Leanbean vs Shred Her

Leanbean or Shred Her? We compare these two popular female fat burners to find out which one is the best

Leanbean vs Shred Her
Leanbean or Shred Her - which is the best fat burner? Photo: Adobe Stock

Leanbean vs Shred Her – read our side by side comparison so you can decide which one will give you the fat burning results you’re looking for.

So often you see two weight loss supplements next to each other. Both look pretty good. Both promise amazing results. How do you tell which one will work for you?

Here we take a look at two popular fat burners for women and give you the low down on both.

We compare and score them on five important categories so you can make an informed choice. Here is what we looked at:

• Company reputation and product background
• The servings
• The ingredients and dosages
• Side effects
• Price

Losing weight can be hard work. The right fat burner is a huge help but you have to get one that is up to the job. Here is what we found out:

1) Company reputation and product background

Leanbean and Shred Her are both big players in the market. If you have been doing any homework on weight loss supplements you have most likely seen both. To give you an early snapshot of these two products, here is quick overview of Leanbean vs Shred her.

Leanbean overview:

• Made by UK company Ultimate Life
• Promotes thermogenic fat burning
• Reduces cravings
• Increases energy
• Popular with models
• Natural product with minimal stimulants
• Ingredient dose specified

NLA for Her overview:

• Made by NLA
• Supports Appetite Control
• Elevates Energy
• Proprietary blend of ingredients

Right off the but it’s clear that these two supplements have gone in very different directions.

Our first impression is that Leanbean is a more feminine product thanks to it avoiding a lot of stimulants. Shred Her on the other hand takes quite an aggressive approach judging by the label. The first black mark against Shred Her is that it doesn’t give the exact amounts of the stimulants inside, making it impossible to tell whether you’ll be effected by side effects or not.

Leanbean immediately appears to have more going for it. It offers a number of different fat burning solutions including safe metabolism boosters and powerful appetite suppressants.

We also like the fact that Leanbean specifies the amount of each ingredient and does not prevent its customers from seeing exactly what’s in the product.

Leanbean wins round one.

Leanbean 1
Shred Her 0

2) The servings

This is such an important yet often overlooked aspect of fat burning supplements. For best results, you want something that is going to work all day, 24 hours. It is not ideal if it is only effective for 12 or 14 hours.

The best way to get that all day burn is to take the active ingredients at regular intervals throughout the day.

Leanbean recommends you take the supplement 4 times a day, with meals. This means your body is constantly topped up with the weight loss ingredients.

As a result, it is actively burning fat all day.

Shred Her recommends taking one serving when you wake up and the next one 3 to 6 hours later. A serving in the morning is a good idea as this will likely give you more energy.

However we do feel two capsules for the whole day is a little on the low side, it means that the rest the day is arguably wasted as you are not refueling your body frequently enough.

Leanbean wins this round then as it is better to have a steady regular dose of ingredients. This will optimize the fat burning effects and ensure you don’t have a dip in energy later in the day.

Leanbean wins round two.

Leanbean 2
Shred Her 0

3) The ingredients and dosages

With diet pill supplements it is definitely what’s on the inside that counts. Let’s take a closer look at what each product is made up of and how they work:


As we already mentioned Leanbean gives you the specific amount of each ingredient whilst Shred Her NLA lists many of the ingredients without the specific amounts.

This is called a proprietary blend and it leaves us very much in the dark regarding the precise contents of this fat burner.

Let’s look at what each ingredient does however.

Top Leanbean ingredients:

• Turmeric – Safe and effective fat burner that speeds metabolism and lowers glucose intolerance.
• Green Tea Extract – Vigorous thermogenic
• Cayenne Powder – Powerful metabolism booster, appetite suppressant and great all-round fat burner
• Green Coffee Bean Extract – High concentrate of Cholorogenic Acid increases fat loss
• Glucomannan – One of four scientifically proven appetite suppressant in Leanbean
• Chromium – Increases metabolism
• Black Pepper Extract – Anti-inflammatory properties, improves absorption, aids digestion and burn fat

Top NLA for Her Shred ingredients:

• Green Tea Extract – Potent thermogenic
• Caffeine Anhydrous – Powerful stimulant. Boosts energy levels and increases metabolism.
 Citrus Aurantium (Synephrine) – Boosts metabolism and suppresses appetite. Some side effects reported when used with Caffeine.
• Guarana Extract – A caffeine based stimulant that will boost metabolism

Apart from the proprietary blend, our main concern with Shred Her is a strong focus on caffeine based stimulants. Not only does this have many potential side effects it is also a very limited approach to weight loss and fat burning. There’s less antioxidants and appetite suppressants in this product as a result.

Leanbean has a much more balanced approach using a range of different spices and minerals. This combination of fat-fighting ingredients is more likely to be effective than relying purely on stimulants such as caffeine.

We were also surprised to see that powerful fat burning ingredients like Turmeric and Glucomannan were not present in the Shred her. These ingredients are safe and have been proven to be very effective in fat burner supplements.

Apart from the metabolism boosting effects of caffeine, Shred her has little in its favor.

Leanbean, therefore, wins hands down on the ingredients.

Leanbean wins round three.

Leanbean 3
Shred Her 0

4) Side effects

Safety is obviously an important consideration with fat burner supplements. It is no good losing weight if your health suffers or the supplements puts you at risk.

Both of these supplements are natural products so you would not expect any major side effects.

Shred Her, however, focuses on caffeine-containing ingredients. Although this is a common ingredient in fat burners you could argue that Shred her have been excessive in their use of it.

What makes it worse is they do not specify the amount of each ingredient so we have no idea the exact amount of caffeine in each serving.

We also don’t really like the addition of Synephrine as it can cause side effects when paired with Caffeine.

Leanbean does also use some caffeine, you’ll find it in the Green Coffee Extract and Green Tea. The amount is clearly specified on the packaging however and is well within safe limits.
No other ingredients in either product are any cause for concern.

Once again, Leanbean wins this category due to the high focus on caffeine and the inclusion of Synephrine in Shred Her NLA.

Leanbean wins round four.

Leanbean 4
Shred Her 0

5) Price

Everything comes at a price and it is important to compare this aspect when looking at these two products.

Leanbean Pricing

Leanbean can only be purchased on their official website and sells for:

One month supply: £35 / €45 / $59
Two month supply: £70 / €80 / $118
Three month supply: £110 / €140 / $185

The three month supply gives you the following:

Free 1 month supply of Leanbean
Free workout guide eBook
Free delivery worldwide

NLA for Her Shred Pricing

Shred Her can be purchased from a number of sites and is definitely at the lower end of the market when it comes to price.

One month supply costs: £17.50 / €16.50 / $35

We didn’t see any promotions when up-buying extra bottles of Shred. Whilst the low cost of one month will probably be attractive for some we still feel that all things considered Leanbean is better value for money. That’s because it includes generous amounts of the best ingredients and doesn’t hide any of the doses.

Leanbean wins round five.

Leanbean 5
Shred Her 0

Conclusion – Our final thoughts

There you have it – a side by side comparison between Leanbean and Shred Her.

This contest turned out to be a rather one sided affair, with the hammer coming down very much in favor of Leanbean.

Here is a summary of our findings.


• Proven natural ingredients
• Good feedback from customers
• 90-day money-back guarantee
• Popular with athletes and fitness models
• No side effects
• Specials on multi-box orders
• More expensive

NLA for Her Shred:

• Lot of thermogenic stimulants
• Quite Cheap
• Stimulant doses not listed on the label
• Lacks a number of leading ingredients
• Potential side effects

Leanbean romps away with this vs matchup thanks to the ingredient list, accurate labeling and lack of side-effects.

To buy Leanbean visit the official website.

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