Prime Male testosterone booster review

Our Prime Male review focuses on all of the important things you need to know about this popular testosterone booster

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Prime Male review
Prime Male is a testosterone booster designed for older guys Photo: The Sport Review

We’ve always got our ears to the ground when it comes to the best testosterone booster supplements on the market, and that’s why our Prime Male review came about.

The Test Booster market is a particularly crowded one, and there are plenty of bogus products around these days that use ineffective and under-dosed ingredients.

Product website:

Prime Male seems to be one of the better reviewed products on the market right now, so we ordered a couple of bottles to see what the fuss is about and if it’s all it’s cracked up to be.

Low testosterone is a growing problem in our modern society – and it’s not just an issue for older guys. If you’re looking for better results both at the gym and in everyday life, boosting your testosterone levels could be your answer.

After the age of 30, testosterone levels in men start on a steady decline, and that can have a number of effects on your health and wellbeing.

Whether you’ve been diagnosed as having low testosterone or you suspect that could be the case, using a natural testosterone booster can make a huge difference.

So, let’s start our review and take a look at Prime Male to see if it lives up to the marketing hype or not.

Quick overview

Prime Male is made by a specialist supplements company called Propura.

It uses 12 natural ingredients in precise doses to give your body the exact fuel it needs to produce more testosterone naturally.

One common misconception about Test Boosters it that they contain actual testosterone. That’s not true. They simply use clinically research natural ingredients to give your body what it needs to increase T levels.

The Benefits:

• Increased energy – Low testosterone causes reduced energy levels.

• Improved libido – Feel more confident and masculine around the opposite sex.

• Build lean muscle – Testosterone is a key building block needed for you to be able to build more lean muscle.

• Lose fat – Low testosterone levels lead to your body storing excess fat.

• Improved confidence – Benefit from an improved attitude and outlook thanks to healthy testosterone levels.

The Drawbacks:

• Premium price – With Prime Male, you are paying for a premium formula. It’s more expensive than some other products and that means that it may not fit into everyone’s budget.

• Can’t buy it in the shops – It’s only available to buy on the official website at the moment, meaning that you won’t find it in the shops or on other sites like Amazon.

The ingredients and how they work

Unlike many other testosterone boosters on the market right now, Prime Male uses 12 different ingredients which studies have shown to be actually be effective.

Importantly, it doesn’t use a proprietary blend, meaning that the individual doses of each ingredient are shown, so you know exactly what is in each capsule.

Here is the full list of ingredients in Prime Male.


• D-Aspartic Acid – This is the one ingredient that any serious testosterone must contain. It’s an amino acid with potent effects. Studies have shown that taking D-Aspartic Acid can raise testosterone levels in men after just 12 days.

• Zinc – Men with a zinc deficiency are more likely to have low testosterone levels. It’s a very important mineral that many people dont get enough of. It also prevents the aromatase enzyme from converting testosterone into estrogen, which is good news for T levels.

• Ginseng – Has been shown to boost testosterone levels and also combat erectile dysfunction.

• Nettle Root Extract – Nettles have been shown to reduce oestrogen levels in men, which can lead to increased serum testosterone levels.

• Luteolin – A potent ingredient to reduce oestrogen levels. It’s an Aromatase Inhibitor, and has also been shown to stimulate androgens, which leads to raised testosterone levels.

• Vitamin D3 – Your body produces this vitamin naturally when the skin is exposed to sunlight. Studies have found that this vitamin has positive effects on testosterone levels in men. Many men don’t get enough Vitamin D3, either due to the lack of sunlight in their environment or other environmental factors.

• Magnesium – Magnesium works against low testosterone levels by inhibiting the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG). This is good, because SHBG reduces the amount of free testosterone in your body.

• Vitamin K2 – This vitamin is key to maintaining healthy levels of testosterone in the testes. K2 also helps the other ingredient Vitamin D3 to work better.

• Mucuna Pruriens – As well as being shown to reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol, this herb contains levodopa (L-DOPA), which is a precursor to dopamine.

• Vitamin B6 – Vitamin B6 stimulates androgen receptors that tell your testes to pump more testosterone into your system. It’s also been shown to boost mood and increase libido.

• BioPerine – This is a patented form of black pepper extract which improves the absorption of the other ingredients in Prime Male.

The ingredients list of Prime Male is one of the best we’ve seen. And we feel confident recommending this product because the full doses are shown, meaning that we know it’s going to actually be effective at raising testosterone levels.

Prime Male Testosterone Booster

Are there any side effects?

As Prime Male doesn’t contain any risky of banned ingredients, it’s safe to say that you won’t experience any side effects from taking this product. It doesn’t use any stimulants such as caffeine and so it won’t affect your sleep.

That being said, we do recommend carefully checking the ingredients list for yourself before taking the supplement for the first time to make sure that you’re not allergic to any of the substances used.

How to take Prime Male

Each bottle of Prime Male contains 120 capsules. That’s a month-long supply if you stick to the recommended dose.

The directions are pretty easy to follow. You simply take one capsule with water, four times a day.

The directions say that you should take the capsules with a meal or snack. That’s probably to increase the absorption rate.

The best testosterone boosters on the market require you to take them multiple times a day. That’s because your body will need a constant supply of the fuel it needs to make more testosterone.

What are customers saying?

As you should do before trying any new supplement, we did a thorough search online for real customer feedback on Prime Male.

We looked on blogs, review websites and social media to find out what customers have found after taking Prime Male.

It’s an incredibly well-received product, with huge numbers of success stories online from men who reported amazing effects after just a couple of months of taking Prime Male.

In particular, we found a lot of testimonials from older guys who said that it made them feel as though they had ‘turned back the clock’ by raising their energy and confidence levels.

There were also a lot of dramatic transformation photographs from guys who said that they had been taking the product for a few months.

The only real negative that we found regularly mentioned was the fact that you can’t buy it in the shops at the moment. Some people found it annoying that you had to order online from the official website.

However, we checked for ourselves and the manufacturer offers multi-box discounts and fast shipping from the USA and UK to most countries in the world.

One 35-year-old man reported big energy boosts after just two weeks of taking the product, and said that it had saved his marriage after low testosterone levels had plagued him since the age of 29.

On the whole, feedback was mainly positive, with many men reporting incredible energy boosts within the first month of taking the product.

Is this the best testosterone booster?

Prime Male’s cutting edge formula means that we rate it as the best testosterone booster for older guys on the market right now.

When it comes to supplements of any type, it’s all very simple. The best ones use the best ingredients, and Prime Male’s formula is up there with the best.

If you’re a younger guy who’s looking to benefit from increased testosterone to build more muscle, then another product we recommend called TestoFuel may be a better choice for you.

Any negatives?

• Premium price – As we mentioned above, Prime Male is one of the more expensive products on the market because of its use of high-quality ingredients. That means that it may be too pricey for some people. They do offer multi-box discounts on the official website if you’re looking to take it for more than one month.

• Only available online – You won’t find it on the shops or on Amazon. It’s only available to buy on the official website, direct from the manufacturer.

How to get the best out of Prime Male

Raising your testosterone levels is certainly not an overnight process, especially if you’ve been suffering from low testosterone levels for some time.

Many of the reviews we found online reported massive energy boosts within the first month, but the dramatic physical changes took a bit longer, and became really noticeable in the second and third months of taking the product.

For that reason, we’d recommend committing to using Prime Male for at least two to three months to allow for enough time for you to get the full benefits.

What makes it different

One of the best things about Prime Male is the fact that it doesn’t use a proprietary blend.

If you’ve read any of our health and fitness articles before, you’ll know that we think proprietary blends are one of the biggest scams in the industry, because they allow companies to hide the individual doses of the ingredients.

Prime Male shows you exactly what’s in it, so you know exactly what you’re putting into your body. And you also know that the doses of the individual ingredients are high enough to be truly effective.

Anything else to consider?

We always like to remind our readers of the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices.

Supplements such as testosterone boosters can have a dramatic effect on your life, but you should always make sure that you’re eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep and exercising regularly.

As we mentioned above, it’s also best to commit to at least a few months of using a testosterone booster supplement so you can see noticeable results on a consistent basis.

Review conclusion – our final thoughts

So, that wraps up our review of Prime Male.

We’ve taken a very detailed look at this supplement from all angles to see if it’s as good as it’s cracked up to be.

We think that this is the best testosterone booster on the market for older guys who are looking to turn back the clock, raise energy levels and increase libido.

If you’re looking for the best product on the market (and you’re willing to pay a little extra for it), then Prime Male is one of your best choices.

Overall, we think that this is one of the leading products on the market right now. Its cutting edge formula and thousands of positive reviews online mean that we feel confident recommending this as one of the best testosterone boosters on sale today.

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