Platinum Pre Optimum Nutrition review

Platinum Pre is a pre workout supplement made by Optimum Nutrition. Find out everything you need to know about it in our detailed review

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Platinum Pre review
Platinum Pre is a pre workout made by Optimum Nutrition Photo: The Sport Review

Platinum Pre is a pre workout supplement marketed by Optimum Nutrition.

Pre workouts are becoming more and more popular these days as regular gym goes look to try and make sure that they’re getting the very best out of their training sessions.

There’s an increasing range of supplements on sale to get you fired up and ‘in the zone’ during your trips to the gym.

We’ve already reviewed Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard Pre Workout supplement, so how does Platinum Pre compare?

We’re going to break down the supplement by taking a close look at the ingredients, checking out real customer reviews and drawing a conclusion to see if it makes our pick of the best pre workout supplements on sale right now.

So, let’s get cracking and start seeing whether Platinum Pre is a supplement you should consider taking before your gym sessions.

What does Platinum Pre by Optimum Nutrition do?

As you’ve no doubt already gathered, Platinum Pre fits into the broader range of supplements known as ‘pre workouts’.

These are products designed to be consumed before training or playing sport, to get you firing and feeling, and performing, at your best.

Pre workouts have become more and more popular in recent years as people try to get the very most out of their training sessions.

Optimum Nutrition say that their product has been designed to give you “energy and focus” during your gym sessions.

So, let’s find out if this product really lives up to the marketing hype by taking a close look at the ingredients it’s made of.

What you need to know about the ingredients

There are some good things and some not-so-good things about Platinum Pre. Let’s start by focusing on the top ingredients in this supplement.

• Caffeine – This popular stimulant is usually found as one of the main ingredients in pre workout supplements. It’s widely used in a variety of different products, not to mention coffee and tea. Each serving of Platinum Pre contains 200mg of caffeine per serving.

• Capsimax™ Capsicum Extract – This was something of a surprising ingredient, as we’re more used to seeing it included in other types of supplements. The label says that they’ve included it in this product to help with certain things, although we’re not sure this will have a direct impact on your workouts.

• Beta-Alanine – This ingredient is one we’ve regularly seen in pre workouts, but we don’t rate it as one of the most important. It’s usually used in pre workout supplements because it is claimed to help with certain things. However, we would have preferred to have seen a more established ingredient used in its place.

• PhytoBlend – This is a proprietary blend included in Platinum Pre. This is when a manufacturer uses a range of ingredients in a ‘blend’. The problem with this is that we don’t know exactly how much of each substance is included, only the total dose for the blend. That being said, PhytoBlend does contain some things we like to see in pre workout supplements, such as Beet Juice Powder.

• L-Citrulline – Another one of our favorite pre workout ingredients. It’s believed to help support certain things and is used in a lot of the top products in this category.

You can check out the full list of Platinum Pre ingredients in the chart below:

platinum pre ingredients

What’s missing?

Although Platinum Pre does contain some of our favorite and top-rated pre workout ingredients, there were also a few things missing that we would’ve liked to see in this product.

Firstly, there was no L-Theanine on the label. This is one of our top ingredients, because it’s often combined with Caffeine in the same supplement.

It was also a shame not to find any Coconut Water Powder in this product. It’s another one of our favorite ingredients that we like to see used.

Rhodiola Rosea is another one of our favorite ingredients for a pre workout. It’s a herbal extract which makes its way into most of the top products in this category.

Remember to check out our updated guide to the best pre workouts on sale right now by hitting the link below.

Are there any side effects?

Most popular pre workout supplements on sale these days are pretty safe, because they tend to only include natural ingredients.

That being said, everyone is different, and so we definitely recommend taking a close look at the ingredients label before trying a new product to make sure that you’re not allergic to any of the substances.

The main issue to look out for in pre workouts is the over-use of stimulants.

Caffeine is a great pre workout ingredient, but it’s not something you want too much of on a regular basis.

As we mentioned above, Platinum Pre contains 200mg of caffeine per scoop, which is just above our recommended dose of 150mg per serving.

There could be issues in some people who choose to take more than the recommended dose of one scoop per serving, so it’s one to keep an eye on.

We also wouldn’t recommend taking this product too close to bedtime, as it could affect your sleep.

You should speak to your doctor before taking any new supplement for the first time.

How to take Platinum Pre

Each tub of Platinum Pre is 240g, which is equivalent to 30 one-scoop servings.

It currently comes in three flavors – Fruit Punch, Raspberry Lemonade and Twisted Apple.

The directions say that you can take either one or two scoops and assess your tolerance. Given the caffeine content, we’d definitely recommend that you start with one scoop.

The label says that you should mix your scoops with water and drink immediately.

There was no time-frame given, but it’s probably a good idea to take it around 30 minutes before starting your training session.

What are customers saying?

We found quite a lot of reviews of Platinum Pre on

Given that it’s a pretty popular product, there’s plenty of feedback on it, which is a good thing.

One customer said that it was a great pre workout formula for them and that it was simple but effective. They used the Raspberry Lemonade flavor.

Someone else said that they loved it because it just gave them enough of a boost to get their workout done in style, without leaving them with the jitters.

Another user said that it was hands-down the best pre workout supplement they had ever tried.

However, one user said that the product gave them itchy skin around their face and on their palms, which doesn’t sound great.

Is this the best pre workout?

Platinum Pre is a decent product but we don’t currently rate it as the best pre workout on sale right now.

We recently updated our ultimate guide to pre workouts, featuring the best supplements and ingredients. Check it out by clicking the link below.

Anything else to consider?

As we always say when discussing supplements of any type, you should first make sure that you’ve got the basics sorted.

That means making sure that you’ve got a solid training plan in place, as well as a nutrition regime.

A good pre workout can then help you reach your goals faster by making sure that you feel on point during your crucial trips to the gym.

But a supplement cannot replace regular exercise and the right healthy diet.

Review conclusion – our final thoughts

So that brings us to an end of our review of the Platinum Pre pre workout supplement.

Here are our overall thoughts in summary:

• Some good ingredients
• Good reviews

• Missing L-Theanine and Coconut Water Powder

That wraps up our full review of Platinum Pre Optimum Nutrition. Overall, we think that you wouldn’t go too far wrong with this product, but we definitely think that there are better options available right now.


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