Ra Optics Ultimate Day Blue Light Blocking Glasses Review

We bring you an updated review of Ra Optics' recently-upgraded Ultimate Day blue light blocking glasses

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Ra Optics Ultimate Day Review

If you’re doing your research about the best blue light blocking glasses to use during the daytime when you’re exposed to a lot of artificial light, then the chances are that you’ve already heard about the Ra Optics brand.

Product website (click for a 10% discount): www.raoptics.com

We’ve already reviewed the Ra Optics Ultimate Night glasses, which are for use after sunset and in the final hours before going to sleep.

So, what about their Ultimate Day lenses? In case you didn’t know already, Ra Optics currently offer two different types of lenses with all of their frame styles – Ultimate Night and Ultimate Day.

As the name suggests, the Ultimate Day lens is designed for use during the daytime when you are being exposed to artificial light.

Ra Optics recently upgraded their Ultimate Day lens offering, and these lenses are now slightly yellower in colour. Our friends over at Ra Optics kindly gifted us some pairs of their new Ultimate Day lenses for us to try out for ourselves.

The purpose of this review is for us to take a detailed look at the Ra Optics Ultimate Day glasses to see where they stand in relation to the top products on the market in this category.

We also wanted to actually try them out so that we could feel the effect of them on a first-hand basis.

This Ra Optics review is going to focus on everything you need to know about these glasses and lenses so you can decide whether they are worth the investment or not.

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So, with the introductions out of the way, let’s start taking a closer look at the Ra Optics Ultimate Day Blue Blocker glasses!

Ra Optics Ultimate Day – The Basics

Ra Optics is a US-based blue blocker glasses company that was set up by Matt Maruca a few years back.

If you’re doing your research into blue blockers, then you probably already know that they’ve existed as a product for quite a few years.

However, the main problem with them is that they haven’t exactly been stylish, meaning that most people wouldn’t be willing to wear them out and about in public.

Ra Optics Ultimate Day glasses

Ra Optics Ultimate Day (Photo: The Sport Review)

Ra Optics is one of a number of brands to have hit the market in recent years aiming to solve that issue by providing the right kind of blue light blocking glasses in stylish frames.

So at this point, you may be wondering what the difference is between the Ultimate Night and Ultimate Day lenses?

Of course, it’s pretty obvious that one is supposed to be used during the daytime and the other at night. But when specifically are the Ultimate Day lenses supposed to be used?

Simply put, the Ra Optics Ultimate Day glasses are designed for use when you are being exposed to high levels of artificial blue light during the day.

Of course, the ideal thing is to be outdoors during the daytime under natural sunlight, but the way the modern world is set up means that isn’t possible for most people.

The Ultimate Day lenses have been specifically designed to reduce the amount of the most energetic frequencies of artificial blue light that enters your eye.

If your job involves working under fluorescent artificial lighting and looking at a computer screen for long periods, then the Ultimate Day lenses have been designed specifically to help reduce your exposure to artificial blue light.

They can also be used in other places where artificial light is prevalent during the daytime, such as in the gym or on the subway.

So, now that we’ve covered the basic points about the Ra Optics Ultimate Day lenses, it’s time to start taking a closer look at the styles and frames available!

The Styles and Frames

As we mentioned above, every frame style on the official Ra Optics store is available with either Ultimate Day or Ultimate Night lenses.

At the time of writing, there are eight different frame styles available, so you should be able to pick out one that will suit you.

The website is set up so that the same male and female models are featured wearing all of the frame styles, so you can get a good feel as to which ones are likely to be best for you.

We chose the Herschel and Ott frames to try out.

Ra Optics Ultimate Day

Ra Optics Ultimate Day (Photo: The Sport Review)

Every pair of Ra Optics blue blockers comes with a small carrying case and cleaning cloth. The inside of the case is emblazoned with the company’s mantra: “In order to elevate humanity, we must each elevate ourselves”.

The frames have a sturdy feel to them and the hinges click into place when you open them up, which is a sign of quality and not found in some of the other blue blocker reviews we’ve conducted.

We found that the Ott and Herschel frames suited us perfectly. It is definitely worth taking a close look at the photos of the models wearing the frames so that you can get a good idea as to which one will be best for your face.

One thing that we think that Ra Optics could improve on when it comes to their website is listing the specific measurements of each frame so potential customers can compare them to glasses or sunglasses they already own.

Let’s now take a closer look at the lenses and the effect they had for us.

The Lenses and the Effect

When you first unbox your Ultimate Day glasses, you’ll notice that the lenses have a yellowish tint to them. In certain light they look darker, and at other times they look clearer.

The official Ra Optics website says that the Ultimate Day lenses have been specifically designed for people who spend time indoors under artificial light during the day.

The description says that they have been specifically put designed to reduce the most common frequencies of blue light emitted from LED lighting and lots of artificial light.

It goes on to explain that the Ultimate Day lens are designed to balance out the color spectrum found in most artificial lighting so that it has less blue and more of the other colors.

Ra Optics Ultimate Day

Ra Optics Ultimate Day (Photo: The Sport Review)

If you’re familiar with the ‘Night Shift’ mode on Apple devices, then you can probably relate the effect that the Ultimate Day lenses provide. They simply offer a yellowish tint to everything and make the brightest blue light a bit more palatable.

One of the places we were particularly keen to try out the Ultimate Day lenses was in the gym. We usually hit the gym at around 10am in the morning, and the lighting is not great. Most of it is bright LED lighting and the windows filter the sunlight so it’s not as bright as normal glass.

At first it felt a bit weird to be wearing glasses to the gym, but once we started our workout we realized that everything just looked a little bit ‘nicer’.

We tried taking them off halfway through the workout and that’s when you realize the effect they are having. It’s subtle enough to get used to quickly, but it becomes obvious as soon as you take the glasses off.

We also found them useful while using the London Underground during the daytime, as the light on certain trains is that horrible bright florescent type!

What Are Customers Saying?

We took a look to see what real customers were saying about the Ra Optics brand online.

From what we found, people seemed to have good things to say about both the quality of the frames and the effect of the lenses.

Because the Ra Optics range of glasses is currently only available from the official website, we couldn’t check Amazon to see reviews on there.

However, the feedback seems to be largely positive, and the official website features testimonials from the likes of Luke Storey and Ben Greenfield.

As the Ra Optics brand is a relatively new one, we’ll come back and update this review once some more customer feedback has filtered through.

Any Negatives?

• You can currently only buy Ra Optics glasses on the official website, meaning that you won’t find them in stores or elsewhere online on sites such as Amazon or eBay.

• They are a premium priced-product. The cheapest adult frames from Ra Optics cost $129, and the most expensive are $299. That said, you can get a 10% discount off your order by clicking through to the official website via this link.

• It would be good to see Ra Optics add the official sizes of their frames to the shop page on the site, so that potential customers can compare them to glasses or sunglasses that they already own.

Ra Optics Ultimate Day

Ra Optics Ultimate Day (Photo: The Sport Review)

Anything Else to Consider?

Blue light blocking glasses can help to reduce the amount of blue light you’re being exposed to through your eyes.

But the best way to reduce your exposure to artificial light in general is to get outdoor under natural daylight where possible.

It’s also crucial to ensure that you’re sticking to a good diet, exercising regularly and sleeping well before thinking about buying a product like this.

Wrapping Things Up – Our Final Thoughts

That brings us to the end of our Ra Optics Ultimate Day Glasses review.

Overall, we’ve been highly impressed with the Ra Optics brand in general, and their Ultimate Day lenses are great for toning down the blue light we’re exposed to from artificial indoor lighting during the daytime.

We’ll certainly be keeping a pair handy whenever we are working out under artificial light in the gym or working at the computer (I’m wearing my Herschel pair right now as I type this!).

For more information and to get a 10% discount, visit: www.raoptics.com

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