Skinny Coffee Club review – Fat burning coffee?

Our Skinny Coffee Club review focuses on all of the important points you need to know about this unique fat burner product

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skinny coffee club
Skinny Coffee Club is a fat burning coffee product Photo: The Sport Review

Skinny Coffee Club is a fat burner coffee designed for coffee fanatics who want to lose weight.

According to the makers. they’ve added extra ingredients to regular coffee in order to help you burn fat and boost antioxidants.

In this review article, we’re going to have a detailed look at Skinny Coffee Club, we’ll examine the ingredients and doses as well as factoring in customer reviews.

Once we’ve done this we’ll let you know how it ranks against some of the other fat burning products on the market.

What does Skinny Coffee Club do?

Whilst Skinny Coffee Club is delivered in liquid form rather than capsules it can still be classified in the wider category of products known as ‘fat burners’.

These products use a range of natural ingredients to boost your body’s metabolic rate and help you cut fat.

To be truly effective these products need to work in a number of different ways, the best supplements in this category should be able to help you tone up by:

• Boosting your metabolism
• Reducing cravings
• Increasing natural energy levels

Basically, they work by enhancing your body’s own ability to turn fat into fuel.

It’s key to remember that these products will not make you lose weight on their own – they will simply assist you in achieving the results quicker.

So, let’s give you a better idea of the ingredients in Skinny Coffee Club.

What you need to know about the ingredients

Skinny Coffee Club uses natural stimulants as well as other ingredients associated with fat burning.

As you might have gathered Skinny Coffee Club’s weight loss formula has been designed to be taken as a drink rather than a capsule.

That being said this product uses many of the same ingredients that you would expect to find in a regular fat burner.

Here, we’ve broken down the main ingredients in Skinny Coffee Club to see whether they’re effective, we’ll also take a look at what’s missing from this formula later in the review but first let’s look at what is in Skinny Coffee Club.

• Green Coffee Extract – As well as including regular Coffee this product also uses Green Coffee Extract. We were pleased to see this as Green Coffee is one of our favourite fat burning ingredients. That’s because it includes Chlorogenic Acid, an ingredient which has been shown to reduce bodyweight and stop fat being absorbed from your diet.

Other studies have shown it to reduce the absorption of carbohydrates as well as lowering blood sugar.

• Siberian Ginseng – We were a little surprised to see this ingredient included in a weight loss formula. That’s because it’s better known for it’s role in stimulating the immune system and from what we could tell there aren’t any studies that prove it’s effective at burning fat.

After doing some research we also found that in some rare circumstances Siberian Ginseng can cause drowsiness.

• Green Tea Extract – We found it intriguing to see that Skinny Coffee Club also included Green Tea Extract. Presumably this product only includes a very modest amount as otherwise we would expect it to impair the taste of the Coffee.

Whilst there’s no denying that Green Tea Extract is a very good fat burner it was a shame not to see the exact dose listed on the packet. For that reason it’s difficult to tell whether there’s enough of it to be effective.

• Garcinia Cambogia – Garcinia is a very popular fat burning ingredient right now. It’s most notable for blocking the enzymes that cause fat production, it also raises Seratonin which has been shown to help reduce appetite and cravings. Whilst it was good to see this included in Skinny Coffee Club we were again disappointed not to see the exact dose listed on the label.


What’s missing?

• Turmeric – It was a shame not to see Turmeric included in this fat burning coffee. This golden spice is one of the most popular weight loss ingredients currently available. It’s particularly effective in blocking fat storing hormones in women, it’s also proven to help detoxify the liver which is great as this organ play a big role in burning fat.

• Glucomannan – Glucomannan is another key omission from Skinny Coffee Club.

This fibre has an impressive ability to reduce cravings and stop you snacking on sweets, that’s because it swells to up to 50 times its own weight once ingested. We always like to see it in a top fat burning supplement.

• Chromium – Chromium is a trace mineral, it’s role in fat loss is significant due to its ability to enhance the effect of insulin in the body. Insulin is well-known as the gatekeeper when it comes to fat burning.

Given that three key fat burning ingredients have been left out, we definitely feel that there’s room to improve Skinny Coffee Club’s formula.

Are there any side effects?

These kinds of products don’t usually pose to many concerns when it comes to side effects. That’s because they generally only include natural ingredients.

A common side effect of fat burning formulas is disturbed sleep due to the inclusion of Caffeine. The makers of Skinny Coffee Club recommend you take it in the morning.

The only other thing to be aware of is the inclusion of Siberian Ginseng, according to our research this ingredient has occasionally been known to cause drowsiness.

As with any product like this we also always advise you check the label to make sure you’re not allergic to any of the contents. What’s more Skinny Coffee clearly state on their website that people will experience varying results and they recommend using it alongside regular exercise and a healthy diet.

How to take Skinny Coffee Club

One box of Skinny Coffee includes enough to last you 28 days. The directed serving is very straightforward, according to the manufacturers you should have one cup of Skinny Coffee Club on waking in the morning.

This involves adding one level teaspoon of Skinny Coffee Club to 220ml of boiling water.

Whilst these directions are no doubt easy to follow we were surprised at the infrequency with which you need to take this product.

Generally, we prefer fat burners that are taken on a more regular basis. That’s because the more often you fuel your body during the day the more likely you are to stimulate fat burning round the clock.

What are customers saying?

We looked on Amazon to see how Skinny Coffee Club fared when it came to the reviews. At the time of writing this product had 56 reviews on Amazon with 16 people giving it 5 stars and 24 giving it 1 star. We’ve picked out a few customer comments here:

One customer said that they loved the Coffee and the weight loss results were out of this world. whilst another said that it had worked very well for her. Another user simply referred to it as an ‘Awesome Product’.

There were however a few negative respondents with one customer saying that the taste wasn’t great and claimed they actually gained weight whilst using it. Another said it gave them heart palpitations and kept them up at night.

Is this the best fat burner?

This is a decent fat burning coffee with a few good ingredients, however we think there’s better options available.

We recently selected the best fat burners on sale at the moment including the most effective formulas for both men and women.

Anything else to consider?

As many of you will already know we don’t believe there’s a miracle cure for weight loss. That being said if you choose wisely, the right fat burner supplement can go a long way to speeding up your results.

Review conclusion – our final thoughts

So, is Skinny Coffee Club a product that’s worth buying? We’ve broken down our thoughts below:

• Includes Green Coffee & Garcinia Cambogia
• Easy to take

• Missing key ingredients like Turmeric & Glucomannan
• Exact doses of certain ingredients not given
• Daily serving suggestion seems low

Click the link below to check out our selection of the best fat burner supplements for men and women currently available on the market.


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