Shred Her NLA for Her review

Welcome to our Shred Her review. We take a close look at this female fat burner to see if it can live up to the hype or not

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Shred Her review
Shred Her is a female fat burner made by NLA for Her Photo: The Sport Review

Shred Her NLA for Her is a thermogenic fat burner supplement made for women. The makers claim to be the pioneers of female sports supplements and claim that Shred Her is an alternative to weak fat burning solutions.

In this review article, we’re going to review Shred Her and see how it scores against the competitor products on the market.

Then we’ll see what the user feedback is like for this supplement, whilst also running a careful eye over the ingredients list to find out how effective NLA’s formula really is.

What does Shred Her by NLA for Her do?

Shred Her belongs to the category of supplements commonly identified as ‘fat burners’. These natural weight loss aids support your own body’s potential to torch fat.

They work by using a variety of different metabolism boosters as well as high quality appetite suppressants.

Shred Her is one of an increasing band of products that are aimed at female customers rather than men. We recently picked out the best fat burners for women in our definitive guide, so be sure to check it out if you’re looking for the best-rated supplements for females.

It works by increasing your metabolism as well as reducing your appetite, it also claims to have a number of other health benefits.

So, let’s take a better look at the unique contents of this supplement and see if it lives up to its billing.

What you need to know about the ingredients

One of the first things that stuck out to us was that Shred Her contains something called a ‘proprietary blend’. This allows a manufacturer to effectively hide the individual doses of each ingredient.

It’s not something we’re a fan of because it makes it difficult to gauge the overall quality of the supplement. Although Shred Her does include some decent fat burning ingredients, the lack of exact doses does impact on our view of the product.

That being said let’s dive in and take a look at the ingredients in Shred Her.

• Green Tea Leaf Extract – This is a very popular natural ingredient for fat burning so it was nice to see it in Shred Her’s formula. Green Tea is known for it’s ability to stimulate the thyroid gland and speed up metabolism. All this means is that your body temperature is raised allowing your body to burn more fat as fuel. You’ll also find natural Caffeine in Green Tea which can help with energy and alertness.

• Bitter Orange (Synephrine) – We’ve found Bitter Orange is getting used more frequently in these kinds of supplements. It’s proper name is Citrus Aurantium. It has been linked to weight loss, however we’re not sure it could be classified as a top fat burner ingredient as the research is still a little bit thin for our liking. We would also note that this ingredient has been known to cause some side effects in people when used alongside Caffeine.

As Shred Her uses a proprietary blend we can’t say for sure how much Bitter Orange or indeed Caffeine is in the product.

• Guarana – This ingredient comes from the Amazon rainforest, it’s used quite often in energy and weight loss supplements and has been linked to athletic improvement. Guarana uses a high amount of Caffeine so in theory should aid fat burning. Once again the high stimulant content means that some people can see negative effects if they take too much. In rare cases people have been known to suffer from nausea and rapid breathing.

• Caffeine Anhydrous – This is a top ingredient that’s found in a large proportion of fat burners these days. We expected the inclusion of this substance due to its thermogenic function. The only thing that makes us a little wary is the fact its paired with Bitter Orange (something that may cause side effects), we’d also have liked to have seen the total dose listed on the packaging.

Here is the full ingredients list from the label:


What’s missing?

Despite the fact that Shred Her includes some effective compounds for fat loss, there are a few substances we think should have been in there.

Two of the most glaring oversights of this formula were Garcinia and Konjac Fibre not being included, these are two of our favorite craving blockers.

We have to say, Shred Her seems to focus a little too much on adding stimulants rather than blocking cravings, we think this lets the product down especially as we think reducing appetite is a crucial part of any female fat burner.

Apart from that, we also noticed there was no Chromium, Zinc or Black Pepper.

All three of these make up the backbone of a quality fat burner. Black Pepper is big loss to this product, that’s because it’s ultra effective at increasing the rate at which all the other ingredients are absorbed.

Are there any side effects?

Usually we’d say not. The days of illegal, dangerous fat burners seem to be numbered with a lot more quality natural products coming onto the market.

That said, you should always assess the label yourself to be 100% certain you have no allergies to the ingredients.

In terms of the individual effects of this product, the addition of Bitter Orange, Guarana, Green Tea and Caffeine certainly caught our attention.

If you’re easily effected by stimulants, you may want to proceed with caution as this fat burner definitely doesn’t hold back. We definitely wouldn’t advise you take it close to bedtime.

How to take Shred Her

Each bottle of Shred Her contains 60 capsules, unfortunately they do contain gelatin, meaning they’re not suitable for vegetarian or vegan diets.

They recommend you take one serving (four capsules) twice a day.

That means that if you take the biggest possible dose each day, one bottle will last you a month.

The makers do warn of the high Caffeine content and say that possible side effects are restlessness and poor sleep.

What are customers saying?

We had a look at some reviews for Shred Her on

Broadly speaking, these weren’t too bad, however there were a few unhappy customers.

The good reviews included one customer who simply said the product was perfect, another said she loved the energy boost and it had her favorite fat burning ingredients.

However, another user did say she felt the formula was too intense for her, whilst another said they were not impressed and recommended an alternative.

Is this the best fat burner?

We don’t consider this fat burner to be one of the very best. The best fat burners around usually include a few more proven appetite suppressants.

We recently chose the pick of the bunch when it comes to the best fat burners on sale at the moment. Check out what we found by hitting the link below.

Anything else to consider?

Whilst a good fat burner can certainly help you lose weight, don’t take your foot off the gas when it comes to working out and consuming clean foods.

If you’re familiar with our articles on supplements, you’ll know this already.

Fat burners only work at their best when they’re used the right way and no corners ae being cut. If you’re ready to put some work in, a fat burner will really reward all your efforts.

Review conclusion – our final thoughts

So, is NLA Shred Her a good fat burner which you should think about using? Here are our thoughts summarised and broken down:

• Some popular ingredients
• Favorable reviews

• Proprietary blend conceals ingredient doses
• Very high in stimulants for a female fat burner
• Missing some of the better appetite suppressants

Don’t forget to look at our pick of the best fat burner supplements on offer right now by hitting the link below.

So, that’s that. We’ve made it to the end of our Shred Her by NLA for Her review. We don’t have any major concerns about this product and think it would do an OK job.

However, we can’t give it full marks due to the number of weaknesses we found with the formula. We do think there’s a few better options out there.


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