Minted: 7 Christmas card ideas for football fans

Cast Premier League rivalries aside this Christmas and allow Minted to bring joy to your rivals' homes with their array of holiday cards

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With the Premier League set to rumble on through the holiday period, it’s time to get cracking on those Christmas cards before kicking back and watching the festive footie.

And Minted have an array of options to fulfil your Christmas card needs as the Premier League and the sporting world come together to celebrate one of the most special moments of the year.

As Minted is a design marketplace of independent artists from around the globe, it is the ideal location to find Christmas cards to cater to friends dotted around the world.

So whether you’re an Arsenal fan looking for that perfect greeting for a Tottenham rival, or a Liverpool supporter hoping to bring some life to a Manchester United pal’s living room, Minted have a great selection of cards to choose from.

Premier League champions Leicester City have been in something of a slumber this season, but the Foxes will be hoping to wake from their hibernation in the second half of the season.

All holiday cards, including Sleeping Fox, are available with matching custom stamps, envelope designs and FREE recipient addressing. Save time and make your holiday card beautiful from the inside out.

Plenty of Premier League supporters will be making the long journeys up and down England to catch their favourites sides in action this Christmas, braving the cold weather conditions.

Enjoy Minted’s FREE concierge address book service. Send them your addresses in any format, from envelopes to lists, and Minted will build out your Minted address book. So you can treat those designated match day drivers to a festive card, such as the aptly named Christmas drive.

2016 holiday card trends: Take it from Minted’s community of independent artists— midnight blues, graphic black & white, botanical wreaths, and glittery foil are what’s on-trend for this season.

Minted have even catered to the Premier League footballers that have a penchant for their 4x4s, including this card entitled Christmas Tree.

Among this year’s top trends are real foil-pressed holiday cards in gold, silver and rose gold and photo letterpress holiday cards featuring the luxurious look and feel of letterpress paired with unique inks and vibrant colors.

Even if your team isn’t top of the Premier League tree this Christmas, you can admire Minted’s unique foil-pressed festive cards, including Sparkle and Garland.

With the temperatures dropping, Premier League supporters will be following the example of Fleece Navidad and wrapping up warm in stadiums up and down the country.

Minted is known for its high-quality paper and printing. Minted’s Signature paper is thick and luxurious with a creamy cotton texture, and has been optimized for photo printing. You can also choose 100% recycled paper, Pearlescent paper which adds a subtle shimmer, DoubleThick paper or even TripleThick paper. Minted also offers postcards, ornament cards and 8 unique die-cut shapes.

A variety of backer options allow you to add additional photos, text, and customization options to your holiday card.

Of course, there will be plenty of football around Europe and the world, keeping fans entertained from the comfort of their warm homes, bringing International Joy.

Minted’s assortment of stationery, art, home decor and digital offerings is constantly expanding as Minted grows its artist community and hosts ongoing challenges.

And of course, there will be plenty to look back on in 2016, which is why Minted’s Year: the board game is perfect for football fans.

There is Leicester City’s incredible Premier League title triumph, Manchester United’s FA Cup win and unfortunately, quite unforgettably, England’s miserable Euro 2016 campaign.

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