Is There A Pre Workout That Doesn’t Cause Acne?

Does a pre workout that doesn't cause acne actually exist? We take a look at the main things to bear in mind

Pre Workout That Doesn't Cause Acne
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If you’re looking for a pre workout that doesn’t cause acne, then the chances are that you’ve experienced a problem with a product you’ve tried in the past.

Pre workout supplements are some of the most common health and fitness-focused products out there, and there are literally hundreds of products and brands to choose from.

You probably already know that a good pre workout supplement can help to support you through your training as you look to hit your health and fitness goals.

However, you also probably know that not all supplements are created equal, and the ingredients found in these pre workout powders can vary pretty significantly.

The purpose of this article is for us to take a detailed look at pre workout supplements in general, and see whether some of the ingredients they use are linked to acne or not.

Editor's note: The content on this website is meant to be informative in nature, but it should not be taken as medical advice. The content of our articles is not intended for use as diagnosis, prevention, and/or treatment of health problems. It’s always best to speak with your doctor or a certified medical professional before making any changes to your lifestyle, diet or exercise routine, or trying a new supplement.

So, with the introductions out of the way, let’s start taking a look at the basic things to bear in mind.

What Is Acne?

Acne is a common skin disorder that causes pimples and affects the skin’s oil glands and hair follicles.

It’s not a serious condition, but severe cases can lead to scarring of the skin.

Anyone can get Acne, although it is generally accepted to be more prevalent amongst teenagers and young adults.

The key thing to bear in mind is that at present, despite what you may have heard, no one knows exactly what causes Acne.

Despite this, it is generally accepted that hormonal changes, such as those during teenage years and pregnancy, may play a role in Acne.

There are plenty of myths out there about what causes Acne.

For example, sugary and greasy foods are often blamed, but there seems to be little evidence that certain types of foods have a big effect on Acne in most people.

The bottom line here is that Acne is a fairly common skin condition that causes pimples. Anyone can get it, although it is generally considered to be more common amongst teenagers and young adults.

Despite what you may have heard, there is not much evidence linking certain types of food to having a big effect on Acne.

Best Pre Workout Supplements

Pre Workout supplements are designed to be used before exercise or hitting the gym (Photo: The Sport Review)

What Is A Pre Workout?

A pre workout supplement is a health and fitness focused product that uses a range of ingredients including things such as Caffeine, Creatine, Vitamins and Minerals.

Pre workouts usually come in a flavoured powder form to be mixed into a drink and consumed around half an hour before an exercise session. Some pre workouts are also available in a capsule form.

The basic idea of a pre workout supplement is that the ingredients it contains can help to support you through periods of exercise, so that you can get the most out of your time spent training.

Pre workouts are probably one of the most popular forms of supplements out there when it comes to health and fitness.

There are lots of different products and brands on offer. They each differ in their formulations, although they do often have some crossover in terms of the ingredients used.

For example, as we mentioned above, Caffeine and Creatine are two popular pre workout ingredients.

The bottom line here is that pre workout supplements are products that are designed to be consumed before periods of exercise, and the ingredients they contain may help to support you during your training.

Can A Pre Workout Cause Acne?

Unfortunately, there is no direct answer to this question. As we touched upon above, the exact cause of Acne remains something of a mystery, although hormonal changes may play a role.

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that suggests that certain foods and ingredients may cause Acne, or make it worse, but there is not much in the way of scientific evidence to back this up.

You may have heard about a potential link between sugary or greasy foods and Acne. Some small research trials have showed less Acne when people eat a low-glycemic-load diet, or a diet with plenty of whole foods, rich in fruits and vegetables, and low in processed and refined products.

However, the evidence linking diet to Acne is still generally fair weak, so it may be best not to draw any conclusions.

Some pre workout supplements use sweeteners such as Sucralose in their formulas to help enhance the taste of the product.

Out of personal preference, you may choose to go for a pre workout that does not use Sucralose or an artificial sweetener in its formula.

If you’re looking for a pre workout without any flavourings or sweeteners at all, then it may be best to go for a capsule-form supplement.

Best Pre Workout Supplement

Pre workout supplements are designed to be taken before exercise (Photo: Adobe Stock)

The Best Pre Workouts?

If you’re interested in trying a pre workout supplement to help support your health and fitness goals, be sure to check out our recently-updated guide.

We have walked you through all of the most important things to bear in mind when it comes to choosing a pre workout supplement, and have also picked out some of the leading options on the market right now, including some in capsule and powder forms.

To see our updated guide to pre workouts, simply tap the link below.

Anything Else To Consider?

As we mentioned at the start of this article, it’s always best to speak to your doctor before taking a new supplement or making any major lifestyle changes.

Food supplements such as pre workouts are not intended to replace a varied, balanced diet and a healthy overall lifestyle.

Pre workout supplements can be a great tool to help support you through your exercise regimen, but it’s always important to get the basics right before thinking about taking a new supplement.

Sticking to a varied, balanced diet, following a sensible workout plan and getting plenty of restorative sleep are some of the key things you can do to support good health overall.

Wrapping Things Up – Our Final Thoughts

That bring us to the end of our article looking at whether it’s possible to find a pre workout that doesn’t cause Acne.

We’ve walked you through all of the key things you need to know when it comes to Acne. We’ve also pointed out some of the main things to bear in mind when it comes to pre workout supplements.

It’s unlikely that you’re going to find a pre workout that claims not to cause Acne, but out of personal preference, you may want to choose a product that contains a clean and straightforward ingredients formula.

Remember, you can check out our updated guide to pre workout supplements in general by following the link shown below.

The information on this website is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not constitute professional, medical or healthcare advice or diagnosis.

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