Skinny Bird Hum Nutrition review

In our Skinny Bird Hum Nutrition review, we take a close look at the weight loss program determine if it's a product worth trying

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skinny bird hum nutrition
Skinny Bird by Hum Nutrition is a weight-loss supplement Photo: The Sport Review

Skinny Bird is a weight loss program made by Hum Nutrition. It claims to use four targeted solutions for managing weight loss.

In this Skinny Bird Hum Nutrition Review, we’re going to assess the pros and cons of this slimming pill. This will include a detailed look at the ingredients as well as a summary of what the customer results are like.

What does Skinny Bird Hum Nutrition do?

If the label is anything to go by, then Skinny Bird is a botanical weight loss program.

This means that this fat burner for women uses plant extracts in order to try help you burn fat and lose weight. The makers say that their unique vegan formula has been designed to help with stress eating as well boosting your metabolism.

This all sounds good but how does this supplement stand up when put to the test? Let’s see how the ingredient list stacks up against some of the most proven slimming pills out there.

What you need to know about the ingredients

Skinny Bird actually uses a surprisingly small number of fat burning ingredients. In total, we counted just four on the supplement facts panel. We generally like to see at least ten proven ingredients in our favorite slimming pills. Without jumping the gun it’s clear that this formula is missing some really key ingredients for fat burning.

Forgetting about that for a second, let’s have a look at what Skinny Bird does include, that will give us a read on whether this slimming pill will do what it says it will.

• Green Tea Extract – Green Tea is one of our favorite ingredients for a weight loss supplement. If you’re wanting to give your metabolism a boost then this thermogenic fat burner is proven to help. We also like this ingredient because it gives a good Caffeine boost but doesn’t overdose you with stimulants.

The only slight drawback with Skinny Bird is that the overall dose of green tea is a little low, especially when you consider there’s only three other ingredients in this formula.

• Caralluma Fimbriata Extract – This ingredient comes from an Indian cactus, it has multiple therapeutic uses and is actually purported to have a foul smell.

Studies on its effect on weight loss have been largely mixed. Some research has suggested that it may help reduce appetite. However the general consensus it that much more research is needed before it can be classified as an anti-obesity ingredient. Given that Skinny Bird includes a whopping 333mg per serving, we were a little surprised they’d taken a gamble on such an unproven ingredient.

• Chromium – If you know your periodic table, you’ll know that chromium is an important mineral. This metal is required by the human body to transport Glucose into the cells. It’s an essential part of the metabolic process meaning it can help with fat burning. The fact that it helps users to regulate blood sugar makes it a key ally for those fighting obesity. It’s also helpful for diabetics who are looking for healthy ingredient to add to their diet.

We always like to see Chromium included in the best slimming pills for women. It was reassuring to see one more good ingredient in Skinny Bird.

• 5-HTP – This amino acid is known for its role in managing anxiety due to its effect on Serotonin levels.

When it comes to 5-HTP and weight loss, we couldn’t find any convincing studies that showed this ingredient to be effective at fat burning. The advantage however is that their doesn’t seem to be any side effects associated with taking this 5-HTP, although for those on anti-depressants it’s recommended that you avoid it.


What’s missing?

As we already mentioned, Skinny Bird is definitely a little low on fat burning ingredients. With only four active ingredients there’s almost too many ingredients missing to mention. We’ve picked out the absolute best fat burners for women on the market right now.

Firstly, there’s a clear shortage of appetite suppressants in this slimming pill.

Two of the most powerful natural craving blockers including Glucomannan and Garcinia Cambogia have been left out of Skinny Bird. This will likely affect the results of the product as any diet pill worth its salt should include at least one of these ingredients.

Digging deeper we were also disappointed not to see Vitamin B or Turmeric in Skinny Bird, both these substances are proven weight loss heavyweights. They are particularly good fat burners for women due to their effect on fat storing hormones like Oestrogen.

Cayenne Pepper and Black Pepper are two more diet aids often found in the very best fat burning products and sadly not present in Skinny Bird.

Cayenne is a real weight loss heavyweight, it promotes a speedier metabolism and is great when taken with a meal in order to reduce your overall calorie consumption.

Black Pepper, on the other hand, doesn’t help with slimming directly, but it’s still crucial in this type of product because it can improve the absorption of all the other weight loss ingredients.

Finally, Green Coffee was notable due to its absence. The benefits of this unroasted coffee bean are numerous, the active ingredient Chlorogenic Acid has proven itself a powerful fat burner in countless human trials.

Are there any side effects?

Slimming pills are in the main safe in that you are highly unlikely to experience serious side effects.

Some supplements are too high in Caffeine which can lead to unpleasant symptoms but nothing too serious. We always advocate checking the label first however just to make sure you’re not at risk of having an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients.

With Skinny Bird, the only substance we’d be cautious of is Caralluma Fimbriata, as this has been linked to stomach pain and constipation in a few cases.

How to take Skinny Bird Hum Nutrition

Each container of Skinny Bird includes 90 capsules. If you follow the instructions and take 3 capsules a day the bottle will last you around a month.

The label says to take one vegan capsule 30 minutes before a meal in order to avoid overeating.

There’s also a warning on the label to consult a doctor in case you’re pregnant.

Given the low amount of Caffeine in this slimming pill it’s probably fine to take it at any time of the day.

What are customers saying?

We found a number of reviews of Skinny Bird on Amazon and other sites.
There wasn’t really a consistent pattern with the user feedback. Some customers were positive and others were negative.

One user said she loved the product and that it helped her lose 3 pounds. Another said they felt more full whilst taking it.

Another user said that they used Skinny Bird to feel more balanced but were unsure about the weight loss benefits. Some others said that they felt sick and suffered headaches. Others complained that it was a complete waste of money.

Is this the best fat burner?

We don’t think so. There are only two or three decent fat burning ingredients in the Skinny Bird slimming pill. Unfortunately this means there’s far too many ingredients missing, so we can’t place this in our favorite list of weight loss supplements.

We recently picked our best slimming pills for women after looking at the latest research and the customer reviews.

Anything else to consider?

We keep saying it, but with a supplement like this it’s important not to forget that there is no ‘miracle tablet’. You still need to keep working out in the gym and committing your body to a more healthy diet.

That said a good slimming pill can make the job of losing weight that much easier if you are really struggling to make progress.

Review conclusion – our final thoughts

So here we conclude our Skinny Bird Hum Nutrition review. Is this a slimming pill supplement that you should think about using? Here are our final thoughts on this product:

• Two or three basic ingredients
• Includes Green Tea

• No Garcinia or Glucomannan
• Some ingredients are ineffective
• Mixed customer reviews

So what did we think to Skinny Bird’s weight loss program? Overall it’s a reasonable slimming pill option, but the absence of some key ingredients means it doesn’t get near the best supplements in this category.


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