Ra Optics Discount Code and Coupon

Use the code HUMANWINDOW at checkout to get 10% off your total order value at raoptics.com

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Ra Optics discount code
Use the discount code HUMANWINDOW to get 10% off your order at Ra Optics

We’ve been trying out a range of blue light blocking glasses over the last few weeks and the Ra Optics brand is one of our favorites.

You’ve probably heard a lot about the benefits of using blue blocker glasses, especially at night, and Ra Optics is one company that has been making waves with their products on social media.

Matt at the team over at Ra Optics have kindly offered our readers 10% of your total order when you use our special discount code.

Ra Optics Discount Code

To get 10% off, simply use the discount code HUMANWINDOW during the checkout process, and you’ll save yourself some cash when making your purchase.

Click here to visit the official Ra Optics website and get 10% with code HUMANWINDOW

Why We Rate Ra Optics

We’ve written more at length about Ra Optics over at our health and wellness sister site Human Window if you want to check out our content on there.

We first came across Ra Optics while listening to a podcast featuring Matt Maruca, on which he explained how important it is for humans to enjoy a healthy relationship with the sun.

Matt’s the found of Ra Optics. He’s spoken openly about his story and has revealed how he struggled with a variety of health issues as a teenager – most of which he attributes to having a bad relationship with light in his life.

One of the keys to improving our light exposure is to reduce how much we see blue light after dark, and that’s exactly why Matt founded Ra Optics.

Blue light blocking glasses have actually been around for quite a few years, but the problem is that they have not really been very stylish.

As a result, most people wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing glasses that look a lot like safety goggles out and about!

Matt set up Ra Optics to provide lenses that block out the most harmful frequencies of blue light, and in stylish frames that you’d be willing to wear out and about.

Ra Optics only have a handful of styles – but you’ll definitely be able to find one that suits you.

Ra Optics glasses coupon code

They provide two different types of lenses – Ultimate Day and Ultimate Night.

The day lenses are mainly clear with a greyish tint and will block out some frequencies of harmful blue light coming from artificial light during the day (do not wear these when outside in natural daylight!).

The night lenses are much redder in colour and are designed to filter out much more of the blue and green spectrum. They should be worn at night, and specifically in the few hours before you go to bed.

The Ra Optics range of glasses do carry a premium price tag, but at least you can get 10% off if you complete your order through this link!

About Ra Optics

Ra Optics was founded a couple of years ago by Matt Maruca, who set out to create the finest blue blocker glasses around after becoming frustrated with the lack of options on the market.

They have since become one of the most established names in the blue blocker glasses market and you’ve probably already seen that their products are causing a bit of a buzz on social media.

For more information and to buy now: www.raoptics.com

Why Block Blue Light At Night?

If you’ve landed on this page, then the chances are that you already know a fair bit about blocking artificial blue light after dark. Let’s cover some of the basics quickly anyhow.

Simply put, human beings did not evolve seeing blue light after the sun has set. The only light our ancestors would have had access to after dark would have been from fire and moonlight.

Blue light is present in natural daylight, but it is balanced with other colors from the spectrum.

Unfortunately, modern life has introduced artificial blue light from technology everywhere. From our mobile phones to our television and most indoor lighting. It’s pretty hard to avoid.

In case you didn’t know, blue light acts as a signaller to our body clock to tell us it’s daytime and to be awake.

So you can see why seeing it after dark is probably not the best idea.

Blue blocking glasses such as the ones made by Ra Optics help to reduce the amount of blue light that gets into our eyes after dark. They are simply warn a few hours before bed to help you wind down and prepare for sleep.

For more information and to buy now: www.raoptics.com

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