsules per bottle

Based on the summary lists above, it’s quite clear that both fat burners are similar in a lot of ways. Both are designed to suppress appetite, accelerate fat burning, and rev up your energy levels. Both are very similarly priced at $59.

However, there are of course differences too.

Leanbean is produced by UK company Ultimate Life, they specialise in female supplements and nothing else.

Oxy Lean Elite, on the other hand, is made by Gen One, they sell all kinds of products to both men and women, including sleep formulas and super greens.

Perhaps the biggest difference we noticed was when it came to the feedback and endorsements associated with each product. Overall, the Leanbean website had an impressive mix of professional endorsement as well as genuine customer videos to view.

The Servings

Leanbean provides four servings per day, while Oxy Lean Elite provides only two servings per day.

Leanbean edges Oxy Lean Elite here and this is why:

Natural extracts in these sorts of quantities are broken down by the body in just a matter of hours, meaning that regular servings are fundamental to success.

Oxy Lean Elite’s two servings are better than nothing, but we prefer to see more regular servings in the top fat burner supplements.

As for Leanbean, by spreading out the 4 servings all through the day, the active ingredients will keep your body topped up with natural fat burners for longer. And for $59 you are getting double the amount of capsules for the same price.

The Ingredients and Dosages

After reviewing hundreds of weight loss supplements, we’ve come to realize that the best fat burners for women contain a range of ingredients that all work together in harmony.

When rating the quality of these supplements it is always helpful to have a clear and concise label from which to work from.

We were disappointed to see that Oxy Lean Elite uses a proprietary blend.

This is when manufacturers choose not to show the customer the amount of each ingredient in their supplement. Instead, they take group all the ingredients together under one large value.

In this case, we can see that the overall weight of ingredients in OxyLean Elite is 550mg. For a premium-priced product this is a pretty low figure. If you were to add up the total ingredients in Leanbean you would get four times this amount.

Now let’s take a look at the ingredients themselves.

Leanbean Ingredients Label:

Leanbean ingredients label

Oxy Lean Elite Ingredients Label:

Oxy Lean Elite ingredients label

Leanbean uses less stimulants than its competitor. Instead, it combines Glucomannan with Garcinia Cambogia, Turmeric, Cayenne Pepper and another eight natural extracts. These ingredients work in synergy and should help you achieve your weight loss goals faster.

Let’s run through a few benefits of some of the main ingredients:

Glucomannan, also known as Konjac Fibre, is believed to work as an appetite suppressant and it is used in many weight loss supplements. It’s packed with fibre and has significantly low amounts of calories. The fibre in Glucomannan thickens up your stomach so you could feel full longer to make sticking to your diet easier.

Turmeric is believed to support healthy estrogen and also have anti-inflammatory properties. Curcumin, the active ingredient in Turmeric, also helps in digestion and boosts metabolism. It also protects the body from various disorders which are linked to obesity.

Cayenne Pepper works as an excellent thermogenic. Capsicum, the active ingredient in Cayenne Pepper, increases your body’s temperature. As your body works to cool down, it ends up using a lot of energy and as a result can burn more calories and stored fat. Cayenne Pepper has the added bonus of being able to promote appetite suppression.

Oxy Lean Elite is aimed at women but you could say that the supplement would work exactly the same for men and women. The Caffeine Anhydrous in the product may not sit well with women. Caffeine Anhydrous is a potent form of caffeine and is a pretty strong stimulant. It’s often included in most male supplements because men can generally cope with high caffeine levels better than women.

Oxy Lean Elite also contains Isopropylnorsynephrine, a form of synephrine that is structured similarly to Ephedrine. We’re not big fans of this ingredient.

As for Apple Cider Vinegar, there is little evidence that it aids weight loss or works an appetite suppressant.

Potential Side Effects

So far, we haven’t heard any complaints about Leanbean causing any unwanted side effects. This probably has to do with the fact that it uses all-natural ingredients and stays away from banned substances.

Oxy Lean Elite side effects are perhaps more likely, simply because it uses a proprietary blend. It means that we don’t know exactly how much of each ingredient has been included in each capsule.

This puts it at an immediate disadvantage to Leanbean.


When it comes to supplements, it’s all comes down to quality and performance, and whether the product can offer great value for money.

The prices of both Leanbean and Oxy Lean Elite are almost identical. Leanbean is currently being sold at $59.00 on the manufacturer’s official website.

Oxy Lean Elite is priced at $59.99.

A difference of 99 cents!

Oxy Lean contains 60 capsules for a month’s supply, whereas Leanbean contains 120 capsules. If the makers of Oxy Lean are to be believed, the difference in capsules should not make a difference, however we are not convinced.

On price, we’ve scored this round a tie.

Conclusion – Our Final Thoughts and Recommendation

Based on our in-depth evaluation of the two female fat burners, Leanbean has emerged as the ultimate winner.

We’ve clearly seen that Leanbean contains more ingredients and in much bigger doses, not to mention that they are mostly backed by science. Additionally, Leanbean has some very credible video reviews on its testimonials page.

Summing up, Oxy Lean Elite doesn’t seem like a brilliant product to us. It costs $59.99 and uses a proprietary blend. Your money would probably be better spent elsewhere.


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